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  1. Well, I have done some research and have seen that in practice and also statistics that the outcome of a prison sentence is only possible with over payments of 20k+ I understand my over payment was borderline and I can possibly be prosecuted because of my error but I will have to wait for an outcome. I also understand to a small degree the intimidation needed sue to this being a very serious situation. But I believe the people who interview me were rather deceptive and most certainly put words in my mouth, I think they are aware that people want the interview to be over as soon as possibl
  2. Okay, I will do! Was your amount more or less then mine? The women interviewing me were very clear that I "could" be prosecuted though.. I feel like I wont but I don't want to have wishful thinking. I'm happy you can relax now!
  3. I was just about to ask, I'm very happy for you!!
  4. I feel a lot better but I still have to await a response! They said my amount was borderline to be prosecuted but my mum said I'd be okay. The worst is over and I'm going to enjoy my life now!! You're going to be fine tomorrow, remember to let me know how it goes! x
  5. Hello! I was going to write last night but I was so tired; I had to travel around 5 hours in total to get this interview over with! However, I went to interview and it was much better than I thought it would be, I assumed they would be banging their fists on the table and what not. But personally it was still upsetting for me, they have to read you your rights and I was humiliated at the least. I apologized so many times! Please listen to everything they say however, they showed me many letters and forms that I didn't receive and tricked me into saying I knew this and that There wer
  6. Thank you so much for this breath of fresh air! I feel there are good people in the world after all!! I totally agree, mistakes are mistake and cannot be changed, only the person that made them. I am hoping the best for your interview, have a good night!
  7. Ditto! I can't help but try to compare my case with others in hopes to calm myself. That's a long sentence but that's also a lot of money, I don't know how the system works. I've read about people who wrongfully claimed 5 figures and were given a warning, and this is going into the 50k mark!! Some cases are very shocking and it's very interesting how the world changes when this happens to yourself, it's changed me for the better.
  8. Oh, I understand haha, my mistake! Yes, thank you very much for that actually. I really hope they see the same, too. You also seem to know your stuff, I'm sure you're very prepared! I'm crossing everything for everyone going through the same as us! It's not a good feeling at all.
  9. Oh, this is interesting. I will scan over this for the next few days, I can assume questions based on this list are what I have to look forward to. Oh and thank you for both responses, I'm feeling much better about the situation. Stay strong and keep smiling!
  10. Hello, This link has been very helpful and stopped me worrying about the "worst case scenario". I've spoken to various people that have been through the same ordeal and they have also told me not to worry myself sick like we all seem to do. I wish you the best of luck for your interview, please update me on the outcome as I will do here. Thank you!
  11. Hello, does anyone have anymore advice for me? Thank you!!
  12. Hello, I received a bill that had the overpayment sum which I stated in the initial post. Although it could be wrong, I was instructed to pay back within 7 days of receiving the letter or at least begin to pay back, which was the action I took. I then got the letter concerning the interview today (July 25th) and the interview will take place on August 6th. Thank you for your advice.
  13. Yes, my claim was legitimate and was receiving the HB to top off my rent and then unfortunately continued once I moved out.
  14. Do you believe my case would be considered enough for court action?
  15. Understood. I have began to pay this overpayment back. I believe that the fine is 30% of the overpaid benefit, do you know if this is true? Thank you for your advice.
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