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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Got a bit of a fiddly situation here so I will try my best to summarise clearly for everyone. I moved into a flat (from Spareroom) on the 1st June 2016 (tenancy expired on 30th November 2016), I found it a month or so before and they wanted a £300 (cash) holding deposit as they don't take card. I was moving out of London a few days after and was in the middle of exams and I knew I needed a place so (stupidly) I paid it in cash and went for it. Thankfully it all seemed legit, got the keys on the first and again had to pay my first months rent and the deposit via bank transfer in their office (Rent £940 + Deposit £940 + Admin £149 - Holding Fee £300 = £1729). I paid it got my keys and moved in. I asked about the deposit scheme etc over the next days where I was told "don't worry it's protected". This is where I started finding it all to get weird. Speaking to the existing flatmates, none of them received any TDS numbers or anything. I kept asking just to get the same response. So 3 months go by, after hearing nothing I knew I wanted to claim. However a friend had a room their flat which was over the road and was perfect for me so I started enquiring about leaving the tenancy early etc, and I got 3 options. Find my replacement and I pay half a month of rent, they find a replacement and I pay a full month or rent, or I just pay the remaining rent and leave. I tried for a month to find my replacement which brought me to September to no avail. I then emailed saying "Is there a possibility I could leave and you could keep my deposit?" which got a reply of "I will keep trying to rent your room, keep paying as normal" so no confirmation that they would take my suggestion of keeping my deposit. Knowing that they haven't protected my deposit I asked them again "I can't find anything about my deposit in the TDS" in which they replied with "The money you paid for the deposit will be used to pay for the final month of the tenancy". Is this even allowed? My contract says: "Security - £940 to be paid on the signing hereof to the agent for the landlord to be dealt Within accordance. This security deposit will be used to pay your last month rent, then 30 days notice is served" (that's the exact wording, notice the bad spelling/grammar). I then followed up with them with the standard "Within accordance of the law, it is your duty to protect my deposit in a TDS" in which they said the manager will call me. I spoke to the manager (who is also the Landlord, I think this is pretty important) on the phone and they pretty much said "Don't worry you can leave the contract and i'll adjust the deposit". I thought screw it, I'll take that and then approach the deposit after I have confirmation I can leave so I asked for the email confirmation and they sent over the following: "As advised please do not pay your rent on 1st October 2016. Please then returning the keys this Saturdays drop me a text, then keys are left at the concierge. You are released from 6 months contract as per conversation with [Landlord Name], no further payments are required." I took this as pretty concrete evidence that I can leave, so I did. Moved into my new place and I'm happy here. Now I want to claim back my 'protected' deposit. I emailed the manager saying what's happening to the deposit and that I'm happy to not pursue this in court if it is returned back in full and I gave them a time frame to do so. He replied with "you broke your tenancy etc and that they will chase up the remaining payments". Unless I accepted a £500 return of deposit. When I spoke to him on the phone before he offered £500 deposit back which I said no to and that I'll be chasing up the full deposit. He has also reassured me that "Danny from accounts has said your deposit is protected" which is incorrect given what his colleague told me before. Basically I just want my deposit back, multiple people have mentioned that I can claim between 1-3x the deposit, I do not mind what I claim as long as I get my initial deposit back. Almost a year after moving in I still haven't seen a sign of it, and I don't think the other tenants have either. Do you think that leaving the tenancy early may hinder my chances as claiming this deposit back? I believe they are separate matters, I believe that he had ill intentions with the deposit by choosing to manage it himself and no protect it, which seems like it has broken all of his responsibilities. But also a separate matter of leaving the tenancy early where I suggested that they could possibly keep the deposit, which not reciprocated, but then got an email after the phone call which clearly stated when I could leave and who gave permission and also that no further payments are required. Sorry for the wall of text, it has been a complicated and stressful process and any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much, Buneet
  2. Without going into too much detail (i'd written a wall of text). I've just been told I no longer have a job (after nearly a year), reason sited as not fitting the role, but told that i've "not specifically done anything wrong". It was a VERY broad ranging and high responsibility engineering role, non-stop work, but whenever I wasn't doing what one of 3 other people thought I should be doing, the back stabbing would start, meaning I could never actually do right. BUT I stayed on top of everything I needed to. This back stabbing has seen off several employees during my time there, people who I believe just needed the right support, who were badly supervised and expected to do jobs outside their level of experience or ability (and then punished for doing it wrong). The level of paranoia and baseless assumptions that has surrounded these people is just crazy, they were painted out to 200x worse than they really were. Every time anything went wrong, it had to be pinned on someone in the worst light possible. One person in particular would spend hours moaning about people to the boss and there is no way he could possibly have ignored it. This resulted in a lot of stress, one day everything is great, things are moving forward, the next day it's gone to sh1t because somebody is upset that you spent all day yesterday doing something they didn't deem important. Like building alignment jigs for product manufacture. At one point (6 months ago) one of these people raised the question as to what value I add to the company, vaguely suggested that my position was a waste of money and suggested I needed to fill in time sheets, but my job was so varied that most of what I did could not be quantified. I felt like since then that more and more unquantifiable additional work was loaded onto my plate and because the company measures performance in a very black and white way i've had a constant worry in the back of my mind. So i've "done nothing wrong", it "just isn't working". No examples of wrong doing could be given, it was just a "feeling". Apparently my technical knowledge was lacking, yet i'd done nothing wrong and yet i'd managed perfectly well. Some people were a bit snobby because I never went to Uni, but that doesn't mean I don't know my stuff and my background was there in black and white on my CV. Although I worked out very quickly that there was no chance of a long term career there (due to what i'd seen), this felt very sudden and I'm struggling to work out whether it's down to people making me look bad or whether they can't justify paying me (I know they struggle financially), or whether it's a combination of all that. I've taken the moral high ground as someone who has never felt the need to put others down to forward my own interests. I'm quite calm about all this, but in a few weeks time I fear it could turn to anger.............
