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  1. Thank you first address / name confirmed for me .. He reads everything we post on this site
  2. Can I ask how your taking him to court with just his a trade name ? Yes I notice hes still trading on ebay.
  3. So sorry to hear this do yo mind confirming his name for me .. I too plan on taking him to the small claims court ...
  4. Use too he unblocked me and called and text quite abit saying he would pay for the parts needed to fix the car on the condition this post was removed ..then it got heated and I was blocked again , we called on other numbers.. he was pretty raged giving the sob story he has wife and children to support and his business will be damaged by this. He also had the cheek to say my 4k car is small change compared to his 20k cars he has for sale ... He is reading everything we post on this site
  5. I think I would get into trouble with this site if I called him what I do in person lol all the best to you too ... im sure he will get whats coming to him very very soon ...
  6. Hey so sorry to hear this .. I filled in a form (v62) at the post office and they taxed my car there and then .. gosh this car dealer is a menace!! Such a crook
  7. I think he delivers him self with his own truck rather then hires one out , most of us had ours delivered on the back of a truck
  8. You think its that same bloke from The mail ?? When he turned up at mine he was masked .. def had a northern accent
  9. This is the daily mirror bloke https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8778829/Downfall-car-dealer-sold-death-traps-Chancer-forged-court-papers-refused-pay-refunds.html
  10. Mine needs a new steering coloum, turbo is going . Clutch is slipping .
  11. Yes but false address on it 

    1. senbell1


      Was the address  Yardley Birmingham ??

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