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Found 17 results

  1. Good morning all. Short version : Scottish Power (SP) took over my energy supply without my permission or prior notification and are charging me a much higher tariff. Is there a contract in place and do I have to pay? Looooooong version : Up until December 2016 I was a happy customer of GB Energy Supply (GBES). Documentation was received in early December from Coop Enregy (Coop) welcoming me to them and assuring me my supply would continue as normal, keep supplying meter readings etc, nothing to worry about. Around March 2017 I received a bill from SP addressed to a party n
  2. I hadn't actually thought such might be possible until seeing bankfodder's thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?444374-ScottishPower-%96-do-you-want-to-sue-ScottishPower-in-England-%96-Contact-details but am now interested in doing just that. Cut a lonng story short: I am sick, weary and tired of having to do Scottish Power's work for it in terms of (a) accurate billing and (b) best practice customer service, neither of which seem to me to be concepts that this company even faintly understands. Six months ago it issued me with a final bill on
  3. First of all, not sure where to put this. I did look for a forum specifically about gas/electric suppliers but couldn't see it. Apologies if I missed something obvious. Ok, I was with Scottish Power for Gas and Electric. They were great, then my gas metre (prepayment) stopped working. I put my card in, it beeped, and the liquid diode screen stopped showing anything. We were worried. It was getting close to Christmas (2013) and we had a 3 year old son, it was cold, he had asthma and could do without the chance of catching anything. I suffer from really bad anxiety, and had setup my S
  4. Hi, I wonder if I couold ask for some help regarding our utility supplier Scottish Power Last October we moved into our present home, once in we attempted to set up our utilities online and we managed to get a favorable deal fixed for 12 months. However Scottish Power cancelled both attampts to set these up online and gave no reason for this. we contacted the Energy Ombusman who advised that there was little we could do since we could not provide proof that Scottish Power had cancelled these arrangements. Somehow the cancellation letters had been disgarded in the reorg
  5. I have been a Scottish power Home Comfort customer for 2 years. I contacted SP this morning to report a fault and an engineer was sent to my property. I had removed the cover from the boiler this morning, following the maintenance instructions in the boiler's manual. But, as I'm not an engineer, I decided to leave it be until the engineer arrived. Upon seeing the cover had been removed the engineer refused to repair the boiler. He advised he could repair it (it is repairable), but would not because I had breached my policy by removing the cover. This means my wife, our 4-day
  6. Hi all, I am new to the forum, probably like many people this is because I have an issue that I am struggling to get resolved with the company concerned. We moved house recently and the incumbent energy provider was Scottish Power, we gave them our readings, then moved to British Gas. As this forum is not for specific topics I'll leave it there but all we want is a bill to pay! The company in question seem more interested in sending debt collection agents after us for a wildly inaccurate amount, than providing us with an accurate bill (in fact, any bill at
  7. Hi all, I changed provider away from Scottish Power in Feb this year, I expected a final account for my duel fuel tariff, instead I received two bills one for gas and one for electricity, neither of which bore my original account number. the gas bill merely showed an outstanding balance, while the electricity bill showed 3 payments of £34 and a final charge. Now as I paid £73 per month for the duel fuel account, there was no correlation. I contacted SP and requested a correct final bill showing how the figures were arrived at and all payments made to the acco
  8. Hi ive recieved this today and its a little worrying so was hoping someone can advise on what i can do. ResolveCall. Dear sir/madam despite several attempts we have been unable to contact you to discuss the above Scottish power energy retail limited account. this being the case, we will now apply to the local magistrate for a warrant of entry under the rights of entry (gas and electric) act 1954 one of our agents from resolvecall will attend dudley L.J.A magistrates' clerk's office, the inhedge, dudley dy1 1ry on the 28/1/2011 at 0915 hrs. in order to obtain the warran
  9. I was wondering if anyone had complained about Scottish Power setting Direct Debit levels too high. IE not based on previous or current usage, and/or current or future pricing. I have, and they continue to do the same thing despite always accepting my figures are more accurate than those that they generate automatically. It's basically them using you as a bank to lend money for free ! I complained to the ombudsman - the initial response was that they are acting within the rules. IE it is OK to take more money than they should, systematically without any logic, reason or explanation.
