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  1. Sorry I just remembered the phone/bb is in my partners name. I suppose in the long run you're right. I need to register with Noddle and find out exactly where I stand because I'm stabbing in the dark by guessing what will happen. Thank you for you r help
  2. No nothing. We don't even have a TV license as we stopped watching TV altogether last year. We have broadband and a phone line. That's it though.
  3. I have moved and I don't think I updated voters. I'm not even sure how BCW found me. :/
  4. Thanks dx By giving Noddle my address, will my address then be on my cra for debt collectors to see? Is that how debt collectors find people, via cra checks? Sorry for all the questions. I'm a complete newbie. I normally just ignore these things.
  5. Thank you for your advice both. I checked my cra file 2 years ago and haven't had any other credit since then. Should I check it again? I assumed that as long as I didn't apply for more credit that it would stay the same. Also, I remembered something after I posted this post earlier. 4 years ago I applied for an administration order through the courts. This debt was on that order. I am pretty sure that I went on to make no payments and the order got revoked, but I can't be 100% sure as I may of made 1 single payment before moving to another address. ( It was
  6. Hi everyone. First post here so be gentle A month ago I received a letter from Buchanan Clark and Wells stating that they are acting on behalf of their client, Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited (A company who I have had no dealings with, ever), for a £1000 debt I ran up nearly 9 years ago with a catalogue company. I ignored this letter and then recieved another one around a week ago stating " Notice of impending further action.". They say they are going to advise Hoist to take further action on the account. This could result in CCJ's, warrant of execution etc unle
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