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Found 7 results

  1. I'm having a rather lengthy game of Letter Tennis with Cabot financial (Europe) Ltd at the moment.. The Debt is mine. Having run into difficulties, and being a little stupid.... Anyways.. Please dont judge me.. I have been unemployed since March due to redundancy.. They have provided a signed CCA.. I'm stretching this out as long as possible for financial reasons. Now the question is, there is no record of a Default being issued. Nor can they provide proof the a Default was issued, yet they have placed on on my credit file.. Is this "legal".. Do I have grounds to contest the d
  2. Hi i need help, ive read through so many posts on here and they are full of really useful info, but im also confused with it all . Since 2006 i have been on a DMP and have just partial settled with them all. Most of the creditors defaulted me in 2007, when i started my DMP which i fully understand due to me paying reduced payments. After sending out mt partial settlements via payplan i have obtained my credit report and have discovered that after being on a DMP for nearly 7 years Lloyds TSB only defaulted me on 28/06/2012 freemans catologue defaulted me on 11/07/2011 Robinsonway defa
  3. Hi All I had a consumer credit agreement with Hitachi that I didn't make the last payment on. I wasn't aware it was a CCA at the time and didn't pay as I thought the service was unsatisfactory. Anyways turns out it was a CCA and there is a default against me on my credit file. I paid it off £55 (and the £200 charges) as I thought this would improve my credit rating as Im going for a mortgage. It didn't! I asked them to remove it - they refused. I requested a copy of the default notice as I NEVER got one and they have sent me a letter clearly saying no default notice was issued, the reason
  4. Greetings CAGers I currently have three defaults on my credit score. In an attempt to improve the score, I wrote requesting an SAR to two companies responsible for publishing the defaults last week and got one response back from Cabot who had handled a Barclaycard balance, now settled in full. I attached the letter here for the benefit of CAGers similarly affected and for those who have the knowledge and experience to suggest a response to the letter http://s255.photobucket.com/albums/hh128/leonardo4455/Cabot%20Default%20Removal%202012/?action=view&current=CabotDefault2012.jp
  5. Hi All Brand new to this forum so sorry if Im in the wrong place, this also might be a little long winded so please bear with me. In 2007-8 I took out 2 x 18 month contracts with 02, one for me, one for the Mrs. In mid 2008 I fell out of work and so could not afford the contract. After a few months of non-payment, both accounts were disconnected and referred to 02s external company. Due to lack of income I had stayed in a few different houses etc while I got back on my feet. I heard nothing from 02 until earlier in 2011. They had passed the debt onto a company called Lowell portfolio,
  6. I had an account years ago with Capital One, which I think, will have defaulted in 2004. I say 'I think' because I have no documentation and the debt has now disappeared off my credit report as it has been 7 years. It would appear that in 2004 they sold it to Lowell. There's an account on my credit file in the name of Lowell for the same amount as Capital One and with the same reference number (last 4 digits anyway so it's definitely it!). The start date is 2004 and the default date is mid 2006! So it would appear that I was defaulted twice for this one account. However I can only se
  7. A company called Frederickson international contacted me around 6 months ago to say i was liable to pay a fee of £217.00 for an organe phone I took out in 2007. The contract on the phone was only for 13 days. They havent provided me with a complete breakdown of where the debt is from. Orange sold the debt on to Arrow Global, and Arrow Global have applied a default notice against my credit file. i have no idea what the debt is for, and not really sure what to do. Can they remove the default notice, this is really affecting my life, i cant even apply for a mortgage because of i
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