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  1. I was paying UK search up until a couple of years ago. ive just gone through the old SAR and there is no letter with a notice of default. Just basically the loan agreements, balance history and copies of my id etc when I applied for the loan
  2. Hi dx it has popped up on my credit file from nowhere, as coast. Reporting a statement as “late payment” in July 19, but states acc start date was 2006. Only on credit karma though, equifax and Experian have no record of it
  3. I’m very sorry if I offended you, I only came on to ask a question about credit reporting, rather than get a character assassination. i can assure you I’m not running debts from all debts, I have made efforts to pay debts I feel are just and fare. I am trying to fight to cowboys and have debts written off/dismissed. Absolutely! Unfortunately I am still paying from mistakes when I was nothing more than a kid when these cowboy firms took advantage. I take full responsibility for my actions, but they also had a big part to play in the mess I got myself int
  4. Hi DX - I know its far from the ideal, but I didn't want to give them my new adresss if I'm honest, to prevent being hounded. Last payment was a couple of years back, I was paying via standing order
  5. Hi guys, hoping somebody can help me out. i had an unsecured loan of £2500 with welcome finance back in 2006. I was obviously in difficulty at the time hence using welcome, and eventually defaulted. I then entered into an Iva which did not go the distance, and I entered into a payment plan with all my creditors. I’ll be totally honest I don’t know how much I paid back given the time that has passed, but I’m confident it surpassed the £2.5k. I’ve ran a credit report today, only to find an entry from coast finance solutions for £3.6k showing as late payment
  6. Would it be immediate if a lender searched?
  7. Hi guys If a default date is 23rd October 2011 for example, would you expect to see gone from your credit file on 23rd October 17 or 24th October 17 ?? Been counting down the days to a clean credit file for a long time haha Cheers
  8. thanks for all the responses guys. We submitted a formal complaint to FC, and received acknowledgement, along with a timeframe of 6 months for it to be investiagted. 8 months on, we've heard nothing more, and despite daily attempts at contact for weeks on on end, there has been no reply to e mails, letters or phone calls. We have made numerous attempts via facebook chat which are all documentated, however they simply advise we need to speak to legal team, who we have been trying to contact in the first place. We advised the rep (verbally) of all our illnesses, but only the 2 kids were "o
  9. can tick all the boxes there, although we disdnt all see the doctor. At 90 euro a pop we just got the little one looked at
  10. Yeah it was inclusive - last time i ever do a holiday like that. Not really thought of compensation to be honest, was just looking to get the cost of the holiday back, as it was complete write off. Would it be likely to be granted?
  11. Hi I'm considering raising a claim against First Choice, as they have not responded to my compensation claim. All 4 of us (2 disabled kids) were ill during a stay in one of their resorts, which essentially wiped out the holiday. Their legal team are uncontactable, and almost 8 months has passed without them responding to us. We raised a complaint with Abta, and they originally did not reply to them either. Abta referred it to their legal team, but FC responded advising they are not prepared to use the Abta mediation service, so Abta they have closed the close. We have never receive
  12. Had a letter from Lowell this morning confirming they have discontinued Thanks for your help guys
  13. Cheers guys - everything gone in now from our side Still not had any witness statement from Lowell, and the hearing is 15 days away Am I right in thinking I can get the claim threw out, if nothing received by tomorrow??
  14. cheers Andy Can I just clarify what I mean by disclosures? I was under the impression it was just witness statement and relevant exhibits?? Cheers
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