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  1. Got a reply from 02 telling me no again. I am just going to send BCW post dated cheque's of £10 till my situation improves
  2. Thanks DX, I will email 02 again and try and come to some sort of arrangement. Does the SAR go to 02 or to BCW?
  3. The fee would be high as they would charge the line rental right away for the rest of the contract. I will look in to the SAR.
  4. No, I just couldn't carry on paying it due to my circumstances, I tried to sort it out directly with 02 but they just ignored me and told me to deal with the DCA
  5. Sorry, there is 18 months left on it and it's around £800 they are asking for but that's what BCW said so I will contact 02 and get some more information.
  6. There is around a year left on it, I tried discussing this with the 02 executive office, plus I sent their payments department three letters explaining why I can't continue to pay the amount and offered to pay a lower amount but they 'never got the letters'
  7. How do I go about paying this? do I need to wait or send money to 02 them selves? I could do with writing a letter to put them in their place, legally anyway.
  8. I had a contract with 02 but due to illness and having to leave my job I had to sign on for ESA and DLA, at the moment I could only afford to pay 02 £20 a month but they told me it was being send to a DCA. I got a letter from them a week ago stating they are going to send an agent to my house as I failed to contact them from their earlier correspondence that I never actually received. I obviously want to pay this debt off but what are my rights if they do send someone? would it be classed as trespassing? I got a template from another website and sent it to them ;
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