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  1. Hi there, I had a letter from these guys asking me to contact them on a Freephone number. The letter states that they have confidential information that they feel I should be aware of. When calling, they ask me to quote a personal reference number. I've looked at their website and they look like consumer audit service, consumer rights, credit loss adjusters, inheritance administrators. to be it, looks like one of these PPI types, or other miss-sold products etc. Website is http://www.buchanandrummond.co.uk Anyone had any communications from these people? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I received a letter from Buchanan Clark & Wells in relation to a debt to Orange Pcs Ltd for £130. I have no idea what the debt is for. I sent them a CCA letter (template on Forum) asking them to prove what the debt was for. I sent it recorded delivery and asked them to respond within a timeframe. Today I received a letter from BCW stating "we act as agents for Orange PCS Ltd in relation to the outstanding balance and do not hold the documentation you require. In order to obtain a copy of the documents you have requested, you will need to contact our client direct". They provide an address in Co. Durham. Does anyone have a template letter that I am able to use requesting these documents please? Also, we had an account with Orange/Freeserve/Wanadoo over 10 years ago. Recently we nearly moved to EE for Broadband but because they totally messed up the whole thing we never actually moved to them. Does anyone know if EE trade as Orange PCS Ltd? I cannot for the life of me think what we owe £130 for as as far as I am aware we have always closed/finished accounts with no outstanding balances. Thanks in advace SianHamer
  3. Hello All I received a letter from the above named company and had to google them to find out the nature of their business. They refer to my previous brief address, does this suggest my previous Landlord has issue with me? I left on bad terms in that they practically threw me out, however I left owing nothing as all utilities, heating, electricity and water were included. I am reluctant to enter into any kind of dialogue on the phone and will reply by mail, is this advisable? Would be grateful for any help in this matter. Ce1este2
  4. Hi all i've stumbled across this website as I have Buchanan clark&wells chasing me, 2 weeks ago I got a letter regarding a debt from approx 9 yrs ago (next catalogue account). I called them to say they have the wrong person then i got a call on my landline and then a verification letter and now today a letter saying they will accept half the debt if i pay now (I have not admitted I am the person they aare looking for). I have read that you can send a "sar" letter if there is not a ccj against you and the debt is over 6 yrs old? i have joined experian but are waiting for a password so i can log in and view my credit file and see if there are ccj's. I am very worried about this as I dont have the money to pay and had actually forgot about this debt as i have moved several times over the last 10 yrs! HELP!!!!
  5. Hello, I posted on here a few years ago with regards to my husband's catalogue debt - which is now under control, we pay Lowell £5 a month for 2 accounts and they've not given us any hassle. We're saving to buy a house, and I know he's had a few defaults in the past so we did an in depth credit check and the only defaults showing as active were his Lowell ones which we're managing - which is fine. Fast forward a few months and we get some post from our old address regarding a Provident Loan thing that's been sold onto BCW group and they're demanding over £1000 - has anyone had any dealings with these guys? this debt is now showing on his credit file but a month or so ago it was showing as settled. I emailed them asking them to put the account on hold and tell me why it's suddenly become defaulted when it was 'settled' (even though he hasn't paid but all they said was that they bought the debt and if we've paid it we have to send proof. We're happy to come up with a payment plan but something tells me these guys are gonna be difficult. Can I sent them a CCA? If so, can someone direct me to the template cos we did one for Lowell but that was such a long time ago. Thanks.
  6. Hello I wonder if someone can help me. Last weekend my husband received a letter from this company quoting his previous address from some 6 years ago and asking to confirm he was now residing at the address that the letter had arrived at. I just ignored it. Since then he has received a further letter saying that a personal loan company have sold them an outstanding debt of £189.00 and to ring up and settle it over the phone or it may be that they will send their debt collection agency to the door to collect. Firstly there has been no confirmation that he is living in this property and secondly this debt doesn't exist. I've never had to deal with anything like this before and I just don't know what to do. Can someone please help me?
