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  1. Hi Andy - thanks so much for your quick response. My concern with serving the particularised particulars (which include full detail of the services agreed, the invoices showing services promised and not delivered, and the pre action letters of claim in our attempt to resolve this any other way) is that these go direct to the Defendant as i understand and are not lodged with the claim form? thanks!
  2. Hi - I have looked in the forum extensively but couldn't find an answer to my specific question so hoped to get some advice here. Apologies in advance if i missed anything obvious! I need to commence a money claim via small claims court today. I am bringing the claim against a digital agency for breach of contract in relation to services promised and not delivered, and the site provided not being fit for purpose due to lack of functionality etc. This resulted in us suffering loss and damage and we are seeing payment of money (the monies paid to them for the services) as remedy. It was suggested I use MCOL but I can see from the claim form there and numerous threads here that there is a limit to the characters for POC and given my case is slightly complex i am concerned I will not have enough space, or be able to attach the additional documentation needed (agreements, timelines, pre action letters of claim etc) Would you guys suggest in my case the N1 is the way to go - and is there a template for POC for breach of contract on the site - I couldn't find one and did look extensively last night so any guidance gratefully appreciated. Many thanks
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