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  1. Ok many thanks I'll phone DMP company tomorrow and see what they say. Thank you
  2. I sent PPI form off to Lloyd's first class this morning. Now should I write to bwlegal today simply saying that I am in dispute with Lloyd's for the amount owed and post it tomorrow? Or do I need a specific letter? I will also be contacting my DMP company and telling them about this issue I now have. Any advice greatly appreciated as I know the clock is ticking. Thank you
  3. I have just completed the PPI consumer questionnaire that I got from the FOS website and will be sending it off to Lloyd's PPI customer services BX1 1LT tomorrow. I will then be contacting bwlegal tomorrow. Is there a draft letter to tell them I am disputing the amount owed or do I just write basically telling them I am disputing it? Thank you
  4. Ok many thanks I will get PPI letter sorted and sent tomorrow, should I mention the rough figures that ims21 calculated or just leave figures out?, I'm presuming I just send it to Lloyd's head office?. Is there a special letter I need to send to bwlegal? And I will contact payplan and tell them about this. I feel so stupid, I wish I had dealt with it earlier instead of burying my head in the sand. Thank you
  5. Hi, So I need to send the PPI letter to Lloyd's first off. I have received letters to say that the debt has been sold on but I can't remember if I ever received a default notice, which to be fair I suppose I probably did. I have not received any statements or notice of arrears lately that I can remember. Am I right in saying that I need to contact bwlegal as I have 18 days from when the notice was served. I will wait until someone contacts me about writing to them. Do you think that I should also tell my DMP company which is payplan that I now have this to deal with and would they help me negotiate a payment plan with bwlegal? Thank you
  6. Good morning and thank you very much for your hard work. My next question is where do I go from here? What letters do I use and do I send them to bwlegal. If the PPI claim is successful and the amount owed is reduced I would like to consider making them a small monthly payment. Thank you once again
  7. The £174.87 is 1/3/96 £139.84 I think must be the second one but I can't find a date £168.18 is 30/6/97 £356.37 is 20/8/98 Hope this helps
  8. Unfortunately I can't find any bank statements prior to 1999. I have found statements showing payments to BLS that date from March 2000 and the last payment I can find that I have paid to BLS was June 2009. Will these be any good? Thank you
  9. I'm not sure if I have, I remember seeing a load of old Lloyd's bank statements a while back but I have so much stuff in the loft. I'll have another look.
  10. Hi ims21, unbelievably I have found a load of bank statements dating back to 2000 and a few years after that that show I was making payments each month to BLS collections with regard to the Lloyd's loan! will these suffice? Thank you
  11. Hi, I don't think I do. I will have a look in the loft as I have kept some old bank statements but it's a long shot. I'll get back to you as soon as I can thanks.
  12. I just appreciate all the help that you all offer on here, it's a fantastic site and it's great that people are willing to sacrifice their own precious time to help others such as myself.
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