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  1. Thats awesome! thank you so much. We were never, not want to payers, we genuinely couldn't payers, and was going to work real hard to pay it off. Now they can have it as the judge ordered! end of. I will be complaining to whomever I can. The misery they've put us through and so many others! its shocking!
  2. Many thanks for that. Do you know at all, if this is a simple process? have you ever come across this before?
  3. There is still an amount outstanding which we are paying monthly, but the 'CCJ" comes off your record after 6 years I thought. We had notification of an APPLICATION with the land registry for an interim charging order a month before we went to court. As above, a month later, we then got notification from the solicitors to say that they had put in an APPLICATION for an Interim Charging Order and a date to go to court for it to be made FINAL. However, we showed the judge they had no grounds for the charging order as we HAD NOT MISSED A PAYMENT under the original judgement. THATS
  4. Thank you for that. I feel like i'm getting into deep waters now! I will research where and whom I need to write to. Any further advise would be awesome. Can't imagine this happens to much does it? Thanks again
  5. Hi all, I've posted on this before, but we have had a turn of events, and I'm hoping someone with legal knowledge could help me. In short: A company took us to court for a CJJ. we appealed and the judge was happy for us to pay a minimal amount every month, Judgement sorted - happy days. then, 6 months later, the company alleged we missed a payment and we got notification of a Charging Order from solicitors. I appealed again and went to court. We showed the judge that we HAD NOT missed a payment, the judge gave the solicitor a verbal slapping! and dismissed the Charging
  6. I certainly will check this evening. If anyone else also has any further advise, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much Red
  7. Good Morning I wondered if some could help me please. Firstly, we are looking to move house and therefore need to sell and apply for another mortgage, this is why I am forced to sort the problem I have with A&L and Santander. Originally we had a CCJ with A&L in 2007 and agreed payment of £small amount a month, at the time we had both lost our jobs and that was all we could realistically afford. The solicitor ask for costs and interest to be added and I specifically remember the judge saying no. When we got the court payment work through, the paperwork did not
  8. Love it ;0) Thank you ;0) Have ignored, and have heard nothing thus far, will continue to keep you updated ;0) Red
  9. :-)Thanks for this Will send CCA request tomorrow. Red
  10. Hi, I wondered if someone could give me some advice. I recieved a letter from Global Debt Recovery and saying the client is Experto Cliente. and want an aweful lot of money! Never heard of Experto Cliente, let alone owe them any money! If it is a company that has bought a previous debt off of someone else, they have put no details or who they are or anything. Basically I wondered if Global debt are just jokers or should I address them? Any advice would be much appreciated. Red
  11. Thanks very much. Will get on with this tomorrow. Off to bed now, but will keep updated incase it can help anyone else. Night night Red x
  12. Ok, bless you thanks for this. Theres about 1000.00 in charges and PPI, and yes I did SAR them and were only able to provide statements for the last two years, not the whole time which is about 12 years! Didn't realise that Lloyds would use their own sol's. This has given me peace. Thanks very much indeed. Red x
  13. To whom it may concern I am in receipt of your letter dated xxxxxxx received xxxxx. I must admit I am rather bemused at your threat for court actions in regards to the above debt, of which I DO NOT acknowledge. Lloyds TSB are already in breach of providing a true copy of the original CCA agreement , and a copy of such admission is enclose for your per-usual. I am sure that as a solicitor I do not need to remind you of the obligations a creditor is obliged to abide by under the CCA 1978 and the SI's contained within. In short, let me reiterate, Lloyds TSB have not been
  14. Ok thanks, I did think that too. What do I do though if they turn around and say that you made payments to the debt so therefore you have accepted liabilty? I have'nt at all, just didn't know my right at the time of making the original arrangement. How does this sound for the letter: Dear Mr Doe, I do not acknowledge any debt to any company. A CCA request was made in 2011 to Blah Blah DCA, please find enclosed their response. In light of this, you will see that Lloyds TSB have acknowledged that they have not been able to fulfill their obligations in accordance with t
  15. Hi, haven't been here in a while but wondered if someone could help me please. Credit Card pre 2006, arranged a pro rota agreement in 2006, and paid minimum amount, went to a debt collector, and arranged 20.00 per month. Last payment made was in 2011, and decided to request CCA with the DCA at the time. I rec'd a letter stating that payments had been made towards the debt however Lloyds have advised that they cannot provide a CCA as the debt is too old, and although unenforceable it is still owing. They went on to say that Lloyds have offered a settlement f
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