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  1. I moved out in december last year. There was an outstanding balance that was not paid. I emailed n power to inform them I was moving and gave them my temporary address. I moved in with family for a short time. with one thing and onther happening in my personal life I forgot about them. Six months later I received a bill from them with added charges for tracing me because I allegedly didnt notify them when I moved and they had the account closing date in feb this year. I didnt deal with this straigh away and two weeks later I receive my first letter from wilkins chapman giving me two
  2. Debt is for a period upto 7 months ago and in the region of 2000. No proceedings issued yet. I have tried to deal with n power online but because the accounts are closed it won't let me do anything.
  3. I owe money to npower from an account at an old address. I informed them of my new address when moving but I was using a new supplier. They claim to have never received it. A lot of things happened and it was forgotten about. They have passed the debt to Wilkins Chapman solicitors. I have replied to them and made an offer of payment. They responded today saying the only way and payment plan would be considered is to fill in an I e form. I have looked at it and it is extremely in depth. I have seen in other threads that only a judge can demand this but I do no
  4. Having heard nothing of mmf since last year they have just updated my credit file with a default. The date seems ok but Mr lender never reported it originally and they didn't send me a default notice have mmf broke the rules?
  5. I'm having the exact same problem. Robinson way ignore the fact that its statute barred and this morning I received a letter from drysdens. I'm going to have a little fun with them on Monday. I'm going to send appropriate letters to both Robinson way and drydens.
  6. Yet another tragic story my heart goes out to his family. This needs to end now. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/unemployed-gardener-aged-20-hanged-3576403
  7. Absolutely disgusting http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/stitching-up-claimants-part-job-says-3537051
  8. I wrote to Lowell asking them for proof of kid debt. After four months they sent print outs from Lloyds showing the account was all charges. I wrote back disputing the account stating it was all charges and I wouldn't pay it. Lowells have just responded to this saying that after the 2010 court ruling in favour of the banks I have no choice but to pay it and collection activity will start in 30 days. Any ideas on what I should do?
  9. No legal advice but make sure you get on record with the police the previous hassle and reason for her to lie. Keep strong.
  10. i just want to see all low life dca's shut down. I'm dealing with several debts for my girlfriend and myself and so far holding them off.
  11. would it not be the same as them calling someones employer speaking to other people and giving them their full details where it would cause a lot of shame
  12. i have had 2 letters recently one from bcw and our freinds motormile finance both clearly displaying their company names logos and addresses on the front. Anybody could see who they are clearly a breach of guidelines.
  13. They will probably tell you that they can't give you a repayment plan or they can only offer you a few months. YOU tell them what you can afford. Never fill in any of their income and expenditure sheets you can supply a simple budget sheet to them but remember you do not have to disclose who your outgoings are for or give them wage slips or bank statements. If they won't help tell them you will make a formal complaint and let the OFT know about their actions. KEEP EVERYTHING IN WRITING STAY OFF THE PHONE.
  14. Problem with cancelling a cpa is the bank may still pay out even though they are not supposed to leaving you without money until it's sorted. Renegade and dx are full of fantastic advice. Treat these loan companies with the contempt they deserve.
  15. In the past I have just reported my card as lost then emailed the companies informed them I can not pay and need a repayment plan. They will try to make you pay roll over fees try to get money out of you but stand firm. Work out what you can afford and TELL THEM what you can pay do not let them bully you into agreements you can't afford. DO NOT PHONE THEM OR ANSWER THE PHONE. Do everything via email and back it up in writing make sure you get proof of postage.
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