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Found 9 results

  1. I've had ongoing issues with PAYG (pay as you go) dongles. I have discovered how much more PAYG customers pay - eg a contract customer I know with the same company pays the same monthly amount and gets 5x more data! But then is charged £25 for exceeding it, without warning. I passionately believe that the prices should be the same - why are those who can't or won't go onto intrusive contracts less valuable? What kind of a value system is this?! It means that those who can't afford contracts are, like prepay electric meters, paying the most, and often not getting a very good signal or speed. PAYG dongles - typically only 2-3G per month - are not viable for keeping safe online. it's the security updates that are mostly responsible for sucking our allowance. We also can't control the traffic online whose heaviness effects our download/browsing allowance. Most contracts will be 15-20G a month. There are big issues re auto charging, holding people into durational contracts, valuing those who spend the most - all of which are general consumer and outlook issues. I've found Three, who were sometimes better than other phone companies, to have lately been awful with customer service. Their Executive office who deals with complaints to have no idea how to speak to a customer or have any comprehension of my real issues, and try to evade the long term problems and discourage ombudsmen, perhaps even not telling you they exist. Ombudsmen are a whole other post but I increasingly believe they are not independent, fair, and staff are encouraged to throw out cases or rule unfavourably to customers (sometimes whilst sounding as if they've been reasonable) and are frankly obtuse. I'd like to make the community aware and hear other people's stories as a campaign really needs launching about these fundamental imbalances between the public, companies and government related departments.
  2. Hello everyone I am having a problem with Richer Sounds at the moment..... My TV was sent in for repair 6 weeks ago now. It was returned the first time after exactly 1 month and not only was it not repaired it actually had an extra fault! I am in touch with a very decent person at Richer sounds by email but he not is really able to help. He tells (and I believe him) me that he has esculated my case to a higher level within the company about 10 days ago but as yet I have not heard from anyone else. Currently my TV is with Richer Sounds contract repair company and I have no confidence that they will be able to repair the original faults or the fault they created when they had the TV the first time round. They are awaiting parts and have no firm date for their arrival..... hense I have no firm date for my TV's return The very decent person I am in touch with at Richer Sounds did try find me a replacement TV however was not able to for 2 reasons 1. Richer sounds no longer stock my TV model. 2. Richer Sounds were not able to find a model with a similar specification that was in stock! I did ask for a credit note so that I could put extra towards the cost of a set with a similar specification (very reasonable on my behalf I thought) but I was told that although I paid £899 for my TV, Richer Sounds last sold my TV for £300 and that was all they were prepaired to give me a credit note for. Very unfair I thought. So here is my message to Richer Sounds.... Your repair contractors are incompetent (even worse at keeping your customers informed of their progress) Your high level customer service team (if there is one) have had my case for 10 days and have done nothing! Your terms for offering a credit note to customers who you have failed is unfair! I feel that I am a reasonable and decent person who you can get in touch with to discuss a fair way forward. I wont bite! Please get in touch. Six weeks and counting is too long to be without my TV. I would also mention that I've taken 3 days off work (and counting) waiting in for engineers to pick up and drop off my TV. I forgot to mention that when my tv came back from its 1st repair attempt not on was not fixed (It had an extra fault too) but also had some small parts missing from the rear of the TV. These were caps or covers that fitted over the wall mounting positions. I have been in touch with Richer Sounds by phone a lot in the past few days/weeks. To their credit they have a UK call centre and the call is answered very quickly. Just one question are 0333 numbers free to call?
