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  1. Hello , no updates just a bump for Bankfodder if theyre around. No response from TSB regarding LBA, there was 2 week requirement for documentation that they've ignored. still no movement on their complaints, 8 weeks past and a further 4 weeks in
  2. so, sent lba, just received a 'we're sorry' note from tsb, saying they will be looking at an extra 4 weeks. this is after theyve failed on the 8 weeks allowed by the ombudsman. im wondering whether to apply to the ombudsman as well, not that theyll do much, just another nail in tsb coffin
  3. New cpr states to request documents up front, I'm trying to follow this as close as possible so they have no room to wriggle. Agreed on hours spent as this is covered in supreme court ruling.
  4. Hi dx, thanks for your advice, it's not a claim for wasted costs as such. It's based on an invoice submitted due to having to take time away from a contract. The personal stuff is removed as this will be part of an ongoing formal complaint. TSB state no customer would be out of pocket, this forms a contract. Unless I'm missing something
  5. ok drafted this, getting ready to fire off soon Letter Before Action xxxxxxxx xxxx 2018 To, Bank xxxxxx Dear Sirs Reference: Invoice xxxxxxx As it has not been possible to resolve this matter amicably, and it is apparent that court action may be necessary, I write in compliance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct. On or aboutxxxxxx, a fraud was facilitated by TSB Bank on the accounts of xxxxxx Mr xxxxxxxxxxx subsequently had to take time away from contracted hours with a client to attend to and attempt to resolve the results from the fraud and also further hours outside contracted hours in telephone calls as detailed below. 1,xxxx 2018. 1.5 hours waiting for TSB to answer telephone to enable entry into bank details. 2, xxxx8, evening waiting time approx 2 hours on fraud line to TSB, only to be told that as the account was a business account and business section was closed, they could not help and to call back the next morning (person from TSB fraud named as hairy bird) 3. xxxxx fraud line still unable to help as a business account. 4. Called Business Fraud line, no answer after 40 minutes approx. 5. xxxxx Branch to report fraud, TSB staff could not get through to the fraud department at all. 4 hours waiting on call. 6. Advised by TSB staff to go to police to report, drove to xxxx Police station only to be told that Action Fraud should be called. 7. Called TSB internal number found on internet and spoke to someone who claimed to have blocked account, however on testing, was still able to get into accounts. 8., xxxxx, returned to xxxx branch including paying for coffee and sandwich. After more hours on phone, finally got through to fraud department. promised a call back at home. No calls received. 9. xxxx, visited branch again in afternoon due to no contact from TSB. 10. xxxxx, received call from Craig Brown TSB complaints dept, requested an invoice via postal service. 11. xxxxx Posted invoice to address given by Mr kilt wearer. 12. xxxxx 2018 attended xxxx branch to attempt contact with fraud department, still unable to get through. At 1300 was told to leave and that Branch manager would action an internal incident report, which was accepted at the time. From you I am claiming full payment of invoice presented and sent to TSB Bank head office. I have calculated this sum onxxxxxxxx standard rates. These are rates that xxxxxx normally charge unless other rates are negotiated in terms of longevity of contract. Listed below are the documents on which I intend to rely in my claim against you: 1. xxxxxx Standard hourly rates. 2. Invoice as sent and received by TSB. 3. Implied contract from TSB Bank stating that ‘No customer will be out of pocket’ In accordance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct I would request that you provide me with copies of the following documents: 1. Copies of all e mail correspondence betweenxxxxxBranch Manager concerning the circumstances surroundingxxxxxfraudulent activity on accounts. 2. Please provide all telephone call transcripts made to your numbers in relation to the business accounts. So as to prove any wasted time and subsequent claim. 3. ANY call details in which a request was made for resetting memorable information and passwords on the accounts. 4. Along with those requests, please provide details of whoever in your company facilitated a ‘one time ‘ password to be sent to the mobile number xxxxx 2018. If this was an automated process , please state what human intervention protocols TSB Bank provided whilst fraudulent activity was going on into 3 separate accounts and also on 3 separate transactions into those accounts within a short period of time. 5. Details of algorithms in place at the time of fraudulent activity which would prevent any such fraud, if any. 6. Please provide full details of how fraudulent payments were made and facilitated by TSB Bank from the accounts. 7. Details of what steps were taken by your staff in order to prevent fraud on the accounts. 8. Please provide details of what steps were taken by TSB Bank staff to make calls and or texts to the above number, also to the alternative contact number provided and e mail address to confirm identity. 9. If your staff made no such attempts, please confirm in writing to this effect. 10. We also require ALL correspondence and call logs information given. I can confirm that I would be agreeable to mediation and would consider any other system of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in order to avoid the need for this matter to be resolved by the courts. I would invite you to put forward any proposals in this regard. In closing, I would draw your attention to paragraphs 15 and 16 of the Practice Direction which gives the courts the power to impose sanctions on the parties if they fail to comply with the direction including failing to respond to this letter before claim. I look forward to hearing from you within the next 30 days. Should I not receive a response to my letter within this time frame then I anticipate that court action will be commenced with no further reference to you. Yours faithfully,
