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  1. hello, i wonder if anyone can help please, i have received these letters from bcw, i wrote them a letter saying i believed the debts were statute barred and received more letters and credit agreements (i will add them as i received them). in the final response letter it says provident advised bcw that the contracts were taken out in july 2012, but the credit agreements were signed in 2007 which i dont understand, any help would be appreciated Thanks Tim 31/01/2013 Your reference number: B19257901 Client Ref: B12718920 Dear Mr Outstanding Balance: £375.50 With reference to th
  2. Dear All, I am new to this forum so sorry if this is a little longwinded but I thought to be able to give informed advise you would want to know the details. Overview. · November 2000, entered into a contract with Orangefor the supply of network services to two sim cards, the contracts were renewedon several occasions. Most recently in March2010 for both phones in each case for a minimum of 24 months. · January / February 2011, went on holidayto Colombia incurred iphone download charges totalling £1,547.75 covering an eight day period. I would typical spend £1
  3. Hi All Just a quickie!! Today I received a Doorstep Threatogram from UMS on behalf of BCW collecting a debt owed to Aktiv Kapital. I'm not worried, as I know that all debts I had are now Statute Barred, so I will fire off the SB letter from the library on Monday. I can't remember who the debt was owed to originally, but it's for about £400. I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with UMS? Thanks QB
  4. Hi I recently requested a CCA from Link Finance regarding an Abbey Loan. The request was initially made on 10th February 2009 and follow up letter was sent on 16th March 2009. I received a letter back from Link Finance saying the account had been put on hold for the time being. Last week I started receiving calls again from Link Finance, I didn't answer, they requested I call them, which I didn't. This week I received a copy of what appears to be the CCA, it is an extremely bad copy of what looks like itself to be a copy. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to
  5. Received a few letters from Buchanan Clark and Wells who say they are acting on behalf of Aktiv Kapital. This is for a debt from New Look which was defaulted over 6 years ago. It was at a different address than my current one, don't how they got my present address. I've been ignoring the letters but the latest one is a 'notice of impending further action'. I figure they're unlikely to take court action as I presume this would have been done before now. I don't want to go back to receiving threatening letters constantly, only just got myself sorted out and my c
  6. hi, have an outstanding amount of over £1500 from greenwood personal credit, home collection loan, now passed to buchanan clark & wells, i emailed to say i have serious illness and now disabled and they would get £2 per month as all our other creditors are getting with the help form payplan, BCW have written back they require evidence of medical condition, i know its probably easier to just give it to them, but are they entitled to it? do i HAVE to comply? a ny info or help would be most grateful, also no point cca BCW is there as greenwood would def have a
  7. I (stupidly) had a payday loan which got passed on to BCW Group / Red Castle Recoveries. I have acknowledged the debt (they have proof of it ). They've written to me again stating they need a response in 7 days so I've written the following: "I have taken independent advice and, following this, and a review of my income and expenditure (to which you have no legal right of sight), I am able to offer a token payment of £5.00 until my circumstances improve. Please send me a standing order form so that I may start these payments forthwith." By "independent advice" I mean this
  8. Can some one please advise, I had wrote to these muppets BCW Group and received the below response. They had threatened with a door-step call and i sent them the standard letter and go this reply. Client: Aktiv Kapital UK Limited Client Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxx Final Response Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx I write with regard to your email of xx November 2012 issued in relation to the aforementioned account. I can confirm we have undertaken substantive investigations into your claims and have concluded that your complaint has been refuted. The reasons for this are detailed below.
  9. Hi there folks, I am new to threads etc but here is the deal.. . I have been dealing with this company for a wee while now and i am starting to really question the legitimacy of their ways. I have attached a visitation letter that i received this morning (17/9/12) stating i have dishonored their agreement blah blah. I had a direct debit with them for £20 per month and everything was hunkydorey until i lost my job last November (2011) due to my health. I was unemployed until June 14th of this year, i have struggled to keep a roof over my head and even eat, m
  10. In the year 2000 i got a car from Yes car Credit, after 18 months the cars gearbox went and i fell into arrears so i eneded up with no car and yes car credit pursuing me. Later in the year 2006 i got a letter from Aktiv Kapital saying that they had purchased the debt and they pursued me for the debt. in 2008 Someone phoned me and i foolishly did not think and they talked me into making a token payment of £50 which would have destroyed the Statute barred angle. These past few weeks i have been getting letters from Buchanan Clark and Wells saying they have be
  11. Hi There I had a credit account with H&M Online, I've been having trouble paying the monthly amount due to not having a lot of money and job troubles, I did inform them of this and offered to make a smaller payment a month until things improve the balance currently stands at £315.45 most of this interest and charges. They assigned the debt to a company called Gothia/BCW Group I've never heard of them before, I'm not sure if they've brought the debt it just says legally assigned to them, they sent me a letter today asking me to contact them and log on to the website to see exclu
  12. Hi there, I am a first time poster, since last week I have been receiving daily calls from BCW GROUP but as yet have not answered any of them as I don't have any debts that I'm aware of & haven't had any outstanding debts before. (but I have moved house a few times so maybe a utility bill could have requested payment at an old address or something.) Should I call them? What information should I ask for? What information can I give them? (I don't think they have my address) Should I sign up to a credit report site and see if anything is listed on there first?