  3. I bought an item from a UK branch of a Chinese firm called called Hobby King, and used PayPal. When the item arrived it was clearly faulty so I emailed the complaint to the firm and was asked to return it to the outlet in Ipswich at my expense. I pointed out that under the Distance Selling Regulations the return postage was paid by the vendor. They refused, so I phoned PayPal, who raised a complaint and got back to me next day to tell me that as PayPal was not UK based, I would have to pay postage, and I had to post the goods back to Hong Kong, the head office of Hobby King..! This was bcause PayPal deal with that address.. I offered them the Ipswich address but they said no. So using PayPal means that any faulty goods must be returned at your expense to the company head office wherever that may be, not to the place of purchase. In my case that means a postage cost of £25 to return a £54 item. Seems I have been had. Phill
  4. Good morning, I am in a dispute with Vodafone concerning the cancellation of my account. The contract reached 2 years in January 2012, prior to this I provided 30 days notice to cancel. I also requested a PAC code, which was subsequently supplied by TEXT, not by LETTER. The "We're sorry you're leaving text" gave me the impression that the contract would end as instructed. There was no mention that it would remain live if the PAC wasn't used. The contract remained active and I have incurred costs of around £100. Not a huge amount, but this is now a matter of principle. I have communicated clearly with Vodafone at all times, they haven't. Their most recent letters even have basic spelling mistakes! All the more frustrating, my girlfriend had exactly the same problem. We sent identical letters of complaint to Vodafone, at the same time and to the same address - her issue has been resolved, whereas for me they refuse to back down. I now have the information and documentation from the county court, ready to launch a claim for this breach of contract and breach of consumer regulations. Is anyone able to signpost me to the address of the Vodafone legal department for inclusion in correspondence? Thanks in advance John
  5. 1. I have purchased a TV for £999 from Comet on the 17 Feb 2012. (Money paid to Comet Croydon store) 2. I was told at that time that the TV was not in stock for me to take away from the store but is available for delivery. 3. I picked the delivery date of 29 Feb and took a day off work to wait for the delivery. 4. The delivery has not turned up. 5. Then I made a phone call to the customer helpline 08712009009 and explained the situation. I was told that the stock was not available for delivery and it will have be rescheduled. 6. I then received a call from the Croydon store saying the stock was still not available and will be available on the 8 March. I then said instead of waiting for the delivery, I shall come in and pick it up from the store. And because of the journey to Croydon was caused by Comet, she checked with her manager and agreed to cover my patrol. She then said that the store shall have it around the 10 March, and promised she will give me a call when it approaches that date to confirm. 7. I waited until the 14 March (or could have been the 12 March) and have never received that call. 8. Then I called the direct store number this lady from Croydon offered me which had nobody picking up. I then rang the 0871 number again and explained the situation. 9. The customer service agent who answered the call then called the store and told me that the product is discontinued. I need to speak to the store to discuss options such as buying the display model, equivalent model or refund . 10. I then demanded: a compensation of my lost time and the trouble caused. This person said this was because the store should have not processed sale in such a way so I have to seek for compensation with them. 11. I also asked him to tell the store to call me to discuss what options do we have before I make a journey. He then said he did not think the store would speak to me because he has ‘told’ me what I should do. I said I would need to discuss with the store which option is possible first before physically attending to Croydon. He then said he’s told me what is the best to do and whatever action next would require my signature. 12. I then went back into the store on the 17 march, explained to the store staff about what has happened in the PAST 1 MONTH and what the customer services has told me. 13. The store staff checked the stock and said yes this model of TV was not in stock and you could not have it. The store then refused to issue any compensation saying that cannot come from them, it would have to be the head quarters meaning speaking to the customer service hotline. I said we could call them now and I do not liked to be kicked as a ball between you two parties within Comets. It should be resolved within Comet. The store staff said their landline cannot call the 0871 comet customer service number. 14. Then the options were discussed. (1).The display model has been there for more than 9 months and working 12+hours a day. And they are only willing to offer a 10% discount on that. The staff has suggested me not to take it. (2). None of the equivalent/ close by models were available in stock. 15. another store staff checked on the system again and told me that the system said there would be 180 new ones of this model come into stock on the 26 March, and available for delivery on the 28 March. My option would be either to wait for the delivery or get refund 16. Because I was not planning on a refund when I came and had the idea in mind that there would be other ‘options’ available, I did not bring the 3 D glasses (which were part of the offer on that TV) with me. To get a refund, I need to go back and fetch the glasses. I said that was exactly why I said I wanted to speak to you before I come because if I knew there was not really any other options, I would have brought it with me. the response was they themselves have roars with the customer service team as well, they are just trying to kick the ball back to us. 17. I then said I still like that TV and giving that is the only option I have, I can wait for the stock. They then scheduled another delivery date which is 31 March. I said as it happened twice before, the promised stock did not show up. I would like to be certain that the TV will be available in comet and confirm the delivery team would turn up on that day. The store staff then said ‘unless you physically stake a stock with you, there can never be a 100% guarantee that it will be delivered on time.’ I then said my money was taken for 100%. Then store staff said they can check on Monday, and explained because the buying department is not working on Saturday, they can only confirm with them on Monday about whether or not they have actually bought the 180 stock it said on the system. Then he offered to call me on Monday the 19 March to confirm. I have left my personal mobile number as well as day time work line number. 18. Then I waited until today, 21 March, which is a Wednesday, 2 days late for the promised confirmation date. I have not yet received any call. 19. I phoned the store directly instead and a lady who picked up the phone took my order number and checked on the system as well as contacted the deliver team. It again changed on the system saying that it would only be available on the 30 march and 31 delivery is tight. They would like to push the date back again. which means, no guarantee on how many more times this date could has been pushed in the future. Until this moment, the whole experience I received was unpleasant and horrible. I felt what I have paid my money for was nothing else but trouble and waste of my time. throughout the whole experience of talking to your Comet staff, a consistent and surprising attitude I received from almost every single one was that ‘it was not me personally dealt with that before’. I understand that dealing with an angry customer is not a pleasant job. But customers are not responsible for getting to know each and every individual who works for comet. Customer only recognise these bright colour-shirt dressed men and women as ‘comet’. What they do and say should not be representing themselves as in individual but the business. Instead of showing the interest in understanding why the customer is angry and reflect what Comet as a business has done wrong and go out to help the customer, they are more interested in making sure they would not be held responsible. During the conversations that I had with the staff, I was told that they have a lot of complaints about missing a delivery date due to out of stock and the delivery team does not contact the customer. And if they knew they had a flaw in the system, they should have taken some actions about it or at least make customers aware. Instead what Comet did was put the customers at risk and waste their time.
