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  1. Thanks for your input tomtom. I’m hoping this is the case. And the fact that the money is paid into his mother’s account and always has been as he initially had difficulty in opening a bank account will go in his favour as he clearly wasn’t the one receiving the money so had no reason to question payments still being made as he wasn’t even aware.
  2. Tomtom, yes he most definitely informed housing benefit and income support. He just wrongly assumed income support would let carers allowance know. Yes his earning are above £110 a week. He works in excess of 40 hours at minimum wage. He may of had a letter sent in March/April about the yearly award but this wouldn’t have come to where he lives now as the carers allowance is linked to a previous address.
  3. Her care requirements haven’t changed but he no longer provides this care. He works full time. 40+ hours at minimum wage. I understand this is above the threshold of permitted work.
  4. No, he is not providing care for her anymore.
  5. I am so angry at my partner. I have just found out he is being investigated for benefit fraud. He received a letter asking him to go for an interview under caution regarding his housing benefit, income support and carers allowance. He was on these benefits before moving in with me. He has ignored the letter and missed the interview. I am intending on getting him to call tomorrow to talk to them and stop burying his head in the sand. He was down as his mother’s carer. He lived with a flat mate and had housing benefit and income support also paid. He start
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