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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, My brother has bought a used fold away wheelchair made by Careco, from a lady who bought it in Feb this year for her mother but she has since been put in a nursing home and could not use the chair anyway as she could not control it. My brother has emailed the company to enquire about transfer of the 12 month warranty and has been told that this is not transferable so he is not covered unless he bought it new from them. There was an additional insurance purchased by the buyer for 2 years at the cost of £209. He has enquired about transfer of this but been told to contact the insurance company direct. I didnt think they were allowed to do this as its a statutory warranty ? The email is below ..... From: K Date: 30 October 2016 at 10:26:16 GMT To: T Subject: RE: CareCoContact Enquiry Dear Sirs, Thank you for your email, Unfortunately the warranty is with the person it is sold too on the item itself. When it is sold on or someone else receives the goods it voids the warranty. We are not able to transfer this from person to person. If you have any further questions in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us We look forward to hearing from you Kind regards K Mobility Advisor From: T Sent: 30 October 2016 09:52 To: K Subject: Re: CareCoContact Enquiry Hi K I can understand the insurance side of it but as for the warranty surly it's on the item that was sold and not the person it was sold to ? Kind regards T Sent from my iPhone On 30 Oct 2016, at 09:27, K Dear Sirs, Thank you for your email, Unfortunately the warranty is not transferable from person to person. We are unable to do this on the foldawheel Powerchair. In regards to the insurance details you would need to contact the insurance company ***** ****** direct to see if you can swap the insurance over to your details. If you have any further questions in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us We look forward to hearing from you Kind regards K Mobility Advisor From: Sent: 29 October 2016 21:34 To: [email protected] Subject: CareCoContact Enquiry Title: Mr Name: t Email: Telephone Number: foldawheel warranty transfer Message: hi i have just purchased a foldable electric chair from a ************* customer number is ****** please could you change the remainder of the free 12 month warranty over to myself mr t ***** ******* ******* there was also a 2 year extended insurance taken out policy number p******* i would be very grateful if this could be transfered over to myself any problems please let me know i can be contacted on *********or by email kind regards mr t
  2. Hi this is a bit complicated by here goes I took out a loan in 2006 with Creation finance one of those buy now pay later deals. Due to financial difficulties I was unable to continue with the repayments from August 2008, and I had assumed that the account had gone into default. In the middle of 2009 I contacted Creation finance and offered them a partial settlement and after some wrangling they agreed that they would accept what amounted to two thirds of the debt and not chase me for any more. I cant remember if they accepted my terms as full and final or partial settlement, but it was probabally the latter. I paid of other creditors in the same way, and never really looked for credit again. Then in 2013 I started getting letters from Cabot demanding payment of the outstanding balance, and of course I lost the correspondence between myself and creation re the partial settlement of the debt. I ignored all letters from Cabot and then went and checked my credit file. With regards to this loan, my payment status on my credit file was 6 from feb 2009 until August 09 (which means that I prob hadnt paid anything since at least Aug 2008) then in sept 2009 it shows a 1 status, this is where I had paid of 2/3 or the debt, then the non payments reset and ive been at a 6 status since February 2010 Creation Finance only issued a default against me in January 2013, when it should have been done around feb 09 six (ie 6 months of no payments) or because i reset the debt clock by making a partial settlement in sep 2009 a default should have been issued in march 2010? I did a SAR but of course there is absolutely no information from them regarding this Loan after 2009, no record of our correspondence re the partial settlement. I had a couple of other loans with them previous to this and the Payment protection insurance on three of them amounts to more than Is outstanding on this debt In reality what I really want is this default removed from my credit file, so what can i do, Cabot finace have resorted to phoning my neighbours to find out if I'm still living at my current address which I think is very poor form and very embarrasing for me
  3. a year ago we had got one of the new free range cookers from brighthouse but recently the pan storage door kept popping off and we got fed up called the engineer out who came on Saturday i thought would been an easy fix to replace the rivets but was shocked to find out the engineer saying it can not be fixed so they gave us 2 options which in reality enraged me when he left we spoke to the manager of the local store they want to write the cooker off scrap it and they will claim their money back via the insurance they were ever so nice though and offered to collect it asap lol but the situation i am in with having children thats not a viable option meant we would be without a cooker unless we took out a whole brand new contract starting from scratch which meant we would lose the years payments we made well over 800 quid 2nd option was to live with it and not worry about the door keep falling off lol and they would generously deduct 10 weeks off the overall contract ( big wow ) but what had me confused as we all insured via the dlc and osc on their osc doc it claims they aim to repair or replace an item quickly
  4. I bought a brand new vivaro sportive top of the range for 20k 18 months ago. I had first service done at 25k as per website. last week my van stopped so the RAC took it to my vauxhall main dealer. For 4 days I have been ringing to get an update but could either never get through...just answer machine. or we will call you back which they didnt. Well today I finally spoke to someone who said the cam chain has snapped and this has ruined engine. A new engine is required at...10k. They then said the warranty wont cover but unsure why. I have been ringing vauxhall customer care for the last 2 hours but cant get anyone. it just rings out after 30mins of robot talk. The only thing it can possibly be is in the manual it gives 2 engine numbers....1 to be serviced 20k the other 25k or every year. ive no idea which i have but bet its the 20k one. Even on the vivaro website its just sais 25k/1year, which is given as a selling point. when I had it serviced by a different main dealer at 25k, they never mentioned if i was late. van is now on 43k. I am really worried about this as 10k will put me under. Any ideas?
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