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Found 4 results

  1. My parents have just finalised an endowment mortgage originally taken out with Abbey, (in around 1976) & were expecting a lump sum - they are now being told that they can only have 25% of the annuity in cash, & the remainder paid on a regular basis. I'm trying to help them get to the truth of it, they're sure they should be able to get this lump sum as per the original mortgage agreement. They have all the relavent paperwork, however during a recent phonecall to Santander, they were told that Aviva is now "dealing with this aspect of the mortgage". They are considering the FOS, however I feel that this should be resolvable between them & the lender, & the ombudsman should be a last-resort. As I'm only familiar with my own mortgage, I'm unsure where they stand, if anybody can offer any advice here - they are adamant they've never signed any "changes to terms/agreement" type letters.
  2. Hi, Hope I am sitting in the right forum for this one. I am like the rest in this forum having fun with said company - not. They are chasing me for an account with AN before they became Santander, that I had oh some 10-13 old years ago, which was closed before I went to Australia in 2000. I never banked again with them unfortunately went the Woolwich then Barclay's, but that's a hold different story. Their letter seems to infer that they have no intention of writing or dismissing this debt. there words are "We have no intention of writing off this debt and therefore you need to make an arrangement to pay" i guess on a payment plan. Is this within the letter of the law, strong arm tactics like this ?, also does this debt not fall into the Status Limitations and can not be recovered by these companies?. I am confused by the law and what it states and how to respond?. if anyone can give me some advise, pointers I would be grateful.
  3. Hi All i need some help! I have an old account from 1987 with funds in the account with Abby which is now Santander. I have recently come across the passbooks and have tried in the bank to claim the money, who advised me to use the website mylostaccount to trace, this had no results so i then wrote a complaint letter enclosing copies of the passbook i have showing the last balance to have funds. I have received a letter back saying they have been unable to trace account and that they are only legally required to hold information on a closed account for a max of 6 years?? And that the passbook is not evidence that the account has not been closed as they dont always mark or ask for the passbook when accounts are closed. Can anyone tell me where i stand, should i take this further? Jody
  4. Hi guys after a little bit of advice, so the story, about 18 months to 2 years ago my sister recieved a letter for me at her address, bearing in mind i do not and have never lived there, for link financial saying the usual about an overdraft debt with abbey national, they were gonna this that nd the other, after send them a bogoff he dont live here letter, they started there usual tricks of phoning neighbours nd leaveing telemessages, anyway to cut a long story short they were given my address in scorchio land, i then started to recieve their drivil here which was quite usuefull as it made good kindling in the winter, they eventual sent a Stat demand second class post to my house in the middle of nowhere, i promptly ignored it, then heard nothing for over a year. Yesterday my sisters recieves a nasty letter from BCW addressed to me, i recieve the same letter today saying if i dont pay up the gonna take me court have my posessions seized personally remove nd sell my kidneys etc. Ok i never heard of BCW are they another DCA that link have sold the debt too, If so can they sell the debt if they already sent out an SD? any ideas wot i should do with these aholes, I will first off get a letter sent to them telling them to remove my sis address from thier database or else, any thing else i should know, thanks for your input.
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