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Found 10 results

  1. Hi New here so excuse me if I don't quite post fully. Many years ago my mum had a loan from Barclay that became a CCJ. She never paid and it sat dormant until 2007/8 when she tried to get credit and it reared it's head. The debt has been sold on and a originally an agreement to pay 25 and then 50 a month was set up..since then the debt has been sold on a number of times. The final DCA was GPB and an agreement of £50 was carried forward. In October my mum became ill and this debt was on her mind, she considered trying to get a single pay off. When I looked into this I found that the solicitors had been suspended and no payments had been taken for a couple of months. Due to the fact my mum was terminally ill and we had other things to think about we decided to wait to see what happened...nothing has but on 7th July my mum died. My husband and I are executors and responsible for her estate. Her estate obviously includes this debt. Although we are just applying for probate we are aware we couldn't "distribute" to my father without making provision for this debt. I think it is approimately £5k but I have not been involved for a little while and and have no paperwork from gpb and no idea how to find the exact amount or if it is even payable. The debt was my mother's and not joint. Her isa would cover it if necessary but not a funeral as well.
  2. Help! I received a letter from these people today. The letter was headed INTENTION TO ISSUE PROCEEDINGS. Giving me 10 days to pay the balance or they will CONsIDER THE ISSUE OF PROCEEDINGS. It is for an o2 debt from tthis year so no escaping that I can not afford to pay anything meaningfull to them. I also noted that the letter was dated 02/09/2013 I only received it today do they do this to catch you out. They dont accept emails and seem very insistant that I contact them by phone and I will never do that. What is the best way to deal with this.
  3. Had a letter from GPB Solicitors regarding an Orange Mobile Phone Account. Now to be fair, I did have an Orange Account which I had closed down some time ago. Started receiving letters from BCW regarding a tracing of the account, then they settled on being the person they were looking for. Started receiving letters from them regarding payment. All sent second class and some arrived after the date they wanted payment. Idiots! Interestingly the letters they sent over the course of a couple of months all had various different balances from £180 - £90 to now owing £265.00 to GPB Solicitors Lots of may's / could etc in the letters including the following line "However, failure to respond could leave us with no alternative other than to take legal action against you." Ignore? Will be making a complaint to Orange to find out what has happened and why. I suspect they've not cancelled the contract correctly. Ironically I have a contract with EE which is being serviced correctly so I'd love to know what they think they're playing at Do I need to inform GPB also or should I replenish my supply of toilet paper Thanks Caggers
  4. (I'm assuming that the good people of Roxburghe are watching this thread, BTW!) Hello, I have just this week recieved a letter from these characters regarding parking issues that happened in 2012. I'm not going to give too many details as I would rather my case was not able to be identified because of the possibility of you-know-who watching! They are offering me a chance to pay, in the absence of which they will consider legal action against me. Apparently their solicitors have also written to me but this letter is the first I've heard of any problems. Usually I would ignore these people, but given the threads regarding court cases I thought I should get ahead of the game. They request that I phone them to find out how much I need to pay to avoid legal action. They suggest that I do not ignore the letter as it is in my best interests to pay. What do you recommend as a good next step? N.B. I'm happy to defend this should court papers be issued, as the place the so-called infrngement tool place was free parking anyway and blah blah blah. Thanks!
