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  1. Hi, thanks, Well they have not told me they will seek prosecution but the investigator disclosed this to my ex-landlord, she told him she will be seeking prosecution, I do not even fully understand what I am accused of yet! I am not sure she knows either. All I have been told is that I will be called for another interview at some point as she is currently digging into my 4 years of bank accounts, all addresses, my police records about the fire (I had to be arrested for it because at the time the owners were abroad and the police could not contact them to confirm who I was and that I had a
  2. Hi, I would like to delete both others really as I made mistakes. Sorry, new here. I called turn2us and they put me in touch with a solicitor. The solicitor referred me to another solicitor within the same firm but different department. I was promised a call within 48 hours, which would have been not last Friday but the Friday before. I have chased them up twice and she has re-sent the referral for the attention of two different solicitors (she done this Friday) so I am still waiting for a response. It is really effecting me not even being able to speak with a solicitor.
  3. Hi, I want to DELETE my other post but do not know how to do it so sorry for posting this again but I wanted to change title and make clearer. I am being investigated for benefit fraud. At this point, i am not sure what claims/ addresses they suspect or if they suspect all but I stupidly attended an interview under caution because the only offence I had knowingly committed was not changing my claim in time, that lead to 3 weeks overpayment, I admitted it and then got invited to interview. When I got to the interview I was interviewed for 2 and a half hours about ALL claims, the past
  4. Sorry, that was supposed to say; If they think I have committed fraud and want to prosecute, will my age at the time of the offecne matter. Would it be less likely to go to court because of the age I was a the time. If I have done something wrong then I am ready to face it, although I can honestly say I did not knowingly defraud the system, if indeed I have. What I am worried about is being prosecuted for being a stupidly careless 16 and 17 year old, that will prevent me from going to university next year and have an effect on the business I am now running. (I am 20 now). I run my business fro
  5. Hi, I have another post that asks more and different questions but I have made this thread because I just want to know, if after the investigation the council believe I have committed fraud and can prosecute if the offences took place when I was 16 and 17. This is for housing benefit.
  6. Hello, Firstly, my main concern here is how the investigation is being dealt with as in my opinion, if I have unknowingly done something wrong, then I have to cross that bridge when I come to it but I have SERIOUS concerns.Although I am worried about all of it and am in need of advice. - I receive a call back in April, my benefit had been suspended in March. I knew why and called them got told to call this benefit fraud woman and I did. Gave her my email as I had no fixed abode and emailed her explaining what had happened which in a nutshell; Was renting a room, landlord turned
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