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Found 12 results

  1. Hi - I have looked in the forum extensively but couldn't find an answer to my specific question so hoped to get some advice here. Apologies in advance if i missed anything obvious! I need to commence a money claim via small claims court today. I am bringing the claim against a digital agency for breach of contract in relation to services promised and not delivered, and the site provided not being fit for purpose due to lack of functionality etc. This resulted in us suffering loss and damage and we are seeing payment of money (the monies paid to them for the services) as remedy. It wa
  2. Hi. I have a bit of a problem with T-Mobile. I sent my Samsung S3 for repair back in December 2013. Two weeks later I received an invoice for £126 along with a photo of the phone with a crack on the screen. It was the first time I saw the crack. I even have paperwork from the shop assistant who checked the handset thoroughly before it being sent and wrote 'screen not turning on'. Now after 7 months and going back and forth into the store and being treated like an idiot I've had enough. I've been paying them but haven't been able to use the internet since I am using a handset that doesn't s
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a gas boiler that was brand new but old stock and heavily discounted from 7k - 1.5k On the face of it a great deal complete with warranty from a quality manufacturer, on offer from a supplier I use at least once a year, this time for my personal property. In a nutshell the boiler arrived minus gas shut off valve, minus controller, connection pipes and manuals, guarantees etc. The boiler was being installed and was required urgently due to a new arrival, this was made clear at the time of purchase and that time was of the essence.. It to
  4. I am at the end of my tether with Vodafone. I have been a customer for donkey’s years, so you’d think they would try harder to keep me as a customer. A short summary of problems: · started with upgrade 21 July 2012 to a Nokia Lumia 610 · between then and October 2012 I was in the store so many times because of network problems (not a poor reception issue, just no text or email working) that on 21 Oct it was sent off for repair. Actually I had been told verbally that it would be replaced, but that’s a minor quibble. SIM also replaced about 3 times during this perio
  5. I recently signed a purchase order and associated credit payment plan for Anglian Windows. The agent assured me that I had 14 days cooling-off period. After sending the cancellation request on the 14th day I have received a 'breach of contract' letter from Anglian legal department informing that 25% of total purchase price is due as cancellation was sent after the 7 days cooling off period. As the agent gave misleading advice, do I need to pay this?
  6. Hi folks. This is my first thread so be gentle. I recently won an item on eBay. The item was one of only 1000 released. I won it for approximately the price that it sold for in the shops when it was first released. The problem is that the seller has made baseless accusations against me and refunded my payment and is refusing to conclude the transaction. I do not want to cancel the sale. I want the item that I won. The seller is also the Managing Director of a small company in England. His company sells items related to the one he sold me but he sold me the item through a newer privat
  7. Hi everyone, Found the forum on google when doing some searching on my current situation/problem. Seems like its a very helpful forum so was hoping someone will be able to advise me or shed some light on what i can do. Here is a quick(ish) summary: Me and the other half were set to start renting a house in July in Newcastle. Shes at university over there and my plan is to relocate once i have found a job. The agency emailed us saying the current tenants would like to stay until September, fair enough its saves us a few months rent as my other half wouldn't be moving in until Se
  8. Good morning, I am in a dispute with Vodafone concerning the cancellation of my account. The contract reached 2 years in January 2012, prior to this I provided 30 days notice to cancel. I also requested a PAC code, which was subsequently supplied by TEXT, not by LETTER. The "We're sorry you're leaving text" gave me the impression that the contract would end as instructed. There was no mention that it would remain live if the PAC wasn't used. The contract remained active and I have incurred costs of around £100. Not a huge amount, but this is now a matter of principle. I have
  9. Hi, I have just signed up having read some of the very useful advice on here but couldn't find anything that exactly mirrors my situation. I wonder if some kind person with more knowledge and experience of such things could help me with this. I started work 2 1/2 years ago as a manager in a travel company. I took the role as the diversity appealed as did the chance to learn on the job, even though the pay was not close to what I had been on in my previous role. Essentially, until now I have been managing a team of reservations staff, negotiating with hotel owners and contracting with them,
  10. We've been waiting for Argos to deliver one of their Scandinavia 4 door 6 drawer wardrobes, which was order online on 23rd Jan. Originally, we were told it would be delivered within 35 days and somebody would contact us to sort out delivery. Had a phone call today to day the order had been delayed by 4 weeks, and the estimated time for home delivery, if ordered now, is 42 days unless you live in Birmingham - they only have to wait 10 days!! I've checked over a dozen postcodes (sadly enough) and if you are within a 5 mile radius of the city you get preference Argos have had o
  11. Hi All Brand new to this forum so sorry if Im in the wrong place, this also might be a little long winded so please bear with me. In 2007-8 I took out 2 x 18 month contracts with 02, one for me, one for the Mrs. In mid 2008 I fell out of work and so could not afford the contract. After a few months of non-payment, both accounts were disconnected and referred to 02s external company. Due to lack of income I had stayed in a few different houses etc while I got back on my feet. I heard nothing from 02 until earlier in 2011. They had passed the debt onto a company called Lowell portfolio,
  12. I began working at the head office of a chain of jewellery stores early October. With the bad snow in December sales plummeted and they started letting people go, I was one of them, they made me redundant on the 23rd December, 2 days before Christmas!! I was promised a cheque for my final wages (one months worth) on the 7th January the day I was originally due to be paid but by bank transfer, I have already been told that they are in breach of the contract as it states that I will always be paid into my bank account on the first friday of every month. I was worried from the start a
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