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  1. thank you for your reply, ive been reading up online and heard people saying they sit outside your house and follow you about and things im feeling scared and upset and horrid. Ive also heard that the interview is horrid and i cant afford legal representation and ive been told no my husband is not aloud to be in the interview with me so im scared of going in on my own.
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong place its my first time posting and im hoping someone can help me. This morning I got a letter saying I have to attend an IUC on 10th Oct with regards to my claim for houseing benifit and council tax benifit being fraudulent. It doesnt say anything else on the letter as to why my claim is meant to be fraudlent. In order to further understand this i contacted the benifits office to see what we are getting. I am married with 5 children aged 11, 7, 5 ,3 ,& 7months. My husband works for the village council for 12 hours per week and I help a frie
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