  5. have an ongoing battle with lloyds tsb via robinson way , lloyds have admitted that there is no cca for the credit card account but today robinson way letter arives saying our client has advised us due to the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you opened this account you remain fully liable for the amount outstanding , we now require your proposal for repayments . any help here please
  6. I've just got home from work to a letter pushed through the door from GPB solicitors regarding a debt that i have had with Toothfairy finance. The client name on the letter is Northern Debt Recovery Ltd and Toothfairy is listed as the creditor. Basically, GPB are saying that they have been instructed to recover the sum of £919.00 from me. The letter is dated 04 April 2013. They have said in the letter failure for me to pay up "could leave us with no alternative other than to take legal action against you" I have had a loan with toothfairy in the past, but it was in the summer (july) of 2011. I have checked through all of my contracts that they emailed me and my reference numbers on those matches the client reference on the letter that i have received. The contract says that i borrowed £400. Slightly confused by this letter as in my mind i had paid this off a long time ago. I have logged into my internet banking and checked my statements. Toothfairy deposited £400 into my account on 14/07/11 They then took out of my account £72 on 02/08/2011 Then a further £315 on 31/08/2011 And then nothing after that. This means that i owe them the grand total of £13 Just wondering if anyone has any advise on what i should do about this letter?.. clearly there is no way they are getting £919 from me when i owe them £13 from a debt almost 2 years ago. GPB's website is gpblitigation.co.uk
  7. This is a long one so bear with me: I sold a set of alloy wheels for £525 on eBay and the guy paid by PayPal I paid Thompson Freight services to send them who sub contracted the work to Port Of Tyne Pallex The goods were apparently taken to the address however the buyer wasn't in so the driver signed for the item and allegedly left them outside the house. Surprise surprise the wheels went missing The guy files a claim in PayPal and they decide against me because they can't track the parcel online PayPal refund him £525 however I've sealed my bank account so no access can be gained to it PayPal are now chasing me for £525 plus court fees through GPB The couriers have admitted liability and i have written evidence of this but under terms of carriage claim I'm due £1000 per tonne which is £104 in my case. However I believe those terms are breached due to me paying for a service whereby a parcel is taken from me and delivered/signed for by the customer which didn't happen. My question is how do I approach this? Paul
  8. Hi all, So I'm like many of you, I'm being hounded by letters from iQor and at the moment GPB Solicitors saying that I need to pay up for a debt from my Paypal Premium account that was closed before all of this arose. The debt is for around £2500, which is has been swindled from me - I'm not too sure what has happened because my account was closed before I could find out what Paypal/eBay had against my auction. At the moment I'm just ignoring their letters, should I carry on this way in the hope that they finally give up? Or should I actively be doing something about this because they do actually have some power against me? Many Thanks
  9. Hi, haven't been here in a while but wondered if someone could help me please. Credit Card pre 2006, arranged a pro rota agreement in 2006, and paid minimum amount, went to a debt collector, and arranged 20.00 per month. Last payment made was in 2011, and decided to request CCA with the DCA at the time. I rec'd a letter stating that payments had been made towards the debt however Lloyds have advised that they cannot provide a CCA as the debt is too old, and although unenforceable it is still owing. They went on to say that Lloyds have offered a settlement figure previously for half of the original debt, and this still stands. I took that as Lloyds did not fulfill there obligations under the CCA act and thought to thyself that if they were to take me to court then they'd be stupid just because of the admission. Have had a few DCA letters still attempting to chase the debt but I know of them so have ignored. However, Rec'd letter from iQor, .. . I ignored... but have now had letter from gpb working on behalf of iQor stating that they want payment within 10 days otherwise a county court claim may be issued without further warning. Now normally I'd egnore it, but I just needed someone advice as to wether the letter I had from the original DCA would be a defence in court if it did indeed go that far? Should I send a whole new CCA request? Or should I send a letter, including a copy of the letter from the original DCA I just don't want to shoot myself in the foot by assuming, so any advice would be much appreciated as they are demanding payment within ten days and gpb seem to be a legit solicitors. Thanks so much to anyone that can help. Red
  10. Hi, I have received this letter after ignoring letters from BLS, iQor and moorcroft following advice from this forum, it goes quiet for a while and thuis has been going on for a couple of years or so now. This is the first letter that actually says legal action pending and has also mentioned court fees and solicitors fees. I have written to BLS on several occasions as suggested on this fantastic forum and I am still waiting for a reply about PPI which I was paying. My question is should I be worried by this threatening letter and what if any action should I take? Thank you in anticipation DOCUMENT REMOVED AS IT HAS PERSONAL INFORMATION SHOWING
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