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    • Pandemic will just accelerate the change that was already happening.   High Street Retailers will go bust, as they cannot compete with online warehouse operators. Government will have to reduce the business rates significantly and landlords who own the shop buildings will need to reduce the rents they charge.   Retailers will need to make changes to the layout of their shops to make them more attractive, as a leisure experience. If they are offering just racks or shelfs of goods, consumers may think they are not getting anything extra than if they bought online.   As more people work from home, they will be available for home deliveries, so online retailers will gain the sales. The high streets where these homeworkers  use to work close to will lose sales.   Travel sector including airlines will see many go bust, more so, if there is a second wave of the virus.  Holidays based in peoples home countries or in neighbouring countries will be more popular. Caravans, motorhome sales are going to see massive increases, as people want their own clean spaces. And caravan parks will see more demand as a consequence, but will have to update facilities.   Pretty much every sector of the economy is going to see the biggest changes they have ever gone through and in a very short space of time.
    • This article in the Indy has some interesting views on how Brexit has affected the Uk's response to Covid.   https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/coronavirus-lockdown-government-death-toll-boris-johnson-a9551516.html
    • Small attachment to an iPhone that cost £288.00.   I know anything that relates to Apple can be very expensive, but what was the attachment ?   Did you return the attachment product in its original packaging ?   How often do you buy products from Amazon ?   How often do you return products to Amazon ?   Could Amazon believe you are buying products to simply try out for a period, with no intention of keeping the products ?
    • So I make a post and ask you some questions and you then go in and make a response which deals with something completely different and which ignores the questions which I have asked completely. I don't see how we can move forward on that basis
    • Thank you. First of all, this is not chronology so we don't have any sense of the timeline. It's still rather complicated – but maybe when you produce a chronology it will come more into focus. However, there are a few things that we can start to tease out. You say that you accepted £250 in an offer which was intended to reflect distress. Although you say that you accepted this offer mistakenly, it may well be that you have no further rights on this issue because of course it would have been up to you to understand the situation properly before accepting any kind of financial offer. However, it would be useful to understand the reach of this offer and so please could you post up the offer letter by uploading it in PDF format. You say that "high-volume messaging" is not explicitly covered in the terms and conditions – but there may be references to "fair use policy" and it may be an interpretive problem rather than looking for words which specifically match your situation. So it will be helpful to know what words Vodafone were relying upon and also what was the extent of your high-volume messaging. Did they give you any warnings. You say that they referred to terms and conditions which you did not sign. However, it isn't necessary to sign terms and conditions. We would have to understand more about the context – but generally speaking if there is an agreement which refers to terms and conditions from the outset and you then embark upon the agreement and use the services, then all the signs would be that you've accepted the conditions of use. Signed written terms and conditions are generally speaking only required in contracts for property or copyright or shares. You say that the contract was put in your sole name despite the fact that the company name was on the agreement. We don't have a chronology so we don't see how long this went on for and you don't explain why you didn't raise any objections to this – or maybe you did? You say that you have sent Vodafone and Lowell an SAR but "so far" you are waiting for a response. This suggests that you sent the SAR some time ago – but you haven't told us anything about when this might have happened. You are referring to obligations under the Consumer Rights Act but I'm afraid that these obligations refer to contracts between a trader and a consumer – and you are not trading as a consumer so these probably wouldn't apply to you. Finally, you are worried about expressing a claim in legal language. If you begin a small claim then you certainly don't need any legal language – and in fact that kind of approach simply gets in the way. Also, it seems to me that you are gearing up to bring a court claim – which is fine, in my book – but you haven't identified your cause or causes of action and you don't have a plan. I think we need to slow down and have a more careful and methodical look at the situation. Otherwise you're simply going to find yourself in trouble
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Ambrose Wilson Notified of Potential Fraud and does nothing

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I had an E-Mail from Ambrose Wilson telling me my E-Mail address for the A/C had been changed and if I hadn't changed it, to notify them - I did that on 18th. December 2019 and received an acknowledgement that it would be dealt with within 24 hours - it wasn't dealt with AT ALL.


I had a further E-Mail from them advising me that they were processing my order - I notified them on 18th. December, "that I hadn't placed an order".

I received an acknowledgement that the matter would be dealt with within 24 hours - IT WASN'T DEALT WITH AT ALL!!.


I had another E-Mail from them and from the courier, Hermes, advising about the delivery - I notified them & Hermes that I hadn't placed an order, received an acknowledgement from Ambrose Wilson that it would be dealt with within 24 hours - IT WASN'T DEALT WITH AT ALL.


I had a further E-Mail from Hermes showing that the item THAT I HADN'T ORDERED, HAD BEEN DELIVERED TO AND SIGNED FOR BY SOMEBODY ELSE. I again notified Ambrose Wilson of this fact and again received an acknowledgement that it would be dealt with within 24 hours - IT WASN'T DEALT WITH AT ALL.


I had actually sent 9 E-Mails to Ambrose Wilson advising them of possible FRAUD on my A/C or else pure incompetence by Ambrose Wilson, WHAT DID THEY DO ABOUT IT? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!


I returned home after Xmas to find a Statement from Ambrose Wilson for £332.00, for an item that not only hadn't I ordered, but I'd notified them in no less than 9 E-Mails, I hadn't placed an order!!! THEY HAD DONE NOTHING!!.


I have spent over two and a half hours on the phone to them since coming back from Xmas and have obviously been speaking to a "bunch of idiots".

They've told me they have now removed the item from my A/C, but I am still unable to log-in to check that is true.

I have told them that if impacts my Credit Score,  I WILL SUE THEM!!!!!


They said they would ring me/send me an E-Mail by 14/01/20 - THEY DIDN'T RING ME OR SEND ME THE PROMISED E-MAIL.


I rang them and was told that the person I had spoken to and promised to ring/E.Mail me i.e. Zubair, had written down the WRONG E-MAIL ADDRESS - THE INCOMPETENCE CONTINUES.


The FRAUD DEPT told me that a Manager from Customer Services would contact me to discuss compensation.

The Manager from Customer Services has, morning 17/01/20, told me that "it is with the FRAUD DEPT".



That makes me think that there is an awful lot of fraud going on at AMBROSE WILSON.






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Hi and Welcome to CAG


I have moved your topic to the appropriate forum ..please continue to post here to your thread.



We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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I'm very sorry, but you have posted your story in an extremely large block of text and it's extremely difficult to read for anyone who would otherwise be very keen to help you.

Please would you post your story using proper spacing and punctuation and you will then find that you get lots of enthusiastic support.

Thank you

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look up their company details and contact the directors of the company.

They also have a heavy presence on social media so make short but understandable comments on all of these. You post here will need a lot of editing if it is to be the base for your attacking them in public.

somehting like account hijacked, they were warned but failed to do anything. False orders made and they still failed to react despite being told x times over the last month. Now locked out of my account and have heard nothing from them despite numerous promises from various people in different sectiosn of the company.

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