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  1. Hey there, I don't want to hassle anyone. I understand you're probably helping more than a few people out at the moment. I just wondered if there was any update on the Draft letter you offered to write for me? Any update would be greatly appreciated. I'm keen to get the ball rolling to get this sorted out. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have had no contact from any of the companies I have mentioned. The Credit file alert is the first I know. I have not been contacted in writing. They couldn't contact me, the address they're using is incorrect. Again, I must stress that it is not an address I have lived at previously, it's just incorrect. As I said, all other entries on my CF show my correct address. So surely if they were chasing me for money, they could find my correct details from searching my report? I don't know, I'm rambling. A letter draft would be fantastic, but I'd feel bad to put you out like that! If you're sure you're okay to do it. That would be a great help. Do you think that's the best route to take? Do you think I'm in this for the long haul, or do you expect it could be cleared up pretty quickly?
  3. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly DX. I've just gone through the Noddle credit reference. The new Default is NOT shown. I have an overall 3 out of 5 rating. Although there is a default from four years ago that doesn't show on my Expeiran report. I never said I was a saint! What I don't get, is that they have the wrong address for me, but have logged this incorrect address on my Credit file. When all my other accounts contain accurate information. Do I need to make a request to experian for them to prove that the information is correct? How accurate of a report is Noddle in comparison to Experian? I currently subscribe to experian. If Noddle is free, and gives me all the info I need. I could close my Experian account and save £15 a month!
  4. Evening all. I'm posting for some advice, I've searched around, and I can't seem to find anybody else in the same predicament. I'm a monthly paying member of Experian. Last week I received an alert saying my information had been changed. I logged on to find that a company named "Gothia LTD" have registered a default against my name for £51! This is in my name, but the address they have supplied for me is INCORRECT! It's not a previous address, or a linked address. It's just INCORRECT. I have NO IDEA who they are, and have certainly never had dealings with them. I called Experian to report this who said they would contact them and investigate. They also recommended I contact them personally too see if I could sort it out. I did. The person on the end of the phone was less than useless. I think he was probably a new member of staff, he didn't sound very confident. I explained the situation. He faffed about, trying to stick to his script I imagine, until he got so flustered he put me on hold. He then, after a while Transferred me to "Lisa at Buchanan, Clark and Wells" I don't know why. I again explained the situation. Lisa, better at sticking to her script, repeatedly tried to get me to pay a random £51 and that if I did, the default would be marked as satisfied. I had to interrupt her after a while and be pretty assertive to make her shut up for a minute and LISTEN. I explained that I have never had any dealings with either company, and that as they had INCORRECT details for me, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for them to contact me. I asked her to explain what they were supposedly chasing (I must be right in thinking that the Debt must be pittance as I assume these agencies would have added costs to make the £51 total) She relied. "A debt from Wonga"?! I have never even watched an entire TV advert for wonga, never mind used their service. She then changed her mind and told me it was H&M, as in the clothes shop. I asked her how I could possibly owe a clothes shop any money. She said it must be a store card. H&M DO NOT DO STORE CARDS. Or any other means of credit as far as I know. Unfortunately I couldn't get much sense from her, in the end I asked her to send me proof of any debt then I hung up. SO, to summarise... I have a default on my otherwise okish Credit File from companies I've never heard of, who couldn't possibly contact me to let me know they're chasing me for money. They can't seem to tell me who they're chasing for, and I don't think they even know who they are. Any advice? I would really appreciate it. I was supposed to be applying for a mortgage at the end of the month. That's not going to be able to happen now. How can a company just throw a Default around so easily. Especially as they can't or won't prove that I owe anything, and that they could'nt possibly contact me to let me know. Thanks guys!
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