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    • I don't think that you have told us when you bought the car. However, you have referred to a conversation in which they apparently told you that the MOT had been carried out on 11 November so that suggests to me that you bought it after that date. Although it seems as if you are dealing with quite a dodgy crowd, you may as well go through the paces of asserting your proper rights. Because you have discovered this issue within the first 30 days – you can add to the strength of your position by sending them a letter asserting a right to reject the vehicle under the consumer rights act. If a car manifests a defect within the first 30 days then you are entitled to reject it out of hand with no chance of repair but you must assert your right in writing. Send them a letter immediately – recorded delivery – informing them that you are rejecting the vehicle and telling them on what grounds and say that you are asserting your rights under the consumer rights act. It won't make a whole lot of difference, but later on if you find yourself having to take court action, then it will all help. Please let us know when you have had the AA check. Meanwhile, I suggest that you contact me at our admin email address and let me know the identity of the garage and any other identity clues that you have unearthed. It may enable us to give you additional help
    • Assuming you're correct about the limitation running from the last date of deferral. The last deferral was in 2013 so the statute barring period would end on 31 August 2019, the money claim was made on 3rd June 2019 so is within the limitation period. Therefore the debt is not statute barred.
    • I agree with my site team colleague @slick132 but with variations. These people have been needing you around and cause you serious harm in terms of the amount of effort that you have been put to as well as the damage to your credit file. You have taken all sorts of different stories and also been misled by them as to their statutory obligations in respect of data disclosures. It has taken the issue of court claim to get them to make any move. You have taken control of the situation and it is you who has the whip hand at the moment. They are now proposing to telephone you to discuss the matter in some way – but you have no idea. Also, you have no idea who you are going to be speaking to and whether they have authority to commit Virgin to anything at all. If you agree to this phone call then you are at risk of handing control back to them because they will partly ask you to withdraw the action and they will also offer to make a payment as a "gesture of goodwill". Now that you have attracted their attention and they realise that something needs to be taken seriously, I don't think you should let go of the initiative. Please can you post up the email which you received from them. He was it from and what is that person's role within the company. I think you should write to them and refuse the call and tell them that you are happy to discuss matters that you will want to know what it is they think they have to discuss and who will it be who will be phoning you – and will that person has any authority to make decisions. I think should also emphasise to virgin that they are already in breach of their statutory duty. That if they decide to file a defence that they will have to sign it is a statement of truth subject to a sanction for contempt of court and that as they are clearly in breach of their statutory obligations, it would not be possible for them to sign off such a statement of truth and if they do, then you will bring the whole thing to the attention of the court and invite the court to express their own opinion on the matter. I think it's very important that they tell you in advance what they propose to discuss. I think you should tell them that if they're not prepared to disclose the purpose of their phone call and the points that they intend to cover and if the phone call is not made by somebody at a suitably elevated managerial level, then you are not prepared to discuss the matter. I'm afraid that I'm struck by the naïveté of your statement which I suppose is intended to be assertive.   Haven't we reached a point yet where you understand that you can't trust these people and although you may discuss various things on the telephone, if they then are required to minute the conversation and provide you with the resume of the conversation, you are handing them carte blanche to present the conversation in a way that suits them together with nuances included or removed, and generally slanted in their favour. They might not – but you are certainly opening up the possibilities and if that's what they do, how are you going to counter them and say that they have not correctly recorded what you discussed and agreed? You seem to be doing everything you can to keep on handing the baton back to Virgin. I have no idea why. You should not get involved in any telephone conversation unless you have first read our customer services guide and you are recording the call for your own benefit. If you cannot do this or you are not prepared to do this then don't take the call at all. Please will you post up the email that you have received, let me have your comments on what I've posted here and if you agree we will draft a response. You might like to start. Apparently they are proposing to telephone today and so we need to get a move on. If they happen to telephone before you have received a written reply to your message, then you should simply tell the caller that you are still waiting for their response to the email which you sent a little while earlier and you're not prepared to discuss anything until you have their written reply to that.
    • Well done on getting your refund and thanks for the update. I understand that you are still out of pocket. If you would like to get that money back and we will help you and I think it will be fairly straightforward. The amount of money outstanding is scarcely worth his while causing any trouble. It would be very helpful if you could post up a link to the new advertisement and also do you have any pics of the car and also its registration number please. I think we owe this to possible new owners in case they come to this forum.
    • im being an idiiot, its late, ive corrected those dates and will submit tomorrow unless someone states otherwise
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I am just in the process of starting some volunteer work (done 2 hours so far which did not go so good for certain reasons but i have a new date and time to try again in a couple of weeks) anyway i phoned ESA and asked for a form and i just wanted to find out if the 1 i received is the correct form as it doesn't actually mention volunteering on it just work and permitted work.



on a second note i receive DLA do i need to inform them of this and get a form also?

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What form did you ask for when you phoned ESA?



What is an ESA volunteer?



If you are asking for a form to apply for a benefit that only people who are unable to work can get why do you want a form to enable you to volunteer for work. Surely its one or the other?



I'm sure I saw a form somewhere on which you could definitely score 15 points on one or two descriptors that would ensue you qualified for ESA.

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Im currently on ESA and will be starting some volunteer work in the near future so im looking for the form to inform them of this the 1 they sent me does not mention volunteering its just paid work / permitted work so i was just checking if its the correct 1

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You are currently on ESA. Have you been through the assessment process yet and if so which group have you been placed in? Also, on what grounds did you apply for and/or succeed in qualifying for ESA?


I am not sure if there is such a form as you enquire about. After all would they expect anyone who was assessed as having a limited capability for work to volunteer for work?


There are so-called voluntary work placements or schemes that the DWP can mandate claimants, in particular JSA claimants, to participate in. In the case of claimants in receipt of ESA they can't be mandated onto such schemes.


Outside of those schemes a claimant may volunteer for anything they wish. That would have nothing to do with DWP, it would not be necessary to inform them and therefore I see no reason why they should have forms to facilitate a claimant informing them in such cases.


What you would have to do, however, is to inform DWP immediately if there is a change in your circumstances. I reckon that going from being assessed as incapable for work to volunteering for and taking up work would be a change of circumstances. Not only that but a change of circumstances that could see your ESA benefit withdrawn.

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Hello guys.


I claimed IB, a while back obviously, for MH issues.


My psychiatrist recommended voluntary work for me as part of my rehabilitation. I think I just wrote and told the DWP this was the case and asked if they would agree to my doing a day a week.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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oh right i thought there was a form for some reason, when i phoned and said i was going to be volunteering she asked for my address and said the letter was on its way thats why i assumed i had to fill out a form for it

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