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  1. Why would the Parish Council using the Borough's legal advisors be "a bit shady"? A Parish Council isn't going to be able to afford to employ it's own legal officers, so it will have to look for that expertise from outside. The borough/city/council legal officers would be the obvious people to look to for this service as they will be (hopefully) expert in public law and better qualified to advise a publicly elected body that a firm in private practise. There is in all probablity some sort of service level agreement in place providing for this already. Have you any idea what a Ju
  2. I wonder sometimes if a reader gets an unfairly distorted view of couriers on consumer forums because it's always the "hard" cases that get on here and very rarely those where the courier does the right thing from the outset. Well done Krone9 for reporting a satisfactory outcome after a discouraging start.
  3. For future reference, I think I would have simply made the car available to them for collection on the due date. If it was undrivable because the clutch was shot after 32k miles I'd have let them sort it out and if they wanted to claim the repair costs back from me I'd have said "See you in court". [EDIT: Cross-posted with dx - he's right...] Also for future reference, if you had somebody advising you to lease an Evoque without covering service charges - when you could have done - I'd think twice before using them again, and if I did decide to use them again I'd think a third t
  4. If the car was due back to LEX at the beginning of October, and it had been at "a repair centre" since the end of September, why didn't LEX just collect it from the repair centre when it was due? Then the clutch would have been their problem - as you say, a non-faulty clutch should not fail after 32K. Or are you saying that you extended the lease after the clutch went? (Surely not... ) Sorry but without a timeline and some clarity from you it's difficult to follow what has happened. Why wait until mid-November to try to sort out? Too late this time, but my
  5. I think you are definitely over-reacting. You have a paper trail from an authorised dealer explaining what has happened and why. If you haven't got that paper trail, get it now. That says it all really.
  6. You've acknowledged it and not indicated any defence yourself? I'd leave it all to your insurer now, but I'd be inclined to keep in touch with them just to ensure they are dealing with it! (It's in their interests of course to defend it properly, but you just want to make sure...) Forward any further communication straight to your insurer without any delay. And yes - sounds like the result of a claims management company random phone call. (I was involved in a car accident a few years ago and our insurer actually put a claims company on the case. I couldn't get rid o
  7. Good. I remember wondering when you started this thread back in November whether a fixed address might be an issue for you. I think when I looked at your photos back then I thought you may have been parked at the end of a cul-de-sac and the lines were to preserve somewhere for people to turn around. I think if they've cancelled two tickets and you can get the initial one at the discounted rate, it makes good sense to pay. Good luck with the other threads
  8. HP Mum - I'm not sure if I'm confusing you with another poster, but does the council in question have a physical address for you as opposed to just an email one? It's just that for some reason I'm thinking you may have no fixed address(?) - and that might be a problem if you don't pay the first PCN and the council escalates enforcement. Oh - and just to add for future reference - there is virtually no "free" onstreet parking in London, anywhere. If there are no signs at the side of the street you need to ensure there are no double yellows - not just assume there aren'
  9. You do nothing but pass the claim onto your insurance company for them to deal with. That's what you pay your premiums for. Do not attempt to engage in any exchange of correspondence with the motorcyclist's lawyer or you may make your insurance company very unhappy. Don't worry that you thought this had all been setled already - you let your insurer deal with it. (If you actually read the T&Cs of your policy all this will be a condition of your insurance and ought to be spelled out for you).
  10. So you're an owner-occupier? Must admit I was expecting you to say you were a tenant. As I said, this is not my area of expertise, but I'm not sure I understand why the maintenance company would have a charge against your property? The mortgage company, yes - but not the maintenance company. Having said that, I've not bought a new build house on a new development before so maybe it makes sense. But it seems very odd to me that if you are the owner that anybody other than your mortgage company would have a charge on the property, or that you would be tied to using a
  11. Are you an owner or a tenant? I'd expect you only have a legal relationship with the person you bought or rented from (I presume David Wilson). What do your conveyance/lease documents say? I doubt you have much say over who they (DW) appoint or how. (I may be entirely wrong though - not my area of expertise
  12. When given the choice I actually stipulate that I always want to be communicated with by snail mail rather than email or text (I hardly ever check them) but, perversely, I'm very bad at opening my mail. I live in constant dread of missing a NIP or something!
  13. Does the purported guarantee have your signature on it? And presumably you would have noticed signing anything from Jewsons before you left? If you are talking about unpaid invoices from only a couple of months ago, they're very quick off the mark to already be pursuing personal guarantees from a director who left eight years ago.
  14. I wondered about that as well. I thought that there might be something in the T&Cs to say that the FULL amount was payable - not just whatever the trainee had paid to date. But I can't see anything either. The T&Cs don't seem very comprehensive to be honest - I'm surprised they aren't more detailed. I think the consumer/business distinction is quite interesting, but agree it may be a distraction here. Having a varied academic and professional history myself and also having been involved in the commissioning and monitoring of training contracts for non-medical
  15. An unqualified doctor is the consumer of the organisation providing their medical training - likewise unqualified solicitors and accountants. Once that trainee has qualified, they are permitted to practise their profession and to provide their services to unsuspecting consumers of those services. If a trainee fails all their exams and thus is unable to qualify to practise their profession, are we saying that whilst training they are acting in a trade or profession even though as a point of fact they never actually reach the point of doing so? I'm not saying my view is
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