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  1. thanx for quick reply DX but I thought it was looked upon as a bad idea to do a cra check? as flags you up to all sorts of dca's, dont want any more junk threat mail from them esp as i have one of the most commonest english names in the world
  2. Hi, today I have recieved a letter from MDB saying they have been instructed by direct legal & collections to contact me about an unpaid debt with Lloyds. I have no knowledge of this and have never had dealings with Lloyds. I moved abroad in july 2006, I am back in the uk now. Should I ignore this letter are they on a phishing trip? as any debts I may or may not of had will be statute barred now or will be by July or should i send a prove it letter??? I really dont want to get on the letter merry-go-round with these people if i can help it. thanks
  3. ok have an update, sent letter to AIC and had letter from capquest stating that as no payments had been made Barclaycard have taken back the debt and they will refund my £1, I have now recieved another letter from AIC stating:- "as your above account remains unpaid allied international credit (uk) Limited (AIC) are currently reviewing your file within our collection departmant to consider if further action is warranted. the immediate options available to you are as follows. * make a one off full and final settlement payment on your account, please call the number below to discuss the discount options. further to your submission of the agreed payment, neither we nor our client will pursue you further in regard to th above account. * submit a down payment 0f £***.** (25% of the balance), then repay the remaining balance at £**.** per month (remaining balance paid over 48 months) * repay the balance at an amount of £**.** per month (remaining balance paid over 36 months) Please note any subsequent late payment or default on any of the above options may result in any aettlement or repayment offer being withdrawn. Alternatively if you are anable to propose any of the above options please call to discuss your account. Failure to contact us immediately on the teçephone number below to discus your account may result in a recommendation to our client that proceedings should be initiated against you. okso any advice on what should be my next action, should I ignore them? send AIC a cca req (they have no chance of getting it its from approx 1979-81) or should i just refer them to my previous letter about it being in dispute with Capquest (tho they have now washed thier hands of it) Thanks
  4. I have been dealing with crapquest re a barclaycard account. I cca'd them on 22 july 2011, they sent the usual account on hold letter, after the required time i sent account in dispute letter, they replied with letter stating it was with "quality control"??? heard no more (no they havent returned my £1). today i recieved a letter from AIC for the same account. Has something changed, I thought they couldnt pass to another dca if it was in dispute. I seem to recall there was a template to send to a dca that takes over an account in dispute but, cant find it. Does anyone have the link for it? thanks
  5. Hi guys after a little bit of advice, so the story, about 18 months to 2 years ago my sister recieved a letter for me at her address, bearing in mind i do not and have never lived there, for link financial saying the usual about an overdraft debt with abbey national, they were gonna this that nd the other, after send them a bogoff he dont live here letter, they started there usual tricks of phoning neighbours nd leaveing telemessages, anyway to cut a long story short they were given my address in scorchio land, i then started to recieve their drivil here which was quite usuefull as it made good kindling in the winter, they eventual sent a Stat demand second class post to my house in the middle of nowhere, i promptly ignored it, then heard nothing for over a year. Yesterday my sisters recieves a nasty letter from BCW addressed to me, i recieve the same letter today saying if i dont pay up the gonna take me court have my posessions seized personally remove nd sell my kidneys etc. Ok i never heard of BCW are they another DCA that link have sold the debt too, If so can they sell the debt if they already sent out an SD? any ideas wot i should do with these aholes, I will first off get a letter sent to them telling them to remove my sis address from thier database or else, any thing else i should know, thanks for your input.
  6. I have been paying capquest online £25pm for barclaycard debt of £2000 since april last year went to make payment today and it was refused, so went to try again and they're payment page says my balance is now £172,649 yes one hundred and seventy two thousand pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! is this just a ploy to get me to ring the B****rds.
  7. OH Boys profile Signature ** Credentials ** 10 Years Finance Fraud Investigator 5 Year High Court Sheriffs 2 Years Tip Staff Royal Courts Currently : HMCS Enforcement Officer
  8. I decided that the poor DCA's are in so much trouble I'd try nd help my latest phone pest. so out of the goodness of my heart I have been through my email junk folder and supplied those lovely people who told me I HAVE WON this -that or the other Lottery, & those nice Nigerian Bankers, with the name address and phone numbers of a certain contact at a certain DCA. I like to LINK people of the same ILK together, I hope they enjoy each others company.
  9. Think he's on a phishing trip trying to con a few dca's out of a bit of wedge:eek: without ever posting any names, Now that would be shame:D
  10. Course they cant, should think at least 90% of there portfolio is un-enforceable. Start writing your CV's threat monkeys you n uncle *** ******* are heading for the dole Queue. Nd I Hope some DCA gets on your Ar*es
  11. Link gone quiet too, Not had an early morning wake up call for a week now, not that they wake me up cos they ringing my mobi in scorchioland and I got all dca numbers in a group with silent ring:) I suppose I could've done a harrasment letter but would rather they waste their money leaving messages on expensive overseas calls that I never listen to, and also while they're wasting their time with me they're leaving some poor other sod alone.
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