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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All I had an American Express debt passed to SRJ and had a payment arrangement in place. A E have now passed that debt to another debt company vilcollections. I am continuing to pay vilcollections but they are saying that no payment arrgt was agreed with them and i must supply an income and expenditure form which is very detailed. They say my payment is a good will payment. What are my obligations? Many Thanks
  2. Hello All. Today I received a letter from a debt collection agency SRJ debt recovery services. based in Weybridge. That states: They have made enquiries for confirmation of your currant place of residence. Information has been received confirming that your address details have changed to this address. Due to Data protection legislation details of the account are not included in this letter. Please call us immediately on 0845******* quoting the above reference for more information. I am in my 60's and have never owed anyone money, if I want something I save up and pay cash for it. I have no outstanding bills of any kind, all utility bills are paid direct debit. I must admit I am extremely upset, and also very angry by this, and don't know what to do? Can someone please advise me. Thank you.
  3. Morning all Came back from Cornwall today on a delayed train to find this nice Christmas Present on my doormat. A Letter from SRJ containing the following: Seems it was sent First Class Post this one... Ignore? No intentions of phoning an 0845 number from an EE Mobile... Hideously expensive!! Although I am tempted to send them this: I'm sorry, immature I know but I was bored waiting for my dinner to cook and needed something to do. Very tempted to send it? What do you think?
  4. Hi all After what I would call two successful wins with two different DCA's I came home from work to find a letter from SRJ. They say that they know I live at this address but due to data protection they cant tell me what they want in this particular letter. However i must phone them immediately. Unfortunately for them, I will not be calling them. I cant think what debt they could be chasing though. Does anyone have any ideas on their clients. There are three that spring to mind Capital One, Virgin Media, HSBC. Any ideas?
  5. Hi all - brief run down: my Father (57) passed away suddenly in February. As he was not married to his relatively new GF and I being the legal next of kin had to close all his bank accounts etc using the death cert. His then GF took over the other utilities & closed his other accounts. This evening I arrived to a letter addressed to my Father at my home address (I live in a different town to where he did). It read: Dear Mr. Xxxxxxx Xxxxx We have made enquiries for confirmation of your current place of residence. Information has been received confirming that your address details have changed to this address. Due to data protection legislation details of the account are not included in this letter. Please call us immediately on 08453137203 quoting the above reference for more information. Yours sincerely, SRJ" This upset me greatly as you can imagine. I have never lived with my Father since being about 2! and never shared or lived in any residence with him since then. I was baffled why they would use my address and address it to him. I decided to call them to give them some flack using a withheld phone number. I would not tell them my name or give them any personal details or identifiable information other than that my Father died in February and that it was extremely distressing. The SRJ worker was inept of any actual personality or understanding and stated insolently "We weren't to know he was dead". After more arrogant remarks and sarcasm he stated that he would need a death certificate posting "as proof" with a letter. My patience wearing thin I told him I was not going to spend my time/effort and money on a stamp etc. They said they would accept a scanned copy in an email and that he would close the account and inform the company of the debt owed of his death. Of course he would not go into details about what was owed etc. No apology, nothing. Having dealt with debt companies in the past for my patients (im a psychy nurse) I know what rotweillers these people can be, but what concerns me is how they obtained my address? Are they just trying it on? Could this be linked to me closing his bank accounts? Perhaps I shouldn't have called them but I was so upset I was raging and am still raw from my fathers unexpected death. I just dont want extra stress/upset. Has only one else been in a similar situation etc? Can anyone advise on what to do? Many thanks
  6. I had SRJ (DCA) contact me the other week about a BT bill which I didn't know existed. I wrote back to them, asked them to put the account on hold and get back to me with all documentation which they have been provided about the outstanding amount. I receive today: All well and good, I still don't know what the debt is so I look at the paperwork I asked for: Item 1) BT Final bill copy, Amount £294.25 Item 2) ANother copy of Item 1 Item 3) another copy of item 1 I've sat here thinking WTF what a bunch of idiots.... Can someone help me with something to write back? All I've got so far is, and I really couldn't help myself:
  7. Hi, I'm a first time poster on CAG, but I've used the advice given on the forums on several occasions. I am being pursued by United Utils for about £500 in allegedly unpaid water charges, dating back to 2007-2009. Initially, I was contacted by post by a DCA called 1st Credit acting on U.Utils behalf. Obviously, I immediately replied in writing asking their client to prove the amount stated by providing me with all billing information related to the alleged amount. I then received a letter from 1st Credit acknowledging that I had raised a query with them and that the billing info would be forthcoming from their client. About 3 months elapsed without any contact from either 1st credit or U.Utils before I began getting phonecalls from another DCA acting on behalf of U.Utils, BCW or Buchanan, Clark and Wells (I must stress that I never deal with these people by telephone as it is an extremely futile exercise - I normally wait until they bother to write to me before responding by letter and making it clear that I will not enter into any negotiations by telephone - written correspondence only.) Anyway, once BCW had written to me using all the usual threatening language, I replied with a 'prove it' letter and explained that I was concerned that