  7. I had a contract with 02 but due to illness and having to leave my job I had to sign on for ESA and DLA, at the moment I could only afford to pay 02 £20 a month but they told me it was being send to a DCA. I got a letter from them a week ago stating they are going to send an agent to my house as I failed to contact them from their earlier correspondence that I never actually received. I obviously want to pay this debt off but what are my rights if they do send someone? would it be classed as trespassing? I got a template from another website and sent it to them ; Dear xxxx Account Ref xxxx Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing. I have noted your repeated attempts to contact me by telephone over the past few weeks/months and these have been duly logged by time and date. Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange a “doorstep call”, please be advised that under OFT rules, you can only visit me at my home if you make an appointment and I have no wish to make an appointment with you. There is only an implied license under English Common Law for people to be able to visit me on my property without express permission; the postman and people asking for directions etc (Armstrong v. Sheppard and Short Ltd [1959] 2 Q.B. per Lord Evershed M.R.). Therefore take note that I revoke license under Common Law for you, or your representatives to visit me at my property and if you do so, then you will be liable to damages for a tort of trespass and action will be taken, including but not limited to, police attendance. Yours faithfully, I got this reply today; Final Response Dear Mr *****, I write with regard to your email of November 5, 2013, issued in relation to the aforementioned account. I can confirm we have undertaken substantive investigations into the issues raised in your above referenced email and have concluded that your complaint has not been upheld. The reasons for this are detailed below. BCW Group acts in good faith on the information and instructions issued to us by our clients. We are passed this information on the basis that the information provided is true and correct at the time of issue. We were, at no time, advised by our client of any ongoing disputes or unresolved complaint issues. In this instance, we were passed an account in your name with instructions to pursue for the full balance accordingly. By passing the matter to this office for debt recovery purposes our client was satisfied that the balance is due and collectable. We have noted your request that all contact in this matter is now made in writing. I can confirm that no contact telephone number is held on the account and we have placed no calls to you in this regard. The case you have referred to is not applicable to your circumstances. As part of the agreement that you entered into, you agreed to repay the full outstanding balance and that where necessary the creditor could recover the debt by outsourcing the debt to a third party, which included by way of doorstep collection. We are entitled by law and under contract to recover monies outstanding and we are allowed to take reasonable steps in accordance with regulatory guidance to recover such monies. The OFT’s Guidance on Debt Collection reference to making an appointment on field visits relates to, where say, the Agent has called round and advised by the customer that it was not a convenient time, then he should make another appointment. An appointment is not necessary for the initial visit. If however, the customer is not there at the agreed time, then the Agent can call again at an unscheduled time. Before your request for a repayment plan can be considered we will require your full income and expenditure details. Your previous communication has not supplied sufficient detail in order for us to set a repayment arrangement at the amount offered. Please complete and return the attached form so that we may consider any offer of repayment. A cessation of collections activity shall remain on your account for 14 days to allow you to respond. We are a member of the Credit Services Association who can be contacted in the event of you remaining dissatisfied with the conduct of BCW Group. The Credit Services Association will consider your concerns as an impartial external arbitrator. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 111 0411 should you require any further assistance. Yours sincerely, Any advice on what I can do next would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi ive recieved this today and its a little worrying so was hoping someone can advise on what i can do. ResolveCall. Dear sir/madam despite several attempts we have been unable to contact you to discuss the above Scottish power energy retail limited account. this being the case, we will now apply to the local magistrate for a warrant of entry under the rights of entry (gas and electric) act 1954 one of our agents from resolvecall will attend dudley L.J.A magistrates' clerk's office, the inhedge, dudley dy1 1ry on the 28/1/2011 at 0915 hrs. in order to obtain the warrant, you are entitled to attend. once obtained the warrant will enable us to lawfully access your premises in order to disconnect your supply, the warrant will be executed within the next 28 days, all related costs including locksmith charges are payable by yourself and will be persued along with the outstanding debt. these costs will be a minimum of £275. should you have any queries regarding the warrant application or any other issues please do not hesitate to contact 0844 257 8535 yours faithfully june hart
  9. Hello I have received a Verification Letter from Buchanan Clark & Wells today- "We are trying to contact katypie with regards to a private matter We have confirmed your address through a credit link obtained via a credit reference agency as being the same person who lived at the original address above. Please contact us on 0844 BLAH quoting the above reference number and one of our operators will be available to take any relevant detals to resolve the matter. If you believe that you are not our customer, please contact us as soon as possible to enable us to amend our records and remove your address from our system file." Doesn't say what it is about. Would I be right in thinking this is phishing and I should just ignore it? Anything it could possibly be for would be statute barred by now. Thanks!
