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  1. Slick. Will take your advice and wait for their next response.... Rebel. Thanks for the heads up. I know its not the right thing to do, but I think that its been just under 5 years, since a payment has been made. I'm trying to get to 6, and then breathe.
  2. I tried that with another account, but they keep writing, on a weekly basis....
  3. Hi Slick, The letters are all on a hard drive soemwhere! I'll have to look for them this weekend, and see what they have. My concern is them selling the a/c. What are the rules relating to statute barred debt. Am I allowed to write to them, asking them to susbstantiate the alleged debt whilst not acknowledging it?
  4. Morning all. It seems that I have received the same 2 letters relating to some Barclaycard accounts as others have done so over the weekend. My last letter to them was back in 2009 requesting a CCA, and received a reconstituted version which I promptly rejected and told them to Foxtrot Oscar. Having not heard from them since, I was happy to quietly wait out the 6 year statute barred. It seems that Barlcaycard have other ideas. What is the general consensus, with a response. Should it be responded to, and if so how? I'm minded to leave it alone, but I dont want the
  5. Is anyone able to help on this?
  6. After receiving an email from 247blinds this morning, asking me re arrange delivery, I sent the following email. I placed an order for blinds on Wednesday 27th November. I requested a fast track order, in order to obtain the blinds by the 29th November 2013. Payment was taken and the order was accepted by 247blinds on the 27th November 2013. The fast track enhancement had a consideration in favour of 247blinds in the amount of £10.00. In effect a contractual agreement was made to provide me with these blinds on the 29th November 2013, which varied the original terms and conditions that 2
  7. Thanks for responding. Yes they would be aware of the delivery requirements for 2 very simple reasons. They offer a fast track service, for an additional £10.00, which basically says that the product goes out next day. I then phoned them up and explained that I required the product before 11am, and could I pay an additional fee to ensure that this would take place. I paid £15.00 and received email confirmation that they had charged by debit card accordingly. Is there a section of legislation, that I can quote, as I'm sure that there will be an email being recieved this m
  8. Afternoon All. I know that the distance selling regulations shouldnt apply to a custom order, BUT..... I ordered a set of blinds on a fast track order system on Wednesday, which guaranteed delivery to me today. I paid a small premium for this. I contacted the seller yesterday to inform them that the product had to be installed at 11:00am this morning, and could I further enhance the delivery to a pre 10am. I was charged the additional £15.00, and the amendment to the order was carried out. At 9:40 this morning, only one box turned up. I contacted the seller who said that
  9. I'll have a look at the newsletter. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Yes I am aware of the lack of legal powers. It's just that my wife works from home, and the last thing she needs is unwanted intruders popping their head in causing embarrassment. With this one, I'm just fed up with the constant barrage, despite doing everything right!
  10. Hi DX, Many thanks for the response. It would be certainly interesting to hear Scottish Power's thoughts. The question remains... How does one combat the continued threat of doorstep collection, and can I still make the charge for writing a response?
  11. Morning All, Have a bit of a situation with Scottish Power and Buchanan Clark and Wells, which I need some advice on.... Left Scottish Power with a final gas and electric bill. Paid the electric bill, which they allocated to the gas account, and made a payment arrangement proposal along with a partial payment to the gas account. All of this was done in writing. The cheques were cashed, but no response received. Made another two monthly payments directly to Scottish Power, in accordance to the payment arrangement proposal. Letters were sent asking for responses to the prev
  12. Yes but doesnt section 7 allow me access to any form of communication, where I am mentioned specifically?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know the limitations of a S7 DPA request when used in the following context. Limited Company in voluntary liquidation. I am a creditor and debtor to the company. The company liquidators have sent a debt collection agency after me, for a £6k preferential payment even though the company owes me nearly 10 times that. I sent a DPA request back in August, and received a bundle of email communication and letters, specifically relating to corespondence between myself and the liquidator. Am I allowed to ask for information relating to me, from communicatio
  14. After all that, I got a liability order against me. The silver lining in all of this, is that after speaking to a very reasonable person in the council, they have allowed us to make token payments until such time that we are able to get back on track. It was quite heartening really!
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