  13. Hi All my partner is having trouble with a renewal of a mobile telephone contract with Talk Mobile, we declined the renewal and opted for a new contract with O2. just to make sure i am on the right track please see copy of letter to Talk Mobile and Buchanan Clark & Wells. to BCW Dear Sir Furtherto your correspondence date 27/2012 could you please supply me a copy of theclosing balance together with a breakdown of anyadded fees or interest that may have been added, also an understanding of howthe fees/charges have been calculated? I am requ
  14. Hi folks...this is my first time posting anything of this kind of nature so I hope I don't say wrong things or cause concern where it's not really warranted. This is my situation, and I am not positively fed up to the back teeth of it. I'd not had any kind of problem such as this with any other energy providers so I am at a loss on how best to deal with this situation hence seeking guidance here. I started renting my current property back in March 12th of last year. I was informed by my first bill that my energy was being provided by Spark Energy. For one month's elect
  15. Hi All, Looking for a little advice regarding some communication from Buchanan Clark & Wells over the past couple of days. I've got a couple of debts with them for EDF Energy (Gas & Electricity) for less than £400 and £250 respectively. They sent me two letters dated 23/01/2012 stating that I could settle each account for a payment of £1 (Specifically the line "As such and without prejudice, we will accept £1.00 in full and final settlement of this account.") I am only paying £1 per month for each account, and for the amount outstanding, it didn't seem all that outlandis
  16. Hello Caggers, I hope you can help me. I have an old Barclaycard debt which I started paying through JB Debt Recovery in December 2011. I made a card payment on condition that they sent me some paperwork detailing what I owe, what payment arrangements were in place, etc. I have received no paperwork from JB whatsoever. However, as well as the initial card payment, they started taking further payments from my card. They took two payments on successive days (charging me an extra £1.50 per transaction) and did the same again 2 weeks later. I was away over Chri
  17. Hi guys I'm new to the forums and was wondering if anybody could offer me any advice on the following... Yesterday I received a letter marked 'Final Demand' from a company called Buchanan Clark & Wells who claim that I owe £1,178 to Aktiv Kapital UK ltd from an account held with HSBC. From what I remember I held a student account with HSBC which I closed and arranged a standing order to repay in 2004/2005, shortly after this my health took a turn for the worse and I lost my job. Since then I've not heard from HSBC or any DCA's regarding the debt until this letter. I have no de
  18. Had a phone call from our dear friends at Buchannan Clarke & Wells,went as follows: Hello is Mr padja there? Who is calling? Its Buchannan Clatke & Wells over a business matter. Hold on.............Mr Padja says he doesn't know you Can you confirm your address I'm not Mr Padja, so no Ok I will send a letter Awww thats nice Endo of call I await the letter with great anticipation.......ahhhh I've missed BCW
  19. Hi I rent out my 1 bedroom flat and have had a notice of pending legal action from BCW DCA it was addressed with my name but to the flat's address taht I rent out which was forwarded to me. Obvisouly I have not lived there in years and never instructed Scottish Power to supply me with their services. I phoned BCW and tried to explain I do not live there and asked for the dates to narrow down the tenant which the debt relates to. There was 2 tenants between these 2 dates so I have emailed one of their tenancy agreements and the other tenants Scottish Power account number which was settled
  20. Hi, I'm a first time poster on CAG, but I've used the advice given on the forums on several occasions. I am being pursued by United Utils for about £500 in allegedly unpaid water charges, dating back to 2007-2009. Initially, I was contacted by post by a DCA called 1st Credit acting on U.Utils behalf. Obviously, I immediately replied in writing asking their client to prove the amount stated by providing me with all billing information related to the alleged amount. I then received a letter from 1st Credit acknowledging that I had raised a query with them and that the bill
  21. hello all, This is a copy of a previous posting; I had posted it under another Buchanan Clark + Wells thread and was advised to start a new thread.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I see BCW is a popular topic in these forums. So, I'll add my own little story to the mix and see what everyone can come up with. I've been contacted by them, have received two letters thus far - 1. Formal Demand 2. Final Notice. Also, of course, about 15 phone calls which I have duly ignored on the advice of numerous p
  22. Hi guys after a little bit of advice, so the story, about 18 months to 2 years ago my sister recieved a letter for me at her address, bearing in mind i do not and have never lived there, for link financial saying the usual about an overdraft debt with abbey national, they were gonna this that nd the other, after send them a bogoff he dont live here letter, they started there usual tricks of phoning neighbours nd leaveing telemessages, anyway to cut a long story short they were given my address in scorchio land, i then started to recieve their drivil here which was quite usuefull as it
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