  10. Dear kind people I require assistance in a matter related to Buchanan Clarke and wells. Earlier this year they contacted me via a verification mail pertaining to a property I had lived in Scotland. I was naive enough to contact them back and then what followed was two weeks of constant harassment - chasing me up on a Scottish Hydro electric bill which they claimed I had yet to pay. (The harassment was so bad that I had to go to the GP for anti-depression medication and I was unable to function at my job properly – as they kept calling in the middle of meeting with clients and almost every other morning at 9 am) The bill in question was dated to after I had moved out of the property – something that my landlord was ready to verify. B ut BCW just kept calling me and stating that the debt is in my name and that I have to pay up or face legal action. I called up SCH who were unhelpful at first - eventually through persistence and a 2 hour marathon phone call session with SCH customer care involving a conference call with my landlord they finally agreed to clear my name and call off BCW. Now yesterday I received another verification mail from them that goes like this : "We are trying to contact Miss XXX YYY with regards to a private matter We have confirmed your address through a credit link obtained via a credit reference agency as being the same person who lived at the original address above. ( this address is another address within the same city in Scotland) Please contact us on 0844 BLAH quoting the above reference number and one of our operators will be available to take any relevant details to resolve the matter. If you believe that you are not our customer, please contact us as soon as possible to enable us to amend our records and remove your address from our system file." Now I am a male, but they have printed my name with a miss in front of it. Also I have never lived at the address they have specified above . Also they have not specified what the matter is. Now from my previous experience I am reluctant to contact them, hence I goggled them and arrived at this website. Am I right in ignoring this mail and not contacting them back? I found the below thread to be helpful, as it outlines a situation similar to mine. _Apparently I am not allowed to post the thread here as my post count is below 10_ I shall try and post it in a comment below 1- Shall I follow the same advice as what brigadier provided in the thread. 2 - Secondly how do I report a data protection breach as stated by renegadeimp ( Am I right in pursuing that line of action) Your advice and input in this matter will be welcome. Also may I ask – am I covered under the same laws as UK citizens (I am just a resident here)
  11. Hi everyone, This is the first Credit Agreement that has been sent after a CCA'd them. Akitiv Kapital has this acct which I was paying £1 per month. They sent one page and the signature is mine. I saw that I had signed 'Protecting Your Acct'[ATTACH]30131[/ATTACH] Could someone check over it and the bottom part is that sufficant. If that is correct, do I SAR GE Capital to get all the charges etc taken off to reduce the debt. Current Bal is £1,263.10 On agreement for credit card limit was £500. Please advise.
  12. I was part of forming a company in company house in 04/2008. I was appointed as sectary and held 25 shares. After running the company for almost a year (we had HSBC business back account under the company name and I had access to the account) I had dispute with other partners. I resigned in 06/2009 as the sectary, filled letter of resignation to Company House and had the impression given from the bank that they will also keep their record in line with Company House. So I thought my access to the account will be cut off. But in fact that didn't happen. However after I left the company I didn't use my access to make any transaction to/from the account. And the managing directors assigned new sectary and one of the two managing directors was managing the business account. Now suddenly in 06/2013 received a call from HSBC, chasing me for the debt of £5k because my name was in the bank account. I told them I have noting to do with the company since 2009. Later I went to a local HSBC branch where we opened the business account, and I gave them a copy of my resignation letter to Company House and a postal address of mine to contact in writing. HSBC never wrote me anything. I also dug records in Company House and noticed, the company was struck and dissolved 08/2010. HSBC now passed the details to a debt collector named Buchanan Clark & Wells and they are chasing me over my work and mobile phone daily. Initially they sent me a letter saying want to discuss a 'private matter'. Searching on this forum and advice I ignored that letter and their calls. Now they sent me a letter with the amount of debt, their client HSBC and said, "Our clients have informed us that they are unaware of any legitimate reason for non-payment of their account and they would prefer an amicable settlement" Sorry for the lost post, but I believe its a business debt to a limited company; not personal debt, I disassociate myself from the company back in 2009 and didn't make any transaction to the a/c, and the company dissolved in 2010. Not sure how I am liable of such debt? Pls advise me on what should be my response to the debt collector? Should I continue to ignore them or explain what happened? Many thanks
  13. Hi There I wonder if anyone would be so kind as to help me out with this query? I received a letter from BCW recently asking me to contact them about a personal matter. I ignored this but I answered a call from them today and they told me that I owe £400 to Orange. I do know that I have a 10/month contract that I have missed payments on but I have recently been diagnosed as disabled with depression, PTSD and a lot of other conditions which have made my last few months very difficult and my finances got all to pot. I think my support worker has helped me get back on top although I have forgotten about this phone. This phone was lost fairly soon after I took out the contract and I continued to pay it even after losing iy. But after I missed payments I have had no requests from orange by post, email, phone or text asking me where the money is and as a result of that and my illness I merely forgot until now. But this agency is asking for 400 which is absolutely ridiculous as the entire contract cannot be worth more than 200 in total. I want to just square up with Orange and then pay my contract on a month by month until the end but Orange won't deal with me, I have to go through BCW. The man on the phone was aggressive and accusing and I dont fancy phoning them back in a hurry, at least until I have a bit of a clue as to what I am talking about. I absolutely cannot afford£400 or the reduced rate of £190 to send me back to Orange. I am on disability benefit and barely survive as it is. Any advice over what I should do from here would be most appreciated. The phone call was quite upsetting and led to a stressful experience, even after I informed the man I suffered from anxiety.
