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  1. Can some one help me please? Im new here and i need some advice> I had to go for IUC and admitted the fraud and i owed £250ish. so im paying it back but now they want my partner in gfor IUC and hes not awilling to go cos as far has hes concerned the matter is dealt with as im paying it back! im worried sick now though as what will happen if he doesnt go. anyone no what will happen?
  2. sorry i was meant to say thanks for reading my post! kindest regards mamto3
  3. Hi everyone, im new here and im looking for advice on council tax benefit fraud?! to cut a long story short, my partner and i split up in Feb 2011 so he moved out and i claimed single element of council tax, on a night out we met up n ended up spending night together resulting in us having another baby, we were still separated but in December last year(baby was born Jan 2) we decided to try and give it another go and he gradually started to stay more often to help me with baby and our other children has my daughter has asthma i also suffer with depression and i really needed his help!
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