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  1. Hi, It's not about "playing" the employer not is it about "planning Sickness". This is me trying to push though and work as long as I can do before i have to stop. It's not about taking health risks either. I'm aware they can force me to start maternity sooner... from what I read it's if I'm sick with a pregnancy related illness 4 weeks before due date. Thanks
  2. Hi, This is a question that I'm hoping to get an answer on and is probably similar across many businesses. As I have just over 1 year employment in the civil service I can have 1 month full pay sick and then it reverts to SSP. After 2 years Service it's 2 months full pay. How does this work though? Is that 1 month per year? Basically I'm having a torrid pregnancy and had 1 month off in June/July for hyperemisis. I'm now on crutches and the physio and consultant have said they can't see me lasting at work until 04/12/2017 when I plan to start my maternity leave. T
  3. I guess what I'm saying is should my employment with civil service be taken as a whole giving me my maternity entitlement or is it right for me to more or less have to start again?
  4. Hi, I'd like to get advice so I am armed with the best level of knowledge. Civil Service Maternity Allowance. - if employed for 1 year by the date of ordinary maternity leave starts - 6 months full pay. - if employed for 26+ weeks (prior to the 15th week before due date) - 6 weeks at 90% of full salary then SMP Afterwards. - otherwise SMP In line with normal guidelines. Worked for OFSTED since June 2016. On 30/01/2017 I will be working for DWP. It's not been done as an internal transfer though for some strange reason so on the Friday my ofsted employment ends
  5. Hi all, I'd love some advice please. Initially looked at a company called 'a shade greener' who will install the system/maintain for free and I get energy produced by the panels. 25 year contract on the roof space being rented. The cost was I don't benefit from energy generated to the feed in tariff. Mortgage company were happy with the contract by the way. Decided against it as I quite like the idea of all benefit being mine including feed in. I've heard of places which will install for free and you get to keep the feed in benefit too. Some sort of government grant
  6. No work nope.... The Peckham spring, that'd be a nice find.... I'll get digging.... He who dares
  7. There is historic subsidence on the estate though. However there's been no house movement in the last 30 years to be fair
  8. That's a point yeah. I've got a mate who's a builder and he's gonna pop over in the next few days and see what he thinks.... What a nightmare
  9. That's possible. I've just swept all the surface water away but within 5 minutes it's back exactly how it was prior to sweeping it. Not growing scarily fast though.
  10. I've just had the drain manhole up but the pipe runs in a totally different direction. Had the taps on running down the sink and flushed all the toilets and it's running through that really well.
  11. Not metered to be fair. Maybe it's another pipe Only way to tell will be digging the block paved drive up I guess
  12. There's been no loss of pressure to be fair. It's just a water patch forming into what's now surface water rather than a damp/wet patch. It's about 3 metres from the pavement where the main stopcock and about 3 metres from the house/internal stopcock.
  13. I don't think it's a stopcock issue personally. It's in the middle of the drive suggesting that that pipe has burst midway. It's annoying as I know people who have claimed successfully.
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