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  1. I also have just been ripped off by him, I actually drove the car with him in it with me and the car seemed ok, I have had it only 4 weeks and need to pay out for the problems with it
  2. Yes it must be a false address but as he walked away he waved at the person in the house Nextdoor to this address so they obviously no him It maybe other family members that live there not sure but they definitely knew him by waving at him
  3. Hi Can’t believe it I bought a car off James ? Only bought it on March 23rd, I did test drive it with him in the car with me, I had to meet him at an address in Solihull 165 kelynmead rd, it seemed ok, after buying the car he didn’t go to the house we were outside of he walked off in another direction, 4 weeks later which is today engine management light on apparently needs a new fuel pump quite expensive looking at about £600 plus and a new battery £200 plus have to have it programmed not happy, he told me all the paperwork was in the glove compartment
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