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  1. I have had a further look through my SAR and found a copy of a letter creation finance sent me in June 2008 its a default notice giving me until the start of July 2008 to bring account out of arrears. I didnt make a payment to them I don't have any ppi on this account but on 3 others loans I had with them I was sold single premium insurance totalling almost £1000 including the interest they charged me for the insurance, on one of the three accounts I have £180 in charges made up from £30 charges from direct debit return fees, There is also £190 in charges from the default account.
  2. I have been hoking out old paperwork in regards to Creation finance, and i found a letter from Clarity dated August 2008 titled notice of instruction, stating that creation finance has served me with a default notice. the exact wording is Creation Finance has served you with a default notice under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. This notice confirmed you are in breach of your agreement it goes on to say Failure to agree and maintain a payment plan may lead to creation finance registering a default against you with one or more credit reference agencies. Neither of t
  3. Hi this is a bit complicated by here goes I took out a loan in 2006 with Creation finance one of those buy now pay later deals. Due to financial difficulties I was unable to continue with the repayments from August 2008, and I had assumed that the account had gone into default. In the middle of 2009 I contacted Creation finance and offered them a partial settlement and after some wrangling they agreed that they would accept what amounted to two thirds of the debt and not chase me for any more. I cant remember if they accepted my terms as full and final or partial settlement, but it was p
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