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  1. thank you Mr .P my bank has my email address as I get my statements that way, the header says, service at paypal.co.uk and never heard of Grettongan Design Shop
  2. It has my full name on it, I do not own a credit card, told them this and now it says pay pal account closed!
  3. have no idea what they are on about, the email is longer then this, what do I do?
  4. got a reply which makes no sense! might have to break it up Thanks for contacting us. We know your question is important, so we've tailored this automated reply for you. We hope you'll find your answer below: A. What is the Security Key and how do I order one? B. How do I see the status of, or the steps to remove my account limitation? C. I’m being asked to confirm my old card/bank details. D. I don’t have my Security key, how do I log in? E. How do I access my PayPal account if I forgot my password? F. How do I know if an email is from PayPal?
  5. I have managed to email pay pal through their page and not through the email
  6. thank you andy, I have not pressed anything! I have not even got a paypal account so no idea how to go about it!
  7. inbox and I do not have a credit card
  8. Hi sorry if in wrong section but I need some help and advice please. I have just had an email from pay pal as below Dear PayPal Customer ID: 5674807893, You sent a payment of £48.89 GBP to Grettongan Design Shop Please take the time to read this message - it contains important information about your order #026-1648382-2919563 is still being investigated. After careful review of your account, we believe it may have been accessed and used by a third-party to attempt to make purchases without your permission. It seems that someone obtained your personal account a
  9. Estate agent, "Shall we have a look inside then ?" erm no we will just stand outside and buy it! doh!
  10. weather is diabolical, election is looming and I could do with a big big windfall of cash
  11. 3 points £100 fine is what he got the summons came today, it says he was caught doing 39 in a 30 . I only know this as he thought I might want to know/care ,fat chance. You can close this now if you want, Sandy
  12. only 9/10 today! time taken : 73 seconds score : 827
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