  3. Hi i'm a taxi driver and was on the lookout for a new 8 seater cab with wheelchair access as my current vehicle was ready for the knackers yard and after shopping about decided to use a company call cab direct. I ordered a peugeot eurobus with them on 27/7/2015 on finance and paid £1000 pound deposit. I felt after speaking with salesman on the phone that things were a little rushed by him and he didnt quite explain things but i assumed with them being suppliers to the taxi trade and after looking at the pictures of vehicles on their wesite that they would know what they were doing. When i recieved the paper work for the order it was clear that he hadnt explained a great deal to me on the phone because i dicovered that the cab wouldnt have basics like handles to hold on to whilst getting in and out and a step to help people whilst getting in and out. So at this point i questioned the seating as the cab needed specific seating comply with council regulations. The seating and types of seats were described to me by the salesman on the phone the best way he knew how and it sounde like he was describing what i wanted and what i had seen on their website so it was on with the order and wait for delivery. Fast forward to 17th september and the vehicle was at my door being delivered. I was shocked as the vehicle was nothing like any pictures on their website, wasnt like anything i was expecting or had ever seen in 15 years of taxi driving and was not like i felt they described it to me. My main bones of contention were that there was no partition between the drivers front cab and the passenger section in the back ( a big safety issue for me due to previous experience ) the middle row of three seats (which are removeable ) would have to be totally removed from the vehicle and stored away from the vehicle in order to fit in a wheelchair passenger which isnt practical at all. I refused the vehicle and it was taken back to cab direct and they then told me the would do their own investigation. Thay came back to me and said the type of vehicle i was expecting was the sr or srx model how ever the sold me the sx model. They said they could see the website was mis leading how ever pictures on there are for illustration purpose and this is stated on there website. The pointed me toward the download brochure on their website to tell the difference between models how ever i dont ever recall being told on the phone which model was sold to me and after going through all my paper work i cant find anything stating the model type. That being said after looking at their brochure and if i had known the model type im still not sure i would of being able to distinguish that there was difference between models and there are no pictures in the brochure that resemble the vehicle the supplied. Thire stance is they supplied what they believed they were asked to supply so the fault is with me. I believe that the goods were mis sold to me as they were not adequately described and are not fit for purpose. I asked to cancel under sale of goods act but they were having none of it and told me sale of goods only applied to goods bought for cash and since the vehicle log book is registered to me and the finance company have paid them then this is an issue for me and the finance company to sort out. I rang the finance company and informed them yesterday and im waiting for them to ring me. Where do i stand on this from a legal side of things ? Sorry for long post and any help/advice is greatly appreciated
  4. Hello I moved into a HMO approximately 6 weeks ago. I am a mature student and everybody else is a professional. It's a big place with about 10 people in total. I was speaking to one of my house mates (Josh) who told me that the landlord is crap and never carries out repairs. Josh has lived here for 6 years and he hates the landlord. He told me that he went 3 years without hot water, despite asking for it to be fixed - this was eventually resolved with help from the CAB. He also told me that although the boiler was recently checked, it hadn't been done for 3-4 years prior. Whenever the landlord moans at Josh for leaving his work tools in the house, Josh requests to see the boiler records for the past 3 years and the landlord immediately drops the issue. Is he supposed to have boiler records for three years? I don't understand. The house is a terraced one covering four floors with no natural light in the hallways. I have requested that they put in emergency lighting because I want to see where I'm going should there be an emergency. When I told Josh he laughed because he thinks that the landlord wont do it. How long should I wait before I follow up on this? Upon moving in, my room was dirty so I offered to paint it. I was given paint and brushes and I cracked on with it. I've done about a quarter of the room but because I have exams I have decided to put it on hold. If I moved out without finishing the painting would I be liable for anything? Further to the aforementioned, can anybody tell me what exactly my landlord is responsible for? I want to ensure that he is following protocol. Thanks.
