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Found 16 results

  1. I am so angry at my partner. I have just found out he is being investigated for benefit fraud. He received a letter asking him to go for an interview under caution regarding his housing benefit, income support and carers allowance. He was on these benefits before moving in with me. He has ignored the letter and missed the interview. I am intending on getting him to call tomorrow to talk to them and stop burying his head in the sand. He was down as his mother’s carer. He lived with a flat mate and had housing benefit and income support also paid. He start
  2. Hi all, have a friend who has received a letter asking him to attend an interview under caution, letter is ambiguous as it states he may been seen by either fraud department or some one from housing/LA. He has no idea what it could be so I had him ring the person named on the letter and their direct line to inquire for more information but they reused to dilvulge any further information stating they would inform him on the day. He would like me to go with him for support but looking at his letter it states several times that he may take a legal representative so the question is can
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me, after an IUC do you get a letter to say that they are going to prosecute? and can you appeal their decision to prosecute? Many thanks in advance
  4. Need some advice if possible. I am currently on DLA HRM and LRC since 2006, my initial application failed for any MR but awarded LRC so I asked for a review which agreed same so I went to appeal and in between provided further evidence. Please note I had included on my application and in continuation sheet that my condition was variable and reference was made to good and bad days. I went to appeal hearing and it was agreed to adjourn for more information from a medical examination. I had the examination and just a week later suffered a brain injury which almost killed me and required
  5. Please dont judge, i honestly feel so sick, i cant sleep, and i cant eat. I need help asap. I have a partner, who doesnt live with me, due to the fact hes getting help for anger problems, and tbh we cant afford to live together. He stays on his mates sofa 3-4times a week and then at mine the rest. Obv he leaves for work and comes home when hes staying here. He pays £100 to my landlord for the extra hb doesnt cover, which helps alot else i would be in debt. He doesnt pay any other bills,apart from halfs on sky internet, which he uses when he stays. we have two children toget
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong place its my first time posting and im hoping someone can help me. This morning I got a letter saying I have to attend an IUC on 10th Oct with regards to my claim for houseing benifit and council tax benifit being fraudulent. It doesnt say anything else on the letter as to why my claim is meant to be fraudlent. In order to further understand this i contacted the benifits office to see what we are getting. I am married with 5 children aged 11, 7, 5 ,3 ,& 7months. My husband works for the village council for 12 hours per week and I help a frie
  7. Hi all, My story is a rather messy one, I think so anyway..my solicitor and other professional bodies I've spoken to don't seem to think so though but I'm still scared out my wits and have been feeling a lot more ill than usual since all this started, my depression and paranoia have shot through the roof to the point where I'm not leaving the house for days at a time. I'm seriously on the edge....Anyway I'll start at the beginning... I was called in for an IUC around 5 weeks ago now because they received an allegation that I was living with a partner. I know who made the allegation..
  8. Hello, I am 19 years old and a student. Today I received a letter in the mail concerning an IUC dated for August 6th. To explain this benefit fraud; I lived alone from March 1st 2012 - September 10th 2012 and failed to contact the Council. The reason for this was because my father (who set up my flat and also Housing Benefits) told me not to worry about anything and he will sort everything out, it appears he failed to do so. I was receiving £127 a fortnight (to pay my landlady) and was receiving this up until last month AFTER moving out, to my absolute horror. This totals a £2540 ove
  9. Hi all I had an IUC back in March which I'm appealing the decision of. It's all very sketchy. I've no idea if they intend to take me to court or not. I have the bundle of papers sent through and the transcript does not match up with what was said on the day so I need to request a copy of the tape too. My advocate also agrees there are things in there I did not say and things in there that the FIS didn't say. It's full of lies to say the least. Anyway that aside...about a week after my IS was stopped someone from DWP phoned me to confirm my bank details to start paying me CONTS IB. I
  10. Scenario: Mrs AA who is in her late fifties has been claiming CT benefit for the past three years and declaring that only herself and her 24 year old daughter are living there, her income is circa £81 per week and her daughters income was £25p/w at the time. She only claims a widows benefit and as she is generally housebound as uncapable going far distances alone, she does not work or go to the job centre to claim her JSA. Mrs AA has limited english speaking, reading and writing capability due to being brought up in a non english speaking envirnoment and has mainly depended on her children to
  11. Hi, I want to DELETE my other post but do not know how to do it so sorry for posting this again but I wanted to change title and make clearer. I am being investigated for benefit fraud. At this point, i am not sure what claims/ addresses they suspect or if they suspect all but I stupidly attended an interview under caution because the only offence I had knowingly committed was not changing my claim in time, that lead to 3 weeks overpayment, I admitted it and then got invited to interview. When I got to the interview I was interviewed for 2 and a half hours about ALL claims, the past
  12. hi can anybody give me any advice at the end of november my partner got his job back after being made redundant in may, i was still working part time so we claimed h/b and c/t for that period, however i didn't phone h/b to tell them until january 5th as i was told i would be intitled to a 4 week run on as my partner had been unemployed for more than 26 weeks (just). so my benefit stopped immediatly as from phoning them or so i thought i recived a few revised benefit letters each time phone and told them i was no longer entitled to benefit s could the stop it which they did
  13. I had my IUC two months ago and one month after the IUC, I received the overpayment letter/statement and have now started a payment plan. I was told that once the overpayment dept have calculated the overpayment they return the file to the investigator who in turn passes it to the CPT department. They then decide whether to prosecute or not. Do you know how long this all takes. I know for a fact that the file was returned to the investigator nearly one month ago. I have heard nothing since. At the interview I was told that once the investigator gets back the file, they have 28 days to
  14. Hi everyone, im new here and im looking for advice on council tax benefit fraud?! to cut a long story short, my partner and i split up in Feb 2011 so he moved out and i claimed single element of council tax, on a night out we met up n ended up spending night together resulting in us having another baby, we were still separated but in December last year(baby was born Jan 2) we decided to try and give it another go and he gradually started to stay more often to help me with baby and our other children has my daughter has asthma i also suffer with depression and i really needed his help!
  15. Hi all, Today I have received a letter telling me I'm being investigated for benefit fraud and I must attend an interview under caution. I can categorically state I've not been involved in benefit fraud and I'm a mixture of angry and worried. I called them to ask what it was about and all they would say is that they have reason to believe my partner was living with me when I claimed. Here's the situation: I was living with my partner until June 2010. Due to various reasons we separated and he moved out. From this point I claimed benefits as I was looking after our child etc.
  16. I have to attend an interview under caution shortly. It is to do with undeclared income and receiving income support and HB. Can you tell me how long I will have to wait until I know the decision , i.e. if they will prosecute ? I am guessing that they definitely will prosecute but I was just wondering how long the delay was between them interviewing me and then calculating the overpayment/deciding to prosecute. Obviously if I am going to jail a timescale would be useful. Thanks
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