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  1. Thanks, I guess that could be a few quid to help reduce my debt - at my recent order for sale hearing their barrister was arguing over £2 with the judge so even if I got that I would be happy. If I owed bank A £50 and bank A owed Bank B £100 then I decided to pay bank B £50 to reduce bank A's debt would I still owe bank A £50?? would any bank let me get away with this if they owed someone money and I paid my debt to that person for whatever reason without their agreement... Doesn't seem right, no matter how I look at it but I have learnt (the hard way) that the courts (well at least
  2. Thanks - do you know of any laws rf anything official that says this is not allowed. do I ask debt buyer to refund ppi? or can I ask the Court to enforce the Tomlin order? - Am I right in thinking OC can't honour Tomlin as they don't own debt anymore - they just can't choose to pay someone as in any case given the length of non compliance the PPI would have to be recalculated. If anyone can outline the right steps if any to take I would be grateful. Its been over 2 years since that was agreed, if OC just "refunded" the PPI shouldn't it have to be rec
  3. Yes it is - good spot. Bloody new creditor started order for sale... just came from court.. they got postponed order for sale. Can anyone advise if they are allowed to do what they did re PPI refund - thats is paying directly to new creditor ? I want/have to pay debt but hope to reduce it as much as possible if I can.
  4. Thanks in advance for your advice. I have a tomlin order for bank to refund PPI and reduce balance, OC sold debt without reducing balance - new owner claiming old amount. I told them they had breach tomlin order and asked them to contact me so we could resolve the issue. New owner then sends me an updated statement showing correct balance and a transfer into my account; they claim this is PPI payment form OC. Can they do this? did they have a right to pay new owner without my say so? can i treat payment as gift?
  5. Ok, I have received the letter below following my email to customer services. I thought they would hand over to their legal department but they are treating it as a complaint.
  6. Thanks Andy. They have paid my costs it was a term in the schedule, I just had to remind them. I was thinking about applying to set aside the Tomlin order and then suing them for damages for breach of contract. I think I can show financial harm as I am unable to pay debt while DCA has wrong balance so can't get CCJ marked as satisfied and therefore can't move mortgages (can't get a better interest rate) - I have been told by lenders that only satisfied CCJ's will be acceptable. Fortunately this CCJ and CO is are the only adverse items at present on my credit fi
  7. OK thanks Andy I will remember that. No, I have also checked my experian and noddle credit reports (I check them regularly) and they both show CCJ and CO with old balance. Is the trustonline more accurate than these two? Also the OC in response to my complaint has confirmed the balance. I am 100% sure that I have never received anything to do with the original judgement they got against me. I don't think they would have done it. I had to remind them about my costs about 3 weeks after the Tomlin order was sealed so they started breaching the order for day dot , that
  8. I think its best if I give you a little background to this saga: 1. I fell into debt, I was on a good salary etc but over stretched myself (hold my hands up it was my fault, credit was so easy for me to get ). 2. The bank took me to court, I was scared and begged them not to give me CCJ ( I didn't check anything I just wanted to avoid CCJ). 3. Bank made me sign Tomlin order to pay regular amount, they added term that gave them judgement if I ever defaulted (in hind sight it was a deadly trap, but I was scared so I signed). 4. About 3 or 4 years later I had a mini break do
  9. No, they took me to court and got a CCJ and CO over debt. I then took them to Court for PPI on that debt. I got CCJ and warrant against them, they tried to get CCJ and warrant set aside. We agreed Tomlin order described above before hearing for set aside of CCJ and warrant.
  10. LOL thanks Andy - Your right, I should have had it checked over but I got caught up in the whole quick fire negotiation process via email about two days before their set-aside hearing (and it was a pleasure to watch them crumble). I wish I could post emails, they are quite comical. Hi Surfer01, I would rather not help the DCA or OC anymore than I am required too. The DCA owning the debt suits me - I just want to pay it off, this situation may allow me to pay it off and get the CO and maybe even the original CCJ set aside (fingers crossed).
  11. I don't know how it was re issued - I really don't understand this question, sorry ??? I received a copy of the Tomlin order from the Court - the consent order part of it that says my CCJ and Warrant is set-aside. I am a bit confused?? was I supposed to get anything else from the Court or OC? do you think my CCJ and Warrant against OC is still live?
  12. Hi Andy, I think so. The consent part of the sealed order states that " 1.The Judgement Order date *** and warrant of execution dated *** shall be set aside forthwith;"
  13. I agree, so it would be up to the Defendant to apply to the Court to get it amended as agreed? (that should not have been a problem for them). I would also say the meaning is clear giving the context, like you say (and any competent lawyer should know) the only way to amend a CCJ or CO is by application to the Court. What I don't understand is: 1. who is in charge of the CCJ and CO, the new owner of debt or OC? 2. can the new owners apply to get it amended or is it only the OC that can do it? 3. the Tomlin order I agreed with OC can the obligations and duties have passed
  14. Thanks SP and Mike_hawk. If you look at terms 1.1 and 1.2 I think it is clear, the language is 'amend' to me that means change, how they would do that is of no concern to me - as you said they drafted the agreement. This was handled by the OC's internal sols - a bunch of muppets. I will try and engage them one last time, then I will apply for set aside and try and enforce the original CCJ and warrant I got against them - they no longer own the debt so I don't think they have a set off defence. I really don't want them to get away with this at all, they were very aggressive thr
  15. "Have you spoken to its counsel?" I think I might have to if this gets complicated.
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