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  1. my dad passed on a letter from Cabot Financial making no reference to the fact my mum has died but advising they are dealing with the debt. Is it time to ask for the credit agreement?
  2. if the debt is no longer a ccj but it was last collected sept 13 when gpb were suspended ..can anyone else try to collect the debt now she is deceased. How do I find out what she actually owes. Need to consider ppi too, good call.
  3. OK. ...just took a peek. No ccjs or bankruptcies filed. OK credit rating. Could apply for credit. Last time she applied the ccj was under 6 years old.
  4. Can I get credit reference files online or do I have to write?
  5. I hadn't considered ppi. ..Blimey where do I start..
  6. She didn't contest ccj and at that time I wasn't involved in her financial affairs. She failed to pay original barclays loan but buried head in the sand at the time.i got involved when debt collectors started to bully an elderly lady.
  7. The debt was from a barclays loan approx 6. I dealt with the court in about 2007 when everything came live again. I don't have paperwork now but have a trail of companies it has passed to. The lady at court told me it was about a year off being written off which would suggest the ccj was 2002 ish. I didn't know if once back on the market so to speak whether another 6 years had to elapse or whether they were selling on a non enforceable debt. In hindsight I should have kept a closer eye on it.
  8. Sorry on phone and didn't let me post properly.
  9. Urm if the CCJ 'debt' was sold several times I smell a cash cow account. What's a cash cow account? She had no real money and was paying enough to satisfy them...I lost track of dcas as the execs you 'could' send a CCA request to whom you last 'paid' the last paid was gpb. Now suspended I am not sure she had a credit agreement they just kept ringing her up ok theres a ccj involved but I bet gpb knew nothing about it. About the old ccj? i'd be sending an sar to BC too get all the statements did she ever get an annual statement from whomever she paid over all these
  10. Hi New here so excuse me if I don't quite post fully. Many years ago my mum had a loan from Barclay that became a CCJ. She never paid and it sat dormant until 2007/8 when she tried to get credit and it reared it's head. The debt has been sold on and a originally an agreement to pay 25 and then 50 a month was set up..since then the debt has been sold on a number of times. The final DCA was GPB and an agreement of £50 was carried forward. In October my mum became ill and this debt was on her mind, she considered trying to get a single pay off. When I looked into this I fou
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