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Found 14 results

  1. help!! I received a county court claim for northampton county court off lowells on the 18th july for £393 for an alledged old studio debt. I sent lowell a prove it letter asking for the deed of assignment, notice of assignment, default warning letter and the default notice. I received a letter back from them stating the deed of assignment will not be sent as it is a confidential agreement between their client and the original creditor and no other agreement/deed of novation exists between you and our client. I sent a second letter asking for the same details plus the origin
  2. Hi All, Does anybody have any information on online applications for credit cards? I know that as of 31/12/2004 a written signature is not required on a credit agreement for an online application, but how does this affect the copy of the CCA that the creditor has a duty to supply under S78? Do the T&Cs still have to be within the four corners of the CCA? Vanquis and Lowell don't seem the think so. They have just supplied a screenshot titled 'Digital Signature Application Details' along with a generic copy of the T&Cs which states that it is a 'Credit Card Agreement Regulated
  3. 2 YEARS AGO I STARTED PAYING HBOS PLC CREDIT CARD A STATUTORY PAYMENT OF £1 THROUGH LOWELL. I STARTED DEFAULTING ON HBOS IN 2006. I AM NOT SURE WHETHER I ASKED for a CCA file or not but all of their correspondence mention the original creditor name. So far I have been advised by DX to send them a CCA file. Which I shall do as soon as my printer is fixed. A new development is that none of these appear on my Equifax credit file any more. Do they still have enforcement powers as I have been paying them a statutory payment for each account. They have offered discounts in the past.
  4. Hi All, below is brief summary of current issue: 1. BW legal issued statutory demand for lowell (ex barclays (OC), Morgan Stanley) 2. I applied for set aside 3. Court wrote and set hearing for BW to provide original signed agreement, statements, notice of assignment(NOA) and letters they had sent 4. BW turned up without the agreement but had statements and NOA, Court adjourned hearing till 13th June so they could get original agreement from the OC. Court gave them till 1st May to file and serve written evidence so that I can file and serve by 24th May - they haven't sent anything
  5. I had a debt of 20K resulting from the collapse of a company where I was a director and had provided a personal guarantee. The original debt was to HSBC, but they passed this on to Robinson Way. I have made regular payments up until may this year. I stopped making payments in May after 3 attempts to make a full & Final and reciving no response at all from RW. The balance is now Cirac 6.5K. Stopping payments was meant to focus their attention in getting a settlement. Since doing this, I have heard nothing from RW. Slightly strange as I got mothly letters when I was paying, reminding m
  6. In March 2010 I had a statement from Barclay card stating I owed them £940.52, it had been forwarded from my old address. I called them as I have never had a barclay card or a barclay account I told them all this on the phone. They said it would be passed on to their fraud department and they would write to me letting me know what happened. This was the last I heard from them, until I got a letter from Lowell on March 2012 stating I owed Barclay card £940.52 saying This notice is being given to you as required by the consumer credit act 1974 because
  7. Hi all, Longtime no speak. I am after a little advice. The back ground is as follows:- My wife has two CCJ's going back to early 2008 for HSBC Loan & Credit Card accounts. The original defaults/last payments on these accounts go back to Jun 06 and Jan 07 consecutively. These payments were made after the accounts were transferred to the DCA CL Finance. Recently, these accounts have been chased by the DCA's Zinc Recoveries and Lowell Portfolio I Ltd. I sent a CCA request to both of these DCA's on 17/10/11 and neither have been able to produce any CCA's etc. I received a repl
  8. Hi all, I am new here so I hope I am doing this right! I have an ongoing dispute with Lowells over a catalogue debt. It is not statute barred as it is only 3 years old. I sent the standard CCA letter to first of all Scotcall along with £1 postal order which they returned a week later saying they were referring it back to the client. 2 weeks later I had a letter from Red Collections ( Lowells) demanding payment. I again sent a CCA request and £1 PO, 2 weeks later I had a letter from Lowell saying they had applied for a copy and were waiting to hear from their client.
  9. Hi All Brand new to this forum so sorry if Im in the wrong place, this also might be a little long winded so please bear with me. In 2007-8 I took out 2 x 18 month contracts with 02, one for me, one for the Mrs. In mid 2008 I fell out of work and so could not afford the contract. After a few months of non-payment, both accounts were disconnected and referred to 02s external company. Due to lack of income I had stayed in a few different houses etc while I got back on my feet. I heard nothing from 02 until earlier in 2011. They had passed the debt onto a company called Lowell portfolio,
  10. Hello all, Brand new here but need some further advice. Basically Red/Lowells have wrote to me ((I know you've heard it all before)) but I thought I'd go it alone in writing to them and taking them on. Basically Lowells wrote to me initially for a Barclaycard Debt dating back to 2003 for £690. I ignored it at first but then another letter came from Red Debt Collection Services demanding the amount. From reading your threads etc I wrote to them RECORDED DELIVERY on the 15th December 2010 with the following: I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any other company or organisation
  11. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise me asap. Iv just received a letter from Lowell portfolio 1 ltd, Enterprise house, 1 apex view, Leeds, Ls11 9bh saying We hereby give notice of the assignment of the dept due to us from you in respect of the balance of £131.95 outstanding on your shop direct finance company ( previously known as Littlewoods finance company) Retail brand account. On 04/03/2011 your account was legally assigned to Lowell Portfolio 1 ltd and as such any further communications and payments regarding the above account must now be addressed to.... The address i gave a
  12. ok so ive just braved myself and had a look at my credit report and now i am really confused, keep getting lowells and red etc spouting their usual spat that i owe them for a littlewoods and GU catalogue, i am 110% ive never had any catalogues and they are not showing up on my credit report even though they are stating i am in default, the only things i have on there is my contract phone which is upto date and my credit card also upto date, so my question is how can they pursue a debt that i dont know about let alone it being on my credit file??? any input would be great
  13. i am currently recieving letters from them trying to chase a debt they have apparently purchased, but there is no way on hell i can start paying for at least 6 months as i am currently paying off other debts as fastas i can which leaves me with very little cash left to play with, let alone settle other debts, i'm just wondering where i stand with this an if there is any chance they can do anything as i havn't acknowledged the debt or contacted them in any way, any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help me please. I have received a Letter from London House posted through the door on the 30/09/10. I was going to be served with a Statutory Demand on the 04/10/10. I sent a Fax letter to London House stating that I do not know of any outstanding debts and only contact me in future by mail. The Statutory Demand was posted through the letter box on the 04/10/10 I was not there till thursday. On Friday 08/10/10 I sent the standard CCA letter to Hamptons and Lowell Portfolio 1 with 2 £1.00 Postal Orders. I also sent a SAR Letter to Lloyds TSB with a
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