  6. Ok; I've had enough. How do I sue BT? Fibre optics were installed and this was supposed to cure the problems I've been having for the past eight years. It's been installed since November last year. First installed and tested @ the full 40 mb a few months later it drops to less than 20. sometimes less than 2 mb. Today I can hear noise on the line the same as I did eight years ago. This is definatly a BT issue. All my hardware is disconnected. The latest fault was reported last Friday. After many calls a BT engineer was arranged for Wednesday. (BT didn't show) then Thursday (BT didn't show) Now I've received a message telling me it will be repaired by Sunday evening, and still don't know if a BT engineer is expected to turn up. I need advice on the best way to take legal action. Claims are tricky , because BT contract clauses are tight. But I'm 25 meters from the cab. How close do I have to be to get the advertised service? Is this not an advertising infringement?Surely you can't sell a service that drops to less than half advertised shortly after installed?Two engineers were waiting around for five hours when BT didn't show. BT make a very big deal of stating "If it's your fault then you pay for the engineers time." What about my time? and the cost of the other engineers time?
  7. Hi, I need a solicitor or other help and guidance. In 2004 coop breached my data protection, failed to transfer direct debits to a new account that replaced the one they breached and then caused defaults and never helped sort out the mess they created. in 2006 they breached the data protection on the new account and again in 2008. They caused me huge problems by failing to pay my direct debits which resulted in me having to seek the help of the CCCS to buy time until the mess was sorted out I did not know I would have to wait 5 years until they owned up. In december 2010 they finally admitted that they should have paid the DD and sent me letters to send to my creditors that any missed payments in 2004/5 were their fault not mine. Barclays wrote back and stated the coop letter admitted their liability. However my credit rating has been destroyed and I cannot remortgage. I wrote a four page complaint in december and after a very poor investigation coop have effectively dismissed any responsibility and are trying to retract their liability which i already have in writing. Their final response was filled with inaccuracies, did not provide the information i asked for and misused access to my credit file. They have just replied to say after review their position is unchanged which astounds me considering the evidence i gave them. I want to sue, and I do not have high confidence is FOS what should I do, what can I do? Can coop retract their liability saying they shouldnt have and it was a mistake, which it isnt. Help please
  8. This is warning for everybody who may read this! I absolutely do not want anybody else suffering the treatment and unnecessary stress that has resulted in my dealings from Comet! My advice to everybody is under no circumstances should you buy from Comet! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In September I purchased a laptop (Sony Vaio, for college) from Comet for £519.99 along with an extended warranty plan for £139.99 which I was nagged into buying by the salesguy. One month later the laptop suffered a mishap which resulted in a cracked screen. Submitted the laptop to Comet who assured me it would be repaired and returned within 1 month. They also assured that the Hard drive would remain untouched and unharmed as it contained all my college work. 1 month passed with no word from Comet so I called them up. They were waiting on parts that apparently just arrived the day previous - took a month for parts to arrive? They promised to call me back in a few days once it had been repaired. 1 week later, no call? I am informed laptop is damaged beyond repair and as they no longer stock the model of the original laptop that I would have to choose another laptop. I was also informed that because of Comets decision to replace my laptop rather then repair it that the warranty I purchased it was no longer valid; after two months of purchasing it. I had asked for my HD to be returned to me for which I was told it had been disposed of (I have proof in email form). The loss of my HD resulted in the failure of my college unit and a tonne of unnecessary stress. I have recently discovered that Comet do in fact have my HD and are withholding it from me unless I pay a fee of £10, this I have proof of following an exchange with a Comet rep on moneysavingexpert.com Before this information coming to light I mailed Comet for the 6th time asking why my laptop was disposed of without asking my permission first. They tell me that following inspection of my damaged laptop that the motherboard was found to have fault. The laptop was functioning perfectly before the mishap and an issue with the motherboard is surely something I would notice myself having built my own desktops previously. This was the first time I was