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Found 18 results

  1. Received a standard letter template from the Co-op, hopefully attached? However, it wasn't until I re-read their missive that I noticed the wording they used. "Continued misuse of your account means that we can impose restrictions to your banking facilities, including your debit and credit cards, or even close your account" Now considering this is only the second time I have bounced a direct debit, I find their language very threatening, quite how depriving me of £30 is ever going to force me to not "misuse" my account is totally beyond me? After all, isn't the reason why these DD bounced because I didn't have enough money in there in the first place? No wonder the finance industry is in such a mess, I rang them (Truecall) and spoke to a pleasant enough lady who told me they can only waiver bank fees once in a 12 month period, when I told her that the only payments going into my account between now and their attempted 'charge' of £30 is going to be my benefit money, it sort of fell on deaf ears, 'it's in the terms and conditions' yadda yadda yadda, 'were allowed to take money out of the account' yadda yadda yadda. So letter of complaint is going out first thing tomorrow, along with my thoughts on why I feel their charges are unfair, and if they wish I will send them a letter of appropriation. In the meantime I'm looking for another bank!
  2. Hi, I've had some brilliant help here, just hoped I'd get some help regarding help needed with a CDL my sister took with the Co-Op in 2011. Basically, due to Financial hardship (No income, no job), my sister has been unable to pay the agreed monthly re-payments. She recieved a letter in regards to arrears early in January. We wrote back explaining that she is unable to make full payments for a period of 6 months, and if they could accept a reduced payment of £30.00 per month for a 6 month period, we could hopefully get things back on track. Stated that she should be treated fairly due quoting BCOBs. (Sent letter attached as Co-Op 1). We received a reply saying that they have indemnity, letter is attached as Co-Op 2. Is there anything I can write back to them, in the hope that they will stave off sending the Loan to debt collectors? Any and all advice is fully appreciated. Many thanks.
  3. Hi all, I have a little issue that's brewing here and would very much like some input... Smile, have apparently rescinded my OD, looks like it happened yesterday (03/04/13) without informing me, on top of this I now have 2 messages in the secure messaging area telling me they are going to charge me for 2 transactions that went through after the OD was removed (04/04/13). I have only figured this out by tracking back my transaction and adding it all up and have also noticed that my OD limit now says £0.00 My OD is part of the Smile More account and is supposed to come with £260.00 OD as standard and up to 2 days ago I was£40-£50 under the £260 so I know I didn't go over the agreed £260.00 and the transactions they are charging me for would have easily gone through as they were for £3.72 and £3.99. On top of this I have gotten a missed call from what looks like their collections Dept... (I checked the missed number on-line and others reported it has co-operative debt management team) Now I know (from what others say) they can remove the OD at any time but I feel its a bit off to just to remove it without warning, and then charge me for bouncing transactions and on top of that call me a day later from debt collections. Any input and advice is most appreciated... mrbrooks
  4. UPHELD My claim for compensation agaimnst the COOP Bank. When I was sacked from my job back in January 2006, I claimed for the insurance money that is supposed to cover my monthly repayments against the policy of my PPI. But it was rejected due to a pre -existing medical condition. I suffer from Parkinson's Disease. I blame the PPI provider for supplying me with a faulty PPI. Because I lost the insurance money that would have covered my monthly repayments on my personal loan, I am therefore claiming compensation against the Coop Bank. The Coop Bank uphold my complaint by stating in their letter dated the 9th of November 2012 "the Bank should stand by terms of the insurance policy in that the PPI policy would have covered my monthly repayments". I need help. I do I go about formulating my insurance claim
  5. Anyone any experience of challenging an increase in interest rates on their Coop credit card? I received a letter notifying me of a 1% increase effective 60 days from the letter as a result of a review of my account. This is the first time in the 30+ years I have held the card I have received such notification and I have never received notification that the interest rate was to be reduced as the result of such a review! I suspect that the review process is a one-way street and would like to challenge it, probably directly through the County Court as an unfair practice under COBS. I will first contact Jon Bowen (Head of Customer Services, ex head of Sales) for an explanation of the EXACT review process and elements they considered as a part of the review but do not expect a timely or useful response. In the letter they provide a broken link to the UK Cards Association fact sheet on re-pricing (I eventually found the doc myself) but that does not throw any useful light on the topic other than the issuing bank has the right to review and alter the interest rate to reflect risk and they can decide what elements to review. If I do not know EXACTLY what elements have led to this increase how can I possibly change my spending/payment behavior to not only ensure there are no further increases but to reduce the current level? By not making this data available to me they are denying me the opportunity to reduce my CC interest rates and using opacity to gouge another 1% out of me! PS I am a member of the Cooperative movement but that obviously makes no difference; we are all treated equally (sometimes badly) , members or not....