  6. OK, for BF, this is what we originally sent along with our invoice to YTSB head office after they insisted that an e mail copy was not valid. it was sent recorded delivery. 25 May 2018, Reference: telcon concerning complaint Enc, 1 Invoice, 1 client proof of rates, 1 DSAR request form Dear Mr. snooty TSB man in Edinburgh, Further to the telephone call from yourself dated today at XXXX, in which you request our invoicing by recorded delivery. Please find enclosed said invoice, which covers XXXXXXXXXXX Limited valid costing for the company’s lost time on our contracted work, during which we have had to deal with various departments within your bank with very limited success to date. The evidence we have provided along with the invoice is a print out of a contract with one of our clients. The full details have been removed to protect our client due to data regulations, however, it does show the hourly rate charged and agreed at the time, which we discussed in our telephone conversation. There will also be a cost for the recorded delivery you have requested and this will be added to the enclosed invoice, including mileage at our rates of £0.60 per mile. At this time of the current complaint, please note that the invoice is for our business costs only, which we feel are valid considering the frustrated process of trying to deal with your bank and lost time from our current contract. We therefore ask that the terms of the invoice are adhered to, so as to avoid interest accruing. It is understood that TSB have their own process of complaint resolution including resolution via the Banking Ombudsman, this however is for covering inconvenience and for loss of reputation, which as a small company has the potential to impact on the company operations in the future. The complaint would therefore be an entirely seperate issue, which if required, would indeed be taken up with the Banking Ombudsman. Additionally, we have included in the envelope a DSAR request. It is hoped, you could pass this to the relevant department without delay, as we would require the telephone records and recordings concerning any one time passwords sent by your staff to fraudsters, from which this complaint arises. As to the lack of due diligence shown to us by TSB, we have not taken this measure lightly, but feel that as it appears TSB are currently unable to conduct themselves in any timely or professional manner during what is obviously a crisis for your bank, we have no other option but to raise an invoice to protect ourselves from the circumstances TSB have presented us with. Please provide a written response to this request for our records.
  7. Im going along this line of thinking , it will be reasonable to infer that, had the disruption not occurred, staff would have applied their time to activities that would, directly or indirectly, have generated revenue for the claimant. In Aerospace Publishing Wilson LJ said: for me I had to take time away from a contract to ensure no further fraud could take place, TSB facilitated this by delaying or not answering the telephone lines dedicated to fraud in a timely manner, something they have already admitted in commons select committee meeting
  8. hi Fodder thanks for reply, original correspondence was invoice, this had breakdown of all time ive had to spend on trying to get in touch or visit branch. i had no written response, tsb did ring concerning complaint, but that is it. once id calmed down, i then issued a modified invoice that only showed lost time for business, ie, the 2 days to visit branch to try and report the fraud and to recover money. I did this because as there is an ongoing complaint, the time outside the lost hours, ie in evenings trying to call etc. should be handled within the complaint process. So i can keep that seperate from our invoice. in branch i discussed invoice, the staff sort of agreed, but obviously thats hearsay. now for lba, this, I belive was not in the correct format, so I will issue this, quoting the new rules, also, as it is a business sueing, I need to follow those PAP/cpr rules which includes issuing an annex form stating a business is about to sue for a debt. it will be delivered in branch via signed for post and copy sent via e-mail. I want to follow these rules as close as possible. LBA will state no written response etc etc. im drafting this over next day or so. Ill post up timeline next post