informed of the faulty motherboard as they had neglecting to tell me on the phone following my call. So I've been told I'll have to choose a new laptop. I get online and look at their stock and there are NO laptops that match the spec of my original purchase that does not exceed the the £519.99. I inform them of this and ask them what I'm supposed to do but I am responded with a simple "not our problem". A few days later I went in to complain, thinking I could get things moving if I went in person. I was told again that I would just have to settle for an inferior laptop, that it wasn't their problem. The guy that sold me the extended warranty turned round and said to me "Yeah well that's the gamble you take when you decide to buy the extended warranty"!!! Unbelievable! So I stand instore and I say, "Okay, I'll choose a new one today" but no, no. They are adamant that I cannot choose a new laptop until I've recieved some letter of confirmation. Apparently one should have been sent out to me but nothing has arrived. I request them to send another out on the computer at the desk, which they do. Two weeks later, no letter. The first hasn't arrived, the second hasn't arrived. I call up Comet, the woman tells me that there is no record of any letters being sent out to me. I found out through email a month later that I didn't even need this magic letter, that it was only for kitchen appliances such as fridges, dishwashers etc. It has been 4 months down the line now, constantly emailing, constantly phoning, constantly arguing but receiving excuses and lies. They had failed to provide me with a replacement laptop that matches the spec of my original, all others exceed price. Have recently found out this is a breech of contract as in this incident they are supposed to provide me with the same model of laptop even if it means sourcing it at their expense. I was seriously stressed out, failing college so I backed down and decided to accept an inferior laptop. Went into Comet where they refused to hand over the laptop I had chosen despite it being feet away from me in their backroom, insisted I had to go home and order by phone instead. Requested that they make the order since I was having problems with my phone at home, of which they did. Was told to go home and wait for Comet to call. Comet never called so before the store closed I called to arrange delivery myself. Was PROMISED laptop would be delivered on Friday. Came home from college on Friday (yesterday) and they never showed up. It is Saturday today and I have filed report with Trading Standards. The probability of this reaching court is certain. I also want to stress to you that in the 4 months since I placed my laptop into Comets care have I not once received any phone call or email to update me on the situation. Literally not one phone call, even when they assure me. My mother had also been banned from entering our local store following her going in to negotiate on my behalf (I was attending college). So I have an appointment with Trading Standards on Monday. I've been told to bring in printed copies of all exchanges made with Comet so I'm currently typing out a full report and orgasnizing all this paperwork. I think this is probably going to reach court but I've been advised that Comet won't let it get that far, that the furthest they'll meet me is on the court steps and that they'll probably make an offer then. I've already threatened court before, reminded them of it 3 times and they obviously thought I was bluffing. If anybody is interested in how this ends up, let me know here and I'll update with any details when they happen.
  9. Having recently been made redundant from my job I went online to seek help with reducing my outgoings. Whilst browsing the My O2 section of o2.co.uk I was invited to join an online chat, the operative offered me a £15/month contract but as i went afk whilst i waited for response i did not respond in time and was no availble to accept the offer. Whilst waiting for Darren to "check this" for me I had to go away from the computer. I returned to see the offer and "is that fine?" but was too late to respond as the chat had been ended. I immediately called o2 to accept the offer only to discover they would not do it for me. I reasoned with the telephone advisor who agreed that the offer should be honoured but as the transcript from the chat had not registered in my account notes I would have to wait for them to appear. I took a screen shot and the telephone operative recomended I email it to o2 customer services I emailed the transcript and received the same response that they would not be able to reduce my tariff to the ammount i was originally offered. I have since sent a number of emails back to o2, each time recieving a response from a different person. I feel this is really poor customer service and wanted people to be aware that they should not always believe what they read in o2 live chat. Does anyone know if this offer forms a legal contract? Please help. Thanks.
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