  5. hi, my current employee asked me to be on-call to monitor computers / servers. its something i'm used to with various jobs but i'm in something of a dispute with them now about the definition of on-call. they basically want me to monitor an email box of incidents 24/7 one week in three. The problem is the sheer volume, yesterday there was 30 incidents that needed a response to - the day before over 100. A response could take a few minutes to a few hours depending upon the issue. This isn't on-call its constant service monitoring. they have said they expect me to have my phone wake me anytime of night as many times as needed so solve these problems whilst doing a normal 9-5 per day also. There is no extra pay for this they say its expected and part of salary which isn't great anyhow in fact my pay has shrunk back to what i was earning in 2004 thanks to a few redundancies yay. This company doesn't provide any critical services so its not like i'm on-call for a 999 service or anything. The only thing at risk is the managements wallet. i tried this for a while but when i started having to justify what i was doing after going home i got a bit annoyed, then one evening i was visiting my mother in hospital who had had a fall and the next day got an earfull of agro for missing a problem. they were asking why i didn't bring a laptop to the hospital. since then i have refused to do any on-call at all. there are two other people who do the same job as me and they have had to do my on-call since i refused, i originally tried desperately to get them to stand up to d'management so we could do shifts and reduce the amount of our free time taken but they are too scared of being sacked and will just go along with anything the company owner wants. my contract does not state on-call but just some vague catch all clause that sometimes out of hours work will be required within reason.. it specifically does not mention being on-call at all. to try and be reasonable i offered to work shifts without any extra pay so they would have people to monitor systems but they will not change anything stating the company is too small to support any shift patterns. although they do like to brag how many millions they make a year So now they want me to leave and have been interviewing for my replacement, i don't really care so much as iv'e never had any issues finding a job and have been in work for 24 years, i own my own house with no mortgage and very little debt. i told them then i wont quit but i will be reasonable if they give me time to attend interviews ie i wont hold anything against them. I'm hoping i get another job soon but if it does come down to being sacked would they be within their rights? everything i look at has contradictory advice like on-call isn't covered by normal employment hours regulation. ta
  6. Hi everybody. Has anyone else had problems with flea-spot treatment? Our Teddy, Cavalier King Charles, can't seem to keep them at bay. We've never had trouble with our cats, but we're having problems with him [first dog]. We use the right dose of Frontline once a month and put it onto his skin, but within a week or two he seems to have them back. Last time he went to the poodle parlour, we'd done the treatment really not long before, and she found some. Does anyone have any ideas other than clean the house better please? I try to wash his bedding and hoover where there might be fleas or eggs on a regular basis. My best, HB
  7. Hi all, In August 2010 I took out a new phone contract for my then boyfriend in my name as he wasn't working. (Stupid I know!) We broke up in March/April 2011 and he had just got a new job. So together (when things were still amicable) we decided to change the phone contract into his name, address and debit card details. Orange said this was all fine and very quickly changed it all over. By the next billing date, only the statement for my phone showed on my online account with Orange. Only DD payments were taken for my phone. IT had all been transferred over to his name, address and DD details - that was all fine. However, unknown to me, in November 2011 my ex stopped paying his bills. Racked up a debt of £160.92. I never received any phone calls or letters to my address regarding this. Then in September of this year I had voicemails from Moorcroft Debt Recovery. I have been with them before for debt management but not for a good couple of years. They said I owe money for unpaid Orange contract bills - I explained that my phone had never been cut off in the 5 years I had been with them and all DD came out as usual. They then read out a mobile number that I recognised then my ex's address. I explained what we had done with Orange when we broke up and no correspondance had been sent to my address. Moorcroft were happy with this and raised this query with Orange. Yesterday I received through a letter stating possible litigation. This panicked me. I rang back Moorcroft and they explained that Orange had taken so long getting back to them, the account automatically became unfrozen, so they put it on hold again and said they would go back to Orange. I decided to ring Orange myself. I explained all of the above. According to the Orange advisor, letters have been sent to his address but with my name on them since this time last year and the account is still in my name (despite being told in March/April 2011) that it wasn't so I was liable to pay. I explained that when we transferred the account to his name, address and DD details I thought it wasn't anything to do with me anymore as the bills for that phone aren't on my statements etc. He couldn't answer me but he did say my ex was sly about ignoring the letters in my name that have gone to his address - he must have known he wouldn't get chased for payments. He advised me to go to Citizens Advice Bureau etc. But what else can I do? I do not want to go to court over a debt that isn't my fault. I do not qualify for legal aid. Thank you in advance for your help!
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