U.Utils had passed the debt onto them despite my already having requested full billing info. Again, i received a letter from BCW stating that I had raised a query and that their client would be providing me with the billing details asap. Yet again, another couple of months elapsed with no contact whatsoever from either the DCA or U.Utils. Now I have began to receive phone calls which turn out to be from a DCA called SRJ on a London-based number (obviously I haven't answered the phone to them) and which I assume to be the latest of U.Utils attempts to recoup the debt. As far as I am concerned there are only two possibilities here (the latter being the most likely) - 1) that the DCAs have not bothered to return to U.Utils to request the billing info or 2) that U.Utils cannot, for one reason or another, locate or produce the billing info related to the acount on which they allege the debt is owed (it is relating to a previous address of mine). So, to cut a long story short I would like perspectives on what my next course of action should be. I can, of course, wait until SRJ contact me by post and then send them the same generic 'prove it' letter I have sent to both 1st credit and BCW. However, I would much prefer to put this matter to bed by writing directly to U.Utils and tell them to either put up or shut up, backed up with the threat of legal action/OFT harassment involvement. I wonder if anyone knows which department of U.Utils I would write to and what I should include in the letter (or if there is a standard letter anywhere on CAG that I could send)? Moreover, I am acutely aware that every time U.Utils passes this debt on, my credit score is being affected by DCAs viewing my credit file. - searches should not If U.Utils cannot prove the debt, can I pursue them for damaging my credit score and force them to either put it right or pay damages for the distress they have caused? Can someone tell me where I would stand within the law on this matter also? Many thanks
  8. Hello, New here although I have spent a little time review similar problems, although my circumstances may be different, hence the post. The reason it is different is that I have already contacted SRJ over the phone many times, after each letter to try and explain. I have received over the past couple of years a series of letter from SRJ, including Trace Confirmation, Notice of Litigation etc. The disputed debt story is as follows, and is in the same form I sent to SRJ in a letter: "The debt being chased by British Gas is an incorrect amount. If you look at the dates they are quoting then this will become apparent very quickly. I moved into the property XXX, on the 31st November 2007. Before this date I had asked the letting agency, a XXX, for the meter reference for the gas supply. I was given a reference, and on the date of moving in I rang British Gas and gave my notice of wanting to switch supplier, instead preferring to use a company known as Utility Warehouse, whom I had used at my previous residence. I gave them the reference number that I had obtained from the letting agency, and then set up my contract with Utility Warehouse. Shortly after the 30 days minimum time to switch supplier had finished. I then never received another letter or bill from British Gas during my time as a tenant at the property. I am aware that there should have been one for the 30 days notice period, but one was never presented. However during the tenancy, it became apparent through my billing with Utility Warehouse that the meter reference number was incorrect, as the estimated bills were coming in way above what I had previously been paying at my previous residence, a larger house with more people living in it. It wasn't until after I moved out that I managed to obtain the correct reference (or at least that was what I was told), and gave this to Utility Warehouse. I tried to also give this to British Gas, but was told that because I wasn't a customer, and didn't have any account with them that it wasn't necessary. The main reason for the problem in giving the correct meter reference number in the first place was that first I was given the wrong information, second when I tried to look myself I couldn't find the correct meter for my individual flat outside the property (some were unaccessable, all those that were had no indicators to show which property they belonged to. And thirdly, despite my efforts to try to get the Letting Agency to sort out the problem, they did nothing about it. So in a nutshell, British Gas are trying to charge me £422.46 for a 30 day supply of gas, in a two bedroom flat with two occupants. This is not my debt, and I am unhappy that despite constantly telling Debt Collection Agencies about this, it seems to consistently end up back on my doorstep. I am happy and willing to pay a fair amount for the 30 days use that I do owe for, but have never been presented with a bill for such. And in all fairness I feel that the constant need to explain this story to 3rd party debt collectors, despite British Gas NEVER once trying to contact me direct, and the fact this is now over 2 ½ years old, is something I am very much unhappy about. I suggest that if British Gas still have a problem with this then they contact either the letting agency or the landlord of the property." After sending the above letter, I have again received another standard Letter of Litigation from SRJ, "Seven days to respond".. I called again to try and explain once more, and also to check that my letter had been received. They confirmed that it had been, and that they had simply put my account on hold for 28 days whilst sending on my letter to British Gas. There had been no response from British Gas, so therefore had reactivated my account and sent the letter. I also learned from them that the Debt Account they are holding is now only a couple of months old, so it appears that in the past it has probably been shut down after a certain amount of time, until British Gas have sent it off again to SRJ. So basically I seem to be stuck in limbo. I cannot contact British Gas as they won't talk to me because, "I am not, and never have been, their customer", nor can I do anything about SRJ because even if I respond, all they do is respond back to British Gas, who then ignore them, and so the account becomes active again. Any advice on my next steps. I cannot afford any CCJ (whether correct or not, or any other financial marks against my name, as I work in the Financial Industry, and it would lead to instant dismissal). Thanks in adavance, Adam
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