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  1. I just ran to school, ive been all day and left my house keys in my husbands car. Left front door unlocked as we live on a good street, and I would only be 5 mins. Came home, to find bistrow and sutor have entered my house and left a "list of goods removed". I am fuming. I can not afford the amount they want in 5 days. What can I do?! I am feeling so stressed right now.
  2. I have paid a £80 victims fee. I am very greatfaul for having nothing else apart for suspended. But like my solicitor said, sending me to court will mean my husband will need to give up his job, and go on benefits. Not good.
  3. So hello. I got to court at 9.30am, as court opens at 10. Loads and loads of people there. All their solicitors came and spoke to them, but mine didn't. I started to panic, what if they weren't going to turn up? At 11, he turned up. He was the head of the team. I was taken into a room, and went through everything. Poured my heart out. He told me that because the amount of money owed, I will likely have to go to crown court. He said it would possibly be better to go crown as I will get a lesser sentence then I would at magistrates. Plus I was a thousand p
  4. Anyone? I am starting to really get scared. What sort of things should I take court incase I do go inside?
  5. So there's a chance I could be going to prison on Monday. 50/50 chance, I admitted to benefit fraud from 2009-2012. I take full responsibility. But now I am trying to make sure my babies are sorted for if I do go inside. My husband works 6am-6pm 5 days a week. So I'm just wondering if there's any help for childcare costs? My daughter is at school but my son isn't. I'm really worried that he will have to lose his job.
  6. Hello. I have a court date on Monday for benefit fraud. I admit fully i was in the wrong. I did not do it for luxury or anything. Anyway I know there's a chance I could go prison. There's a 50/50chance. I am trying to make sure my babies (age 5&4) are okay and sorted. My husband works 6 days a week. From 6-6 every day. I have no idea how to sort child care ect out. Plus we can't really afford to pay high childcare costs. Daughter is at school, son isn't. What help will there be for my husband or my kids?
  7. Completely different to a dad going inside then a mum. I didn't do it to fund a luxury lifestyle, it was completely to live on!
  8. It is a lot, but not a major amounts. Over 4years it's only 9k a year. My solicitor is very good, I have letters from the doctor, my home start worker, and a close friend to say my mental state now and then.
  9. You don't know anything about me. You don't know what was going on in my life at the time I did do it. I take full responsibility. Completely. Which is why I'm pleading guilty. But I can honestly say I didn't think I'd be caught. Probs like the millions of other people. And yes I have a lot more too lose, but this worry and fear I have over me now, is enough punishment for me to never want to do a single bad thing again. The thought of spending Xmas and possibly my daughters birthday away from my babies, makes me not want to be here anymore. I can not imagine not seeing them. They are the only
  10. Because it's not just me who's being punished, it's my babies. I tried explaining to my son who has autism that I might have to go away soon, but he can ring mummy. Iv never heard him cry so much! Quick question, the court doesn't know I'm married, as I got married in July and haven't heard from them since February. Do I tell them? Because all the letters they've sent me is in my maiden name
  11. So I have my court case on 11november. I am terrified. I do not know how the hell I am going to cope. Been to see solicitor and we're hoping for a suspended sentence. But it's 36k.. It's likely prison. But because I have depression I have been collecting letters from my doctors, health vistor,a nd a close family friend. What else can I do?!! I can not imagine being a day away from my babies, let alone 6+ months. And over Xmas.. And my daughters bday!! I just don't know what to do!! I feel sick and ill.
  12. I got married I'm July. My benefits was stopped in February, so 5 months after the claim stopped.
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