  14. This is a new one on me... Being chased by BCW on Barclays gold charge card debt - this is a card that was linked to my account and did not have to be paid off each month so also acted as a credit card. Barclays have passed the debt on to BCW who started by making me offers to pay it all at a reduced rate. I duly CCAd them and they have just sent me back my postal order stating that they are 'not the creditor so do not hold agreements or invoices at this office. You will need to contact our clients directly if you wish this information.' Uh?? This debt is not statue barred btw but will be in a year.
  15. Hi everyone. First post here so be gentle A month ago I received a letter from Buchanan Clark and Wells stating that they are acting on behalf of their client, Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited (A company who I have had no dealings with, ever), for a £1000 debt I ran up nearly 9 years ago with a catalogue company. I ignored this letter and then recieved another one around a week ago stating " Notice of impending further action.". They say they are going to advise Hoist to take further action on the account. This could result in CCJ's, warrant of execution etc unless I call them immediately. I could pay the debt off and get it out of the way, but I don't owe them money, I owe it to the catalogue company I ran up the debt with in the first place, don't I? I don't know these people, they could be anyone. The fact that it's 9 years old means it could be SB'd right? If they start sending bailiffs around to my home, would I get any warning first? I'm not entirely sure what to do. Whether to ignore or send them a letter asking for proof I owe them the £1000. What do you guys think I should do? Thank you in advance
  16. Hi all, I'm new to this site, in fact it's the first time I've ever been on a forum...scary stuff lol!! I've read a number of threads and feel my story maybe corresponds with others on your forum, hence I thought I would join and hopefully gain the knowledge and strength to get this resolved quickly, and without repercussions! On Monday this week, out of the blue, 2 letters came through my letterbox in different envelopes: 1. Robinson Way Ltd's letter said 'we hereby give notice by an agreement dated 10th Nov 12 your account has been sold & assigned to Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd by Robinson Way. All future payments, correspondence to be made to Buchanan Clark & Wells who will be managaing the account on behalf of Hoist.' The letter is a bit confusing, the so called debt says 'ex freemans' for £198-43. I am assuming this may be the catalogue people, Freemans, but I am not sure. I cannot recall ever having opened an account with Freemans (I ran 2 other catalogues 15+ years ago but always made sure I paid it off in full). 2. Buchanan Clark & Wells letter said 'formal demand' confirming they've been instructed by Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd to recover an overdue balance £198-43 on their behalf. It says their client is unaware of any legitimate reason for non payment and would prefer an amicable settlement. BCW are prepared to help in clearing the deby by offering me an exceptional opporturnity to settle on highly favourable terms, they are willing to accept £99-22 in full and final settlement, which can be spread over 3 convenient monthly instalments. To take advantage I have to contact their office within 5 days. I was initially really really worried, having trawled the internet for over an hour, going round in circles, I found your forum and read some of the threads which seemed similar, although different creditor names were mentioned, not Freemans. I haven't phoned either company as I do not think there is a debt, and I think that if you ring them they feel you are susceptible to [problem]s and could then get inundated by more [problem]s. Do I ignore these letters or should I contact them? If so, what do I need to say, etc. Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my thread x
  17. hi all buchanan clark wells send a notice that never answered, now they send me a final notice for a debt that I do not own from a coffee shop that I gave up 2 years ago the bill is for e on energy solution limited from mid 2009 to start 2011 of £600 precise, so now what should I do I will not respond to them anyway. is there a statue of limitation to a debt I was trading as the name cafe
  18. Hi all, Having received a verification letter out of the blue yesterday from BCW, I thought I would do a little research into them before responding to them as a. . I hate paying for 0844 numbers. I found so many comments about them, especially on this site but thought I would share my letter as it seems to be slightly different in that the letter is addressed to me at my home address saying that they are trying to contact a My Name how previously lived at the original address above, which is the same address as they have sent the letter to! The rest of the letters is identical to everyone else's but thought this was an interesting twist. From what I have read on this and other forums, I shouldn't respond at all until they say what the "private matter" actually is and when they do say what it is the onus is on them to prove it. And under no circumstances call them, do everything by letter. I will say I honestly don't know of ANY debt that I have. The only thing I can think of is that earlier this year we changed electricity suppliers. I initially chose Spark energy (I can hear the groans already, I know...) but after doing a little research on line and saw the poor comments that they were getting (even on their own website!!!) we decided to go with someone else and I cancelled the order 2 days after the initial application, so well inside the cooling off period. I had a confirmation email from the Energy website saying that this was the case and that the change over had been cancelled. On the next day I received a welcome letter from Spark and assumed things had just crossed in the post/ether. to cut a long story short (trust me I can go on and on about this) they didn't