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  1. I don't know how to put my contract on here I'm usingy phone I have photo stored on it of my contract
  2. I could send you a copy of my contract but I don't know how to upload it on here
  3. I asked yesterday as to why my hours had been cut she said they will enentually go back buts that's all she can give me for now. I M not happy the moment as I keep getting left messages every morning telling me I need to do jobs which no other staff are doing . I am now working on my own during the lunch period as we serve food as well as doing the daily cleaning task that have been set. I was left a note saying I most complete all the daily tasks of cleaning before I leave work it's be coming impossible
  4. Sorry forgot to say I never actually signed a new contract n August , it was an employees details form . The contract that the last employers gave me was my original contract that I signed in jan 2012. So I have been working under thatching contract until nov 17 tg when new tenants took over I also asked if we had been tupe over and was told yes. We had been.
  5. Hi all sorry for the delay , I now have a copy of my contract. The exact wording in it is : you will work 16 hours per week. The company may require you to vary the pattern of your working hours on a temporary or permanent basis as necessitated by the needs of the buisness Could anyone clarify whether this would included reducing my hours as I have now been cut hours down to 11 while 2 new members of staff are full time and another 2 are working 20 hours each ,
  6. I signed new contract in August as that was when the last owner took over x I found out today that the new owners have dismissed all other members of staff whose contracts were also transferred. I have yet to sign contract with the new owners
  7. Yes I signed my contract in jan 2012 for 16 hours . I was then told to sign new contract in august that was a continuation of employment. I was then told by area manager that contracts of employment had been transferred to new owners of the pub starting from Monday just gone . I am yet to sign a contract with new owners .
  8. I have not had any paperwork from anyone should I have
  9. I wonder if anyone could advise me , I gave been working at a pub for 34 months on a 16 hour contract. In August we had new owners come in and my contract was carried forward . All good Now here's the hard part 10 days ago we were told it was being taken over again and that our contracts are being carried over . So Monday comes and I go to work as normal to find said pub is closed I manage to get in and am told come back Wednesday to find out if I still have a job . I go back Wednesday , yes I still have a job but they will have to change my shifts . I explained that I work the shifts I do as I have 3 children so can only work weekdays My problem is I'm back at work today but the new owner has said I will only be paid for 4 hours as that is all I will have worked this week as the business has been closed , I normally work Monday 11-3 tues- friday 11-2 surely she should pay me 16 hours can only one clarify this for me Thanks x
  10. Ok so contact the enforcement agents with an offer of payment , can I do this by email as i don't really want to phone , can they refuse offer of payment so that they can collect their enforcment fee very sceptical about contacting them as they always seem to push you to say you can pay more
  11. No not y3t as they hsd stated they would psy bailiff charges first and I have already osyed them once to a diffrent company that the council told me to stop paying so I dont see why ishould pay them twice on the same accounts , I have not ignored ut and spoke council on many occasions stating this
  12. Is it worth formal complaint to council about the fact the time had already elapsed beforevletter received and this is the exact reasin as to why I will not deal with them , for me its all about gaining fees I dont know if it makes a diffrence but ive krpt envelope
  13. Wonder if any one can help , I have council tax arrears it has been with bailiff for about a year I have not and will not pay them a penny,! I have had 34 letters from them tyeblast in feb saying they arebin the process of sending it back to council I have kept in contact with the council over this period of time and let them know on numerous noccations that I will not pay their fees so when it comes back I will pay . Now yesterday I received a letter from said bailiff company giving me 7 days to contact them or an enforcemen5 agent will come uder the new rules adding 235 +7.5 % the lettee was dated the 1 april which means my 7 days were up beforethe lletter arrived at my address is it woryh making a complaint to LA asit seems to me they are just trying to add fees again or contact the company to make payment also the fees of 42.50 are still there for each acoount they have qdo yhey have to remove them if they are added the new charges could sny one claify for me also if I have to let them in now under the new legislation aand if not can they break in Any help is greatly welcomed thanks
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