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Found 5 results

  1. We rent retail premises which has a totally separate flat above it. A box on the wall at the rear of the property contains the electricity meters. British Gas were 'kind' enough to update the meters to digital style meters a couple of years ago, leaving the old meters in place but in the process they connected BOTH properties to one new meter. This means that British Gas are now billing the tenants of the flat at a domestic rate and ourselves in the shop on a business rate for the same electricity. We have it in writing from British Gas that this is the case, despite this, they were unable/unwilling to do anything about it, so we took our case to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman agreed BG should rectify the problem, but it did not happen, BG ignored the request and the Ombudsman tells us they have no power to force BG to carry out their recommendations. British gas have promised numerous times to come to meet us at the premises, so we can show them what has been done but never turn up, obviously BOTH bills are incorrect, since each bill is for the electricity used by whole building since there is now only one meter. Does anyone at all have any suggestions as to how we can get British Gas to take some action?
  2. Hello Is there any direct representetive on here from EE ? I have a continuing issue with mthe billing and reception aspect with my contract AG
  3. I contacted VM in November to ask for a change from their V+ box to a Tivo box as we were on our 4th faulty V+ box. The first person I spoke to was in the Indian call centre. He told me this would be no problem and it would actually mean a substantial reduction on our current package price and we would get to keep our V+ box as a second box, replacing the aging Samsung SD box we had. However, when he said it would cost £25 to have the Tivo box installed, I was put through to Retentions as I felt we shouldn't have to pay this due to all the issues we had had with the V+ boxes. The girl from retentions agreed to waive the £25 charge and also said there would be a substantial reduction in our monthly package price, and quoted a £15 reduction. The Tivo box was installed a couple of days later, but the engineer said he had to install an ordinary HD box, not V+. As we were told that we would have a V+ box as our second box, I called VM and they sent an engineer out to install this. However, this month I noticed our services had gone up to £69 pounds, an increase of £8 on our previous charge. I rang VM last night and they said it was noted on their system that our sevices were to be £64 pm following the Tivo install, an increase of £3. He said there was no mention of a £15 reduction anywhere. It looks like we have been shafted by VM as we cannot prove we were told our services would be reduced. Is there anything we can do?
  4. This is complex: I have a house that was vacant for a few years, and then rented out for a few more. A family member handled the letting, as I was over 500 miles away for work purposes. During the vacant and letting periods, it seems that an electricity meter reading was *never* taken. When I resumed control of the house this summer, I submitted a meter reading -- I was told that this was the first reading in 6 years, and the bill of £13,000 would be payable by me. I rechecked the meter the following week, and found that the meter was running backwards! The electricity company came out, confirmed the fault and changed the meter for a new one. They say that adjusting for the meter fault, they estimate that I am liable for a bill of approx £9,000 Here are my issues with this: - Why should I have to pay any bill for the period when a family member had let out the house to tenants? Should the bill not be sent to the tenants (or the other family member who was acting as a landlord?) - I did propose that they allocate the bills more fairly, and they told me that if they did so, then the bill would have to be split evenly over the occupied and vacant periods. Can this be right? It should be obvious to anyone that a vacant house consumes less power than an occupied one. - How can they (or I) know *when* the meter started running backwards, and whether it was running at the same rate for the entire time? Is a meter even capable of giving a consistent/reliable reading when running backwards?
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem I'm having with Scottish Power. I moved into my new flat at the start of September, having previously lodged so hadn’t had an electricity provider for several years. The electricity provider at the flat was Scottish Power but I wanted to go to LoCO2 so never got in touch with Scottish Power. I sent all my details, including a reading from the day I moved in, to LoCO2 in the assumption that it would just be back dated. In hindsight that was not the correct thing to do, but I really didn’t know. Anyway, about two weeks ago a debt collection agency got in touch demanding payment of £45 on behalf of Scottish Power. I was quite bewildered as I had never even received a bill or reminders from Scottish Power. I got in touch with LoCO2 who told me that indeed I should have let Scottish Power know but they provided me with the switch over ‘readings’ so that at least I knew approximately what the bill was about. I then phoned Scottish Power, explained the situation and was told that I had been sent two bills, and according to the man I spoke to, that I had paid one of them (in cash, possibly at the post office according to him)! I suspected that these bills had been addressed to the previous tenant and so would have been forwarded to him. After I strongly protested that I had never even received a bill, let alone paid one, he suggested he send copies of the two bills, so that I could check whether they had been addressed to the previous tenant. This was two weeks ago and I still haven’t received any mail from Scottish Power at my address. However, I am being called by the debt collection agency who not only wants me to pay a bill I have never even seen but also pay a 15% administration fee. Although I explained the situation, they of course just want me to pay and are threatening me with legal action and to ruin my credit rating. It’s not that I object to paying Scottish Power for the month between moving in and starting with my new provider but I do want to see a bill before I pay and I certainly object to paying a debt collector as I don’t feel it is my fault that I haven’t paid. Can anybody help me out as I really don’t know what to do with this? Thanks.
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