cancel the transfer and started to take the gas and electricity supply which meant my chosen company couldn't get hold of it. In the end the gas was not taken by Spark and passed over to the new company, but the electricity was taken by them, but despite them saying they could do an erroneous transfer back to the original supplier, the original supplier said that they wouldn't take it, so it was transferred directly to the new supplier and that they would invoice for the electricity used. So far I've not received any invoice or request for payment from Spark, so why this would have gone to BCW I don't know, but I wouldn't put it past them. As I say, I really don't know if this is what it is to do with, this is just the only thing I can think of. We do get calls from debt companies asking for people with different names, a Mr Brown and a Mr Westbrooke, but they tell me the address they have got and it is not correct anyway, so didn't think anything of it. Perhaps they have linked my address/name with someone else's debt? Not sure if that is possible, but lets see what their next missive brings... I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have written on this forum as the comments and advice are really helpful and have reassured me that this is an all-to-common issue that is easy to resolve, just might take a while. As I had a 6 month battle with HMRC last year over my tax, I'm hoping that this one should be a doddle.
  19. Hi, I'm new here so I hope I've put this in the right place! i received a letter from a company called Buchanan Clark & wells saying they were acting on behalf of Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited a nd that I owed just over £1,000 and the creditor was Next. Now, I've lived in my current property for nearly 10 years and have had no contact regarding this supposed debt during all that time. I've no idea whether it is an old debt - it could be as I did have a Next account years ago but we are talking very old here, probably around 12-13 years ago! Anyhow, I sent them the standard letter - Letter M in the files - and got a reply from BCW - this is the first paragraph referring to my letter: "I can confirm that we have undertaken an investigation into the issues raised in the above referenced correspondence and have concluded that your complaint has been refuted. The reasons for this are detailed below." They then go on to say that they act in good faith on the instructions and information passed on to them from their clients (Hoist) and that they are passed this information on the basis that it is true and correct. Apparently, they are going to ask Hoist to supply me with "relevant documentation relating to this outstanding account" and a cessation of collection activity has been placed on the account until I receive said documentation. Any advice as to where to go from here? Given the length of time I've lived at my address and the fact that I KNOW this debt could not possibly have been created during, at least, the last 10 years, I cannot possibly imagine what relevant documentation they could send me! Should I contact them again and, if so, what should I say or should I just ignore everything from here on in? Many thanks in advance for any advice Sarah
  20. Evening all. I'm posting for some advice, I've searched around, and I can't seem to find anybody else in the same predicament. I'm a monthly paying member of Experian. Last week I received an alert saying my information had been changed. I logged on to find that a company named "Gothia LTD" have registered a default against my name for £51! This is in my name, but the address they have supplied for me is INCORRECT! It's not a previous address, or a linked address. It's just INCORRECT. I have NO IDEA who they are, and have certainly never had dealings with them. I called Experian to report this who said they would contact them and investigate. They also recommended I contact them personally too see if I could sort it out. I did. The person on the end of the phone was less than useless. I think he was probably a new member of staff, he didn't sound very confident. I explained the situation. He faffed about, trying to stick to his script I imagine, until he got so flustered he put me on hold. He then, after a while Transferred me to "Lisa at Buchanan, Clark and Wells" I don't know why. I again explained the situation. Lisa, better at sticking to her script, repeatedly tried to get me to pay a random £51 and that if I did, the default would be marked as satisfied. I had to interrupt her after a while and be pretty assertive to make her shut up for a minute and LISTEN. I explained that I have never had any dealings with either company, and that as they had INCORRECT details for me, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for them to contact me. I asked her to explain what they were supposedly chasing (I must be right in thinking that the Debt must be pittance as I assume these agencies would have added costs to make the £51 total) She relied. "A debt from Wonga"?! I have never even watched an entire TV advert for wonga, never mind used their service. She then changed her mind and told me it was H&M, as in the clothes shop. I asked her how I could possibly owe a clothes shop any money. She said it must be a store card. H&M DO NOT DO STORE CARDS. Or any other means of credit as far as I know. Unfortunately I couldn't get much sense from her, in the end I asked her to send me proof of any debt then I hung up. SO, to summarise... I have a default on my otherwise okish Credit File from companies I've never heard of, who couldn't possibly contact me to let me know they're chasing me for money. They can't seem to tell me who they're chasing for, and I don't think they even know who they are. Any advice? I would really appreciate it. I was supposed to be applying for a mortgage at the end of the month. That's not going to be able to happen now. How can a company just throw a Default around so easily. Especially as they can't or won't prove that I owe anything, and that they could'nt possibly contact me to let me know. Thanks guys!