  9. Hi, its been a while since Ive been here. Just logging on and telling my story about TSB and a sim swap that emptied our accounts for a while. TSB have changed the way customers have to log in via an APP, whereas before we had a card reader. I never use the app as it doesn't work on Win phone. TSB facilitated a fraud on our account after a sim swap was made. They sent a one time password to someone, who then logged in and emptied the account. Once I tried to log in, I spoke to TSB and noticed this. I then tried contacting their fraud dept, but because it was a business account, they couldn't help ( infuriating). After long waits on the phone ( over 5 hours ) I had to take time out from my contracted hours, to go to the branch, where I waited most of the day for them to contact fraud with no answer. Went the next day and pretty much same thing. Id lost 2 days of work which we cannot recover. I issued an invoice, which TSB have totally ignored, even though good ole Paul pester promised that no customer would be out of pocket. We are now at the stage where, the invoice is overdue (14 days) plus an extra 10 business days to pay up. My next task is LBA, with further 10 to rectify. If anyone wants to chip in feel free, I am so annoyed with them not even writing to us to acknowledge anything, I am hoping to get my day in Court. Just had a look through CPR and the rules are a little different for a business to make a claim, Its 30 days from a LBA. I do like the reply forms that have to fill in, this could be fun. Additionally, they also owe us 70 odd quid because they blocked the accounts and a payment wasn't received, It was taken from a suppliers account and not applied to ours, even though TSB have said its been processed. Second LBA going off next week
  10. if theyve accepted a ff and you have proof, other than confirming to them in writing this, to find out what theyre up to ask specifically why this has come to light again
  11. can you possibly get any evidence of any other families on same holiday/ resort falling ill? might help getting some background in before filing a claim. what letters have you sent to FC in regards to claiming?
  12. sorry to jump in, but even if this all goes south, there is the little issue of PPI and charges to consider. which in all likelyhood would result in a fairly large payout to you. ( hopefully more than these retards are claiming from dad). Looks like the magistrate here is erring on their side unless you can compel otherwise.
  13. following, is the claim form official at all, or is it a generic from them? the reason I ask, is that there are time limits to responding if its from Northampton. If its official ( or looks to be ) can you post up date of filing, so someone can advise the next course of action. (IE, 28 days to file acknowledgement ). then we can look at what to send mmf in regards getting paperwork from them. Do you know last time you made any payment? Have you checked your credit history to see if this is on there?
  14. right, theyve checked credit report, nothing showing on there at all, so def a fisher. on the address side, family live at old address, so think that will be covered in case of backdoor tricks. I always think cca once capquest or any dca put more effort in. I may be wrong, but it invites them to come and play letter ping pong early in the game.
  15. yes, theyve moved address, so suspect it is a fishing exercise
  16. ok thanks for that, my e mail changed too, so let me know if i need to do anything more , thanks again dx
  17. Hi, if it were me, I'd await outcome of cca, no point in wasting your hard earned on Barclays for anything at this stage.
  18. Hi, long time member, (but been away for a while so name changed a bit, hoping admin can sort old ID out soon) . A family member has received a nice green letter from Capquest concerning an old MBNA debt for approx £1400. There is an offer of discount of approx 75%. Now, family member has said that he doesnt recall last payment but must be well over 6 years by now. Ive advised that he should get his credit ref file ( I personally hate these organisations, but thats another battle) to see whats on there, just in case it shows anything up. My instinct is to sit on the letter, the only trouble is, hes living with partner at their parents house. should they do anything more than ive advised at this stage. They were going to sent a statute barred letter out, but we need to know for sure first, otherwise we could shoot ourselves in the foot. considering this nice offer, suggests to me that its a straw clutch and we can expect a couple more letters before we need to do anything further. thanks for any ideas, ( its kind of good to be back )
  19. Oh wow, thats exactly thevsame response i got a few years ago, Sounds like the same company to me. Well, i guess if your friend is paying they wont do a thing, but they have to prove they did the work and they have to prove their costs as there is a maximum 15% normally as profit, our paperwork stated 10 % but the snidey gits charged 15 straight away, so was very misleading. I got trading standards involved, they will investigate on your behalf, the more people who do this it will highlight the issues with this type of company. Good luck
  20. Forget sar , are they threatening court? You can ask that they fully explain all charges, if they refuse then put the account in dispute, if this is a deed of covenant, it will be stated somewhere that they must act reasonably and in the best interests of customers, it may be implied also. So effectively you give them the chance to be unreasonable and they have breached the agreement.
  21. Just noticed mail on sunday has an article on similar issues, so ive just sent the reporter an e mail, maybe you can do the same, worth a punt to get it highlighted, [email protected]
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