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  1. Hi All my partner is having trouble with a renewal of a mobile telephone contract with Talk Mobile, we declined the renewal and opted for a new contract with O2. just to make sure i am on the right track please see copy of letter to Talk Mobile and Buchanan Clark & Wells. to BCW Dear Sir Furtherto your correspondence date 27/2012 could you please supply me a copy of theclosing balance together with a breakdown of anyadded fees or interest that may have been added, also an understanding of howthe fees/charges have been calculated? I am requ
  2. Thanks everybody, i have had partial success, i have just recieved a letter from Halifax and they are paying me out in full plus interest. i should recieve the cheque by the end of the month. i now have to concentrate my efforts on the charges. Accepting the ppi should give me a stronger case, as these amounts would have contributed me into having arrears on mortgage. thanks everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps the amount for the premiums was over £1,800.00 and the interest was over £1,300.00
  3. Hi everyone, i have today recieved a letter from the Halifax. The letter outlines their response to my complaint. The upshot is that they feel the charges are fair and that i agreed to them being levied when i signed the mortgage contract. Also they mention the manner in which the account was conducted, ie that i went into arrears oon purpose. The PPI element has been refered to another department. The question is: Do i wait fr the verdict on the PPI, or do I just carry on with my complaint to the ombudson untill i get my reply for the PPI ?
  4. Thanks everybody. i now have all the info from the sar and it goues back to 1995. i am now in the process of putting in my claim letter for the mortgage charges. but i am unable to find a template for the phepi reclaim. i have looked in the library but nothing is there, can anyone advise?
  5. Hi Everyone I have had a mortgage for what seems a lifetime with the Halifax (1985/86). This was on an endowment basis. I have subsequently transferred to a repayment tracker mortgage before the proverbial hit the fan. Over the years i have successfully staved of one repossession order, but i have another for which i have made an arrangement for. I have decided to try and get back the various charges that have been levied on my account, and I have just recieved the DSAR information from Halifax (3inch thick pack). Question. How far can I go back? I have noticed
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