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  1. I'd love to know how much she's clocked up in fees between me posting here and that particular bailiff turning up, though. She said he wasn't the usual Bailiff, which tells me that she's had a few visits before now.
  2. I do feel extremely sorry for the advisers. They've been dumped on the front-line of all these changes with no resources, and from what I can tell, a series of emails and memos in place of adequate training. Not very fair at all.
  3. Going by my experience today, under-staffing at my local JCP is becoming a serious problem. It was, basically, like a cattle market in there. My adviser rattled through my conditions, didn't look at my job search record, almost forgot to ask me to sign and called the next person while I was still in the process of gathering my bits and pieces together. In fact, I would say that there were more security guards in there than actual JCP staff.
  4. Thanks Seanamarts. I shall be back with bells on if there's any mischief, but I think it's down to her sorting herself out and making sure she keeps up with any arrangement she makes.
  5. Quick update on this thread, because I have an ear infection and being upright doesn't agree with me at the minute. I happened to be at this neighbour's house when a B&S Bailiff attended today. I'm shocked to say this, but he was genuinely very decent. He took one look at her account and said that her payments were set at a ridiculously high level, and went on to say 'I'm not even leaving you a letter - it would just rack up more charges and that's not getting you anywhere. I'm going to send your account back to the council, and you can come to a sensible arrangement with them rather than having to worry about us knocking on your door all the time', wished her luck and told her not to worry too much as there are people with far higher arrears than her! So there you go, that's the Annual Decent Bailiff Story. Normal service can now resume.
  6. Hi Fabeo. I noticed that you mentioned you already have an existing thread on this issue, so I have merged the two - it helps the people advising you if all of the information you give is in the same place. I'm afraid we can't recommend a specific solicitor for you, but hopefully someone with Brighthouse experience will be along to help you shortly.
  7. I'm not speaking from a position of knowledge at all, but I can't see it being workable to sanction people for not applying through UJM if there are other alternatives, and they've provided a record of their applications through other sites. What if there are no jobs advertised in your area of experience on UJM for a week? Someone may well be along shortly to tell me otherwise, though.
  8. That's great news, Danielle. Thanks again Lee - I'll re-title this thread to show that it's been resolved now. Oops...I see Ims has already sorted the title out, think our posts crossed.
  9. My MIL used to rescue Great Danes and she's 5' 1". It was all fun and games until one of them decided to try to chase something in the woods while it was on the lead.
  10. Further update: I spoke to one of the ladies who stayed on (God alone knows why) yesterday. In the least shocking twist ever, nobody (including my replacement) has been paid again this month, and the payment is 7 days overdue so far. It's not looking good for my £283.00.
  11. Hi Damon. Welsome to CAG. I've started a new thread for you, as you'll get more responses than you would from posting on a thread marked 'resolved'. There is a Vodaphone rep on the forums - I'll find out how to alert him to your problem. EDIT: Hi again Damon. I've found the following advice on how to contact Lee, the Vodaphone rep. Please let us know how your problem has been resolved, it could help fellow Caggers.
  12. Took me a minute to get there too, Maxx...you did give me a giggle, though. :laughing:
  13. I have to agree with Emmzzi and AB on this, Rachel. I would focus on a very sincere apology, and an offer to make up the time. As Emmzzi has already said, as you've only been there five months, the ball is very much in their court.
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