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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I have looked at various posts on here to obtain some guidance and have some questions! This is the situation: NatWest ignored my written correspondence, and served a Default Notice in December 2007 for a joint (with my wife) current account. They continued to ignore written correspondence, and issued a CCJ to my wife (without prior advice) in March 2008 and to me in May 2008. Their claim included the "standard" court interest under s.69 at 8% and charges for solicitor The overdraft was around £5200. Their claim was for approx £5200, plus interest and
  2. when you have an overdraft and you come to a point you cant pay it back and wages get paid in i have read you should open a bank account with no overdraft facility. ok how then do i pay back the overdraft it i set up a dmp and the bank adds charges all the time i am worried about this and a bit scared any info would be gratefully recd ta
  3. What are the Laws regarding overdrafts. A Rough out line, I had a bank account that had an agreed over draft and When I lost my job some time ago I went over the agreed limit. I did everything could to keep straight but spiralling bills just kept dragging me down. I suffered with depression and shoved my head in the sand for a while I tried talking to the bank but they did not want to know and kept hitting me with chargers and interest. I have asked for the provided me with a copy of the signed contract regarding the overdraft pursuant to the cons
  4. i had a current account with Lloyds which was closed back in 2007. the balance was over 10k. are there any time limits on Lloyds, or their agents, chasing this debt?
  5. After the big discussion on statute barred I think a single thread for overdrafts is needed due to it's complexity and also the need to get real life dealings with the DCA's because no one seems to know if they accept SB on overdrafts 6 years after no payment. It would help a lot of us on here if people who have tried for statute barred on overdrafts with DCA's can tell us about the outcome and wether it was a simple overdraft recall or the account went into unplanned overdraft.
  6. Please Help Since the credit crunch and its effects on my business (Insurance), over the last couple of years my finances have nose dived to their current problems. I had taken a Nat West "Secured Loan" (£90k) to help the business, which I now can not afford the monthly payments and Nat West have passed to Ascent Legal to commence possession proceedings. We current live in the property with 9yr old son. I have also defaulted on my Nat West "Overdraft" (£10k) which has also been passed to Ascent Legal, who in turn are demanding full payment or "Court Proceedings" Nat West te
  7. not sure how to title thread but I'm a little confused and have quick few questions I need cleared up looked on NatWest website and it's all just trying to get you to get an overdraft.... What I'm wondering is this, I have 2 bank accounts, one of them is a select NatWest account and it's one I pay all my bills out of and I keep it DELIBERATELY empty aside what needs to go out of the account (It's my main card I use all over the place online etc it's a visa debit). I've no idea if this account can go overdrawn or not? so for example say I'm a victim of card fraud on this acco
  8. Hi all, I really need some advice and help. In a weeks time, my Nationwide overdraft will be changed from £4500 to £250. I also have a overdraft of £2500 from Natwest. In total I owe £7000. I still have a week till the overdraft is official changed. What are my options? I would like to be able to agree something with Nationwide. I really dont want to screw up my credit score, in case I want to get a house in the future. Unfortunately I dont have a job but expect to get one within the next 6 weeks. What is the minimum payment and time schedule can I get them to agree to.
  9. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for help with overdrafts. I am being chased for an overdraft that existed on an old account I added my name too.... I did agree I was jointly liable etc... Someone metioned to me that they are different to loans etc, is there any way of defending this or getting them to back off as solicitors are chasing me on behald of LLoyds TSB threatening iminent court action. Any help or advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Vixta.
  10. Im being chased for an overdraft by a company called Iqor the amount is £2,258.24, it was passed over to them from BLS and originated from a lloyds tsb account. The account was a standard current account with no overdraft facility to begin with but i began by requesting £100 overdraft and things have spiraled out of control since then. Not all of the £2,258.24 was borrowed, a good proportion of it is charges, late fees and interest but i am unsure of how much. I haven't paid anything off the account for at least a 12 . It has only just been passed to iqor from BLS and i have alread
  11. I hope this isn't inappropriate but I have been an ardent follower of CAG for years and have on a number of occasions referenced the site to gain information on how to proceed against banks and even again the inland revenue. So far I have won all four of my cases. I am not quite sure if posting links to other sites would constitute spam aunder the sites rules but I am hoping that the members and those who run the CAG site will be behind me on this. I have started a cause online in regards to Unfair Bank Charges: Opt-in to prevent exceeding overdraft limits. Effectively, I am at
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