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  1. thankyou again for your reply xx i wasnt sure of esa so thankyou for clarifying that. I will ensure that my solicitor takes relevant steps to make sure any court case is after any tribunal. Makes you wonder how many people go to court for prosecution, who maybe shouldnt of been there or had mitigating circumstances to take them out of the prosecution line and preferably into the fines/close of case area. Dealing with immigration law and UKBA and housing benefit apparently now i find isnt as easy as i thought! I can not say im guilty because i truly believed i wasnt. I thought i was do
  2. It's prodominately Hb for roughly a year, its a very confusing case as I was claiming as I assumed was correctly and never intended to commit anything I genuinely believed what I was claiming I was entitled to and after checking on various immigration and ukba websites assumed I had taken the right path. There was never any deception on my part, only not being fully aware of the actual facts. In hindsight if I had claimed as they now say I should of the payments may well of been bigger than I actually received.
  3. Can I ask in appeal to consider what I would of been entitled to? And offset it so to speak?
  4. Do you have any idea also on time frame? Waiting for decision is it weeks/months?
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is all very confusing. If they come back with an overpayment and a prosecution which I think will I will appeal, so they won't go ahead with prosecution until tribunal has been heard is that correct? I have a solicitor who attended with me on iuc so I would need to ask them to get case adjourned until tribunal has an outcome? Can I just ask also is the esa what the entitlement would of been? If their decision was to be followed? Thanks very much for your time
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me, after an IUC do you get a letter to say that they are going to prosecute? and can you appeal their decision to prosecute? Many thanks in advance
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