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Ford dealership repair damaged my car

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My car went into ford for diagnostic tests .they kept the car for a week eventually after numerous phone calls the car was ready to collect the end of the day  and diagnostics complete. on return we notice we couldn't open the bonnet. So the following day took it straight back to ford. The member of staff who saw me had a engineer take a quick look at  he said the bracket is snapped and its a common fault with the kugas . The bonnet was 100% working before it went to ford and our mechanic can also confirm this . The woman said her manager is not here that day and she will get him to call me on Monday on his return .


Monday came no phone call. my partner and I went back into the store where we spoke to another member of staff who once again told us its a common fault and we will be charged to fix this . 

 I asked to speak with the manager to which he gave me his email address 


I then contact the manager who replys hes busy at another store and in lots of meetings and it will either be him self or his deputy be in touch the following day 


The next day (yesterday) I get a call from the deputy who after hearing me crying and plead with him that this fault was not present before it came to the store , and please will he confirm it with the mechanic who worked on the vehicle to which he replied he has and he to confirms there was no issue with the bonnet .  it appeared had great satisfaction in telling me he was the member of staff I had already spoke with previously and he stands by what he says in regards to its a common fault with kugas and if I bring it in for repair I will be charged.


I'm absolutely livid this jas happened 

 They will not take responsibility for damaging my car .  Any advice would be very much appreciated 

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It's a difficult situation. It seems that you have no evidence that the bonnet was fine before it went to the repairer.

Of course it's not relevant that it is a common issue. If the bonnet mechanism is vulnerable and frequently breaks, then it could just as easily have broken when with the repairer so when they say that it is a common fault, that doesn't mean to say that it couldn't have happened with them.

You could of course decide to make a claim against them but I think you would have a lot of difficulty without evidence. It would be very much your word against their's. What is the value of the repair?

How old is the car? And how long have you owned it?

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Hi thanks for replying. They told me they asked their mechanic if there was any problems with it when he worked on it   he said no it was fine. Our mechanic also confirms this 



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The car is a 2009 ford kuga was in there for diagnostic tests .. but they do a health check as standard when you take the vehicle in to them where they check basically every part of the car to try and make more money out of you . 

 I could go scrap yard and get a bracket which is what I'm likely going to end up doing 

 But its the principle it broke while in their care and they won't take responsibility . How annoying these places get away with this sort of thing 

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Posted (edited)

The bonnet is one you use the actual car key to unlock it and it pops open you can't even turn the key in it now . Looking thru the grill with a torch u can see the main bracket has snapped inside and is hanging down 

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Yes I agree with you and I sympathise with your situation it's very unfair that then one can't check the car for every fault in advance of taking it to a repairer and then having to check it all again to make sure nothing was broken.

In terms of possible significant damage caused by a repairer, if you take a car in then it's always a good idea to photograph the outside at least so that if there is any damage to bodywork, you've got evidence. It is normally that kind of damage which occurs a car with a repairer.

I'm afraid I don't see that if you made a claim it would be an easy win and for the value afraid it's probably not worth it. This is not advice I often give on this forum

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I've took photos and today its going into my mechanics . Shame on ford . Disgusting liars ..even their own mechanic said there was nothing wrong with it while they had it ..he would not admit breaking it would he 🙄

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Is there any particular reason why you took your 12 year old Kuga to a Ford dealership when you say you have a mechanic of your own?  What was the problem your usual mechanic could not deal with?

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I was just talking to a colleague this morning on this very issue.


"You just serviced my Car and now (Insert Function) doesn't work, therefore it is your fault, even when it's not.

Bonnet catch not working on a Kuga is not that common, even on a twelve year old vehicle, Focus maybe but not Kuga


VHC, Health Checks were introduced across many manufacturers years ago as a way of adhering to complicated 'Duty of Care' legislation, laws or guidelines whichever phrase you want to use.

They are not, and have never been, a way to make money.


It is easily fixed, the bracket is about £8.00.

Not worth crying over, it is, after all, only a car.


Why are they 'Disgusting Liars'?

The bonnet must have opened when they did the VHC or they would have reported it as an issue. We'll never know for sure but maybe the bracket dropped off the last time the bonnet was closed. Hardly the Dealers fault.


I often listen to recordings of phone calls to Dealers and the abuse so called Customers give the staff, even female members of staff, would make you cringe.



42 years at the pointy end of the motor trade. :eek:

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Hi thankyou all  for the support,  I took my ageing 12 year old kuga to ford as it needed specialist diagnostic tests  after my usual garage and another who we contacted both recommended it went to ford whò was able to offer the correct  specialist diagnosis for the unknown  issue at the time that has been causing problems for the car. 


I never spoke rudely i was actually crying to him  I never raised my voice once . I found the man I spoke with extremely rude and and patronising.



There was absolutely 100% nothing wrong with the bonnet when it went into ford.


Now Its come out of ford and we can't even turn the key. The entire bracket inside is broke and snapped . U can see it dangling thru the grill .


As for health safety checks I disagree with you . Knowing some one who works for another car maim dealers  company he said him self they really over play  it and make the customer feel guilty into having the work some times minor fixed by them there and then and the prices are much higher .This is totally irrelevant as to why  I have posted this i was just noting all what happened amd they look under the bonnet while doing this . . 


 yeah they are disgusting liars I stand by this im angry and I have every right to be  . They are not taking no responsibility who ever last worked under the bonnet of my car caused this they were obviously to rough.


I except im at a loss and they will never owe up to this . But im sure you can understand the frustration I feeling.


It will cost far more the 8 quid to fix the entire bracket  that now needs replacing by a mechanic . 

My point being is it happened while in their care . Its the principle of the matter 



My car maybe 12 years old and viewed as  just a banger to others (and not good enough to take to the main ford garage who specialises in ford vehicles to be looked at) . But to me its my family car that we look after and have spent out on to keep it safe and working believe me we have spent alot on this car Since having it . 





It went into ford for one problem and came out with another . Regardless how much high or low the price is going to cost to fix it . 


It could of came out with a flat tyre, and  they could still turn around and say to me   oh it happens its a common thing with cars tyers get punctured all the time .  it doesn't matter what matters is It happened when in their care 

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if a punter had short term hired or leased a car returned with a broken bonnet catch, i'm sure a dealership wouldn't hesitate to immediately charge the renters card without ever asking...... 

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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13 hours ago, Hammy1962 said:

Absolute rubbish

What is ?? 


Needs a new bracket and locking mechanism .costing over 100 quid . Thats not including labour .. 

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