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  1. Sorry for leaving such large time gaps between my posts, as I was waiting for a response and did not want to be too pushy. Reiterating on my last post, do you have any pointers that you wouldn't mind letting me know of so I can attempt to pursue this in a court? It will be stressful for me to do it later on as I will be back at university and would love to get this submitted to a small claims court as soon as I possibly can. Thanks so much
  2. Thanks for the response Steve__M. At that point I moved out at the end of September (the 6 month contract was supposed to finish at the end of November), and I had paid rent for the period that I had stayed for (at this point they had the 1 extra month of rent which was my deposit money). I have written numerous emails to them saying I will pursue in small claims which was greeted with a response of "your deposit is protected, will resolve this in court, send me your address or will get you tracked down", and we know that it was not protected at all. I'm not exactly sure how to pursu
  3. It has been a while, I still haven't take action as I do not fully understand the legality of using a 'security' sum of money for an (unspecified) last month of rent. Should I still pursue? Thanks
  4. No worries stu. I will take a look into the HMO side of things as well as checking if it's registered with the local council, thanks for that suggestion. Do you (or anyone else) have any ideas about the whole 'rent for your final month' thing? It seems like a grey area online and I'm unable to find any concrete law on it. Many people are saying that it is okay only when rent in advance is only used for a specific period.
  5. It's a 3 bed flat in a modern new tower block in London Docklands. Not sure if it is a HMO (does it need to be with a 3 bed?). My room was an ensuite, the sitting area was originally joined with the kitchen but the LL converted it to a bedroom so he put up a stud wall.
  6. LL owns multiple flats. This is his business, buys flats and rents rooms. He was not living in the property so I believe the AST stands. From the Op I occupied from June 2016 until start of Oct 2016, contract says it ends on the 30th November. Even with a fully written out permission email from them to say that I can leave and no further payments are required, can they still persue the rest of the rent?
  7. Thanks for clarifying everyone. Just steering the thread back to the original questions... What do people think of that taking money in advance for the last month of rent part?
  8. Are you 100% sure on this...? With all due respect,everything I've seen online has said an AST can be on a room too. https://m.spareroom.co.uk/content/info-flatsharing/rights-for-renters-for-tenants-and-lodgers
  9. Sorry for the slow reply, I have been away for a couple of days. The LL is also the manager of this 'company' based in London Docklands. They are a limited company which you can find that he has multiple companies under similar names which vary frequently.
  10. Thanks for the response, apologies for the slow reply I have been away for a couple of days. The contract is titled as an AST. It looks like one of those generated online. The landlords 'company' specialises in renting these rooms out, why would this not be an AST in this case?
  11. Sure, this is the only clause in the deposit regarding a security deposit: "Security - £940 to be paid on the signing hereof to the agent for the landlord to be dealt Within accordance. This security deposit will be used to pay your last month rent, then 30 days notice is served"
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