  21. Have been contacted a few times by these people and have recently offered a payment of £5.00 to them. They have been in touch asking for the usual financial information before they can consider the offer. I was just wondering what we should do next as we are offering them what we can afford and don't see the point in going through all this - especially as owners of far bigger debts have been accepting this payment for many months. Thanks in advance - Lee.
  22. Evening all I keep getting letters from AK stating I owe them various amounts to different companies. They also write offering a reduction in the amount I could pay, such as sending me a "gift voucher" today for £3,000 off a 'debt' and stating I should pay them £300. I am also getting daily text messages from BCW asking me, by name to contact them urgently, quoting a unique ref number. I am aware any debt that I have is statue barred, as they are over 6 years and if my memory serves me right ar eover 10 years. I havent made any contact with either company although I want to call them to tell them to get lost and I will send each company the statue barred letter. If I should be sending a different letter please let me know. My question is, can these companies continue to complete credit searches of my credit file without any recourse?? They are accessing my credit file on a monthly basis and I think this is impacting on my credit scoring. Any advice, as always gratefully received. Keep up the fight y'all!!
  23. Hi all. I had a letter from Buchanan Clark and Wells on the 27th August claiming that I owed two amounts to British Gas. The supply address they claimed I lived at is not an address I have ever lived at, but the address is one line short of my own. It is very similar and is often mistaken. Anyway, I sent them a letter advising them that I have never lived at this address and do not acknowledge the debt. I also asked them to provide me with a signed contract to prove otherwise. After this letter, they requested that I send proof of my address for the supply period to prove that I have not resided at that address, which I did do. They also advised that further action on the account has been ceased pending an investigation. They advised one month for this. Now, only a short time since this letter, they have sent me yet another formal demand pending further action. They are advising that they will be applying to the court for a judgement and blah blah blah. What are my options here? I have not acknowledged the debt. It is for a different address, albeit a very similar one. They haven't provided me with any evidence that I actually owe this debt, nor do they seem to have taken my evidence into account. Do I have to prove I don't owe this and didn't live at this address, or do they have to prove I do owe it and did live at the address? The final judgement on my credit report will be clear next month and I'll be damned if they are going to ruin it for something I don't even owe. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  24. ADVICE NEEDED I received this letter 2 weeks ago from this company We are trying to contact Mr X with regards to a private matter. We have confirmed your address through a credit link obtained via a credit reference agency as being the same person who previously lived at the original above address. I had not lived at that address for over 13 years so I ignored it,a week later I received another letter from them saying OUTSTANDING BALANCE £151 With reference to the above account which was previously with Yorkshire bank we write to advice you that we BCW GROUP LTD now hold the legal right to collect the full amount including legal recovery through the court if necessary. Than goes on to say fail er to respond to this letter we will have no option other than passing your account to our debt collection division I HAD a Yorkshire bank loan in the past but that was paid of in 2003 and I have hoard nothing from them since. I checked my credit file with equifax and it is clean nothing on it WHAT do I do ask them for proof of debt or ignore them and wait for they next move
  25. I`m looking some advice and help please if possible ref BCW and an old MBNA account. This was defaulted back in early 2009 and has been batted around a few DCAs since. I was once sent an application form dated from 2000, acknowledged as an application form with the accompanying letter from Link.I replied with a letter from the MBNA section of CAG which I now am unable to access for some reason pointing out the various flaws which rendered it unenforceable in court. My question is after all the court cases over the last few years, have things changed and could an application form now be enough to get me a CCJ? This is the first correspondence in over a year and I can feel the stress building again!
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