  10. Have had a frustrating Saturday evening and now most of Sunday failing to contact Scottish Power. Battery has failed on prepayment meter and cant get through to anyone. Automated system just keeps telling me renter my account number. Have now done this hundreds of times. Any advice from anyone out there? I am now freezing!
  11. Morning All, Have a bit of a situation with Scottish Power and Buchanan Clark and Wells, which I need some advice on.... Left Scottish Power with a final gas and electric bill. Paid the electric bill, which they allocated to the gas account, and made a payment arrangement proposal along with a partial payment to the gas account. All of this was done in writing. The cheques were cashed, but no response received. Made another two monthly payments directly to Scottish Power, in accordance to the payment arrangement proposal. Letters were sent asking for responses to the prev
  12. Hi All Thought I'd let you all know what's happened with Scottish Power and myself. Last summer I had a door to door salesman call by selling on behalf of Scottish Power, I don't normally do this but I listened to what he had to say as I was already thinking of leaving British Gas. The deal sounded too good to be true £35 a month Gas and the same for Electric if I paid by direct Debit. He said this would be capped until 2012 - It would never go up no matter how much I use, and I would never get a bill at the end of the contract if I had used more. he also said that if their pric
  13. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem I'm having with Scottish Power. I moved into my new flat at the start of September, having previously lodged so hadn’t had an electricity provider for several years. The electricity provider at the flat was Scottish Power but I wanted to go to LoCO2 so never got in touch with Scottish Power. I sent all my details, including a reading from the day I moved in, to LoCO2 in the assumption that it would just be back dated. In hindsight that was not the correct thing to do, but I really didn’t know. Anyway, about two weeks ago a debt co
  14. Hi, I have a problem with ScottishPower. I lived in a small 1 bedroom flat by myself from Oct 09- Sept-10, and I didn't get any bills whilst I was there. When I moved into the property, the Landlord did not mention anything about the bills, he just said I was responsible for the council tax, and looking back, I probably should have asked him then, but nevermind. When it came to about 4 weeks from me moving out, a bill finally arrived, for the sum of £950-ish (not entirely sure). I was obviously gobsmacked, that after nearly a year they had finally sent me a bill, and a bill that no
  15. Hi I have had my flat for a year I have a pre pay meter. A month ago I came home to find my meter had been changed a letter said to contact scottish power as my meter had been tampered with. I did so and was told there was no problem my meter has just been changed and I would be sent out a new key. Then today I get a letter saying they were adding a £230 for electricity I had stolen. I contacted thier revenue department and spoke with someone. She said the engineer had changed my meter and made a report that the supply had been bypassed and I was being billed for the esimated electricity I
  16. Hi I rent out my 1 bedroom flat and have had a notice of pending legal action from BCW DCA it was addressed with my name but to the flat's address taht I rent out which was forwarded to me. Obvisouly I have not lived there in years and never instructed Scottish Power to supply me with their services. I phoned BCW and tried to explain I do not live there and asked for the dates to narrow down the tenant which the debt relates to. There was 2 tenants between these 2 dates so I have emailed one of their tenancy agreements and the other tenants Scottish Power account number which was settled
  17. I am a widow with 2 children and only get a widows pension I therefore have a pre-payment meter from Scottish Power to ensure that I can budget my money (what little there is) and ensure I do not get into debt. I put £15 per week on my key which just about covers us for a week. Today I received a letter from SP saying I had a debt on my account of £336. Obviously I called them straight away, not understanding how this could be possible, surely it wasn't!! They said my meter was set incorrectly and I can pay £11.35 pw until Dec and the debt will be paid. I simply cannot afford that. I
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