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  1. Hitachi PVR and Set Top boxes are made by Vestel in Turkey !!No apanese technology involved.
  2. GuidoT Are you saying that if my electrical wiring caught fire and burnt the room down I would have to pay the cost of rewiring and redecorating the walls after digging embedded cables out ! The principle is the same. The main argument I have with RSA is that they will not pay to reinstate the tiles and fittings that surrounded the pipe.They had to be removed to access the pipe to FIND the leak ,it was the only way to repair and the plumber and builder had to remove the materials that now have to be replaced.
  3. They state that they will only cover actual damage caused by the water to the "building structure",ie the repair and decoration of the ceiling of the room below or anything under the buildings policy directly effected by the result of/following the actual leak,any cost related to the accessing of ,discovery of,or repair of the source will not be covered. My point to RSA is ,it was not wear and tear ,if the pipe had not blocked,the waste pipe would not have leaked. And where does wear and tear begin or end in such a vague exclusion! This is my first claim ever on our Buildings Policy,it doeas make you think that it does not pay to be honest with Insurance Companies.
  4. Recently we had a blocked waste water pipe that carried water away from our kitchen (sink & dishwasher) it was concealed behind the fitted kitchen and in the next room (toilet) the same pipe was boxed in. (the pipe ran the width of our house) To cut a long story short ,due to the blockage the pipe split on the joint and had been leaking(unknown to us)for some time,eventually,it soaked through the ceiling boards and last Sunday the dishwasher kindly poured its water discharge via the damaged pipe into the room below bringing down part of the ceiling below. We called in a builder on the Sunday afternoon to make good emergency repairs and discover the source of the leak to which he had to smash the tiles covering the boxed pipework in the bathroom to access the boxed in pipe. We contacted RSA on the Monday morning to lodge our claim......beware They say leaking internal pipes are WEAR AND TEAR and are not covered in buildings insurance ,on page 16 of their booklet they have a vague exclusion statement which they claim covers this incident "Any loss ,damage,liabiliy,cost or expense of any kind caused by resulting from wear and tear,depreciation,corrosion,rusting,damp,insects,vermin,fungus,condensation,fading,frost or anything that happens gradually,including the renovation or restoration caused or any consequential loss. I explained that it was not wear and tear but pressure due to the blockage put the plastic waste pipe joint under pressure resulting in the leakage and damage,not only will they not pay fro the pipe to be repaired or renewed they refuse to pay for the cost of reboxing in the pipe and tiling !! Be warned of ROYAL AND SUN ALLIANCE .
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