  6. Today I received an automated call to say that a standing order had bounced. My salary went into my account around 1am this morning, and over £1000 of standing orders were paid without any problem, however they have bounced 1 SO for £50 to my son's account. To add insult to injury, I changed the SO they have bounced using internet banking 2 weeks ago so that it would not be paid in December, but recommenced in January, so they should never have tried to make the payment today anyway! I know I definitely cancelled the original SO and set up a new one payable from 05/01/13 until 05/07/13. I checked and double-checked that the change was showing after I made the change. Despite being on the phone to them for half an hour they insist that the SO is still set up to go out today and I am going to be charged £15 for bouncing the SO. They have paid all my SO's every month on the 5th of every previous month, (my pay day), without any problems since I opened the account, including the one they bounced today. Their justification is that 'it's in the small print that the money for any SO must be in the account the day before the SO is due to go out'. I have never seen or been made aware of this clause. The Co-op have never bounced any other SO before even though they all go out the same day my wages go into my account. They allowed over £1000 worth of other SO's to be paid today, how can they set this precedent and still justify this charge? :-x
  7. I had one of those early Northern Rock Together mortgages that came automatically with a £5k limit credit card. It was later (in 2003) transferred to Co-op when NR shifted their CC's to them. I pretty much paid the card off and it had a £500 credit limit for several years which late last year I cleared. Zero Balance. Then I noticed on a zero balance they charged a £6 fee. I'd noticed before they were charging a £6 fee, but in all honesty had so much going on between work and babies didn't question it. When I saw it come off a zero balance I saw red. I phoned up to ask about the £6 card fee and the girl on the phone said it was to do with the original mortgage (10 years ago), when I said it's not been linked to a NR mortgage since 2004 she hummed and haa'd and then said I was paying £6 per month on a £500 balance to maintain a lower APR. It would reduce apr from 13% to 7%. Now I'm no maths genius, but say I maxed out that £500 limit for however many years it was at that level (which I hadn't) that would still be less than £6 pm. So in effect it's a charge hiding under a cost-saving blanket. I don't remember ever authorising that £6 charge, so have sent of a CCA request for the agreement with NR and the agreement with Co-op. I've also asked them to confirm when the limit was reduced to £500. Has anyone else got any experience of these £6 charges? I'm not a happy bunny about these at all. Thanks, She.
  8. Hi there. We have recently fallen on hard times financially and our bank (Co-op) have recently charged us £45 in 3 missed direct debits I think the first dd came out too early , as soon as we had recieved the letter informing us of this they were going to take the money on the 22nd of this month, We opened an account with another bank, as soon as that was open we phoned tax credits to tell them to put money in our new account. They said they would sort out the child benefit too and make sure all our benefits would be put in our new bank account. They manged to put the child and working tax credits in but put the child benefit in the co-op bank and they have just took all this in charges. We are fuming as that was money for our childrens food not to mention xmas coming up as well and still really struggling . Can anyone advise on what we can do about this . Thanks .Regards angnnig
  9. Hello, I'm just about to apply for a Co-Op Cashminder account. It says there is online banking and you can have direct debit and standing order with the account. My question is simple but I cannot find the answer. Can you set up, edit and cancel your direct debits using online banking? Kindest regards Frank.ff
  10. All I want is my statements to end on the 2nd of each month. Instead I get two pages sent days apart. It seems that when I have generated 25 transactions the statement is sent leaving the remaining days to the 2nd of the month to come later. This make it harder for me to manage my account, less able to compare like with like. I want to know how much has gone in and come out for the said period, not part of the said period. I spent years deciding to leave Lloyds bank, purely for ethical reasons. However, I had the statements I wanted with them...in Lloyds case up to the 15th of each month. Why can Lloyds do it and not the Co-op. I am told it is their system...so why cant they change their system?
  11. I recently had an account with co op. over the alst few years i have incurred multiple charges however recently i had some direct debits bounce and i ended up incurring 75pounds in direct debit fail charges which has in turn taken my account overdrawn which they are now threatening to close and forward on. however with these direct debits i did attempt to cancel them but the website kept returning an error. not having a phone available these charges were then attempted and got me into this situation. as you can see from my other posts i am currently tackling issues with debt collectors and im not in a position to pay for these. is there anything i can do?
  12. Hope someone cane help with this please:- My partner just got charged £15 by Co op, because Talk Talk tried to take some money out, there wasn't enough, so he got slapped with an unpaid item fee. Now he had already paid last month's Talk Talk bill, and they dipped in a second time to take some money out, they said, because of the bank holiday, which isn't until next week, so I know, we have an issue with Talk Talk that we must take up, but can I legally request that Co op refund my partner the charges? Would I need to follow the usual route of writing them a letter, then if that's no good, taking it to the ombudsman, or is this different? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
  13. My friends credit is excellent (checked online) how difficult is it to get a loan at this present moment with the Coop? are they lending to people? Coop had to send info off to london? His credit file couldnt be any better, how long to they take to agree or refuse and if agree issue the loan? Where is the best place to go for an £8,000 loan if coop refuse?
  14. Hi All It is some years since I have been on this site.. So long in fact I have a new email addy and have hade to re-register. I had some succes with recaliming bank charges which i am grateful to the site for. But I did lose two claims It's 3:00am saturday morning and am trolling through all the threads.. A lot has changed over the years, but hey if you dont ask.... I have had a cashminder account with the Co-op bank for about six years (aniversary in May this year). Being broke all the time and sruggling to keep afloat (self-employed) I'll be honest i "flew a kite" had money in my current account, used my debit card say on a monday, went on internet banking, monday night. Money still showing as in my account on on-line banking (oh i get so confussed) transferred my balance to my savings account (also with the co-op) instant tranfer to that account, go to cash machine, and withdraw the money from savings account. If i have £50 in my current account spend 45 on my card, i can transfer 50 to my savings account and withdraw £50 in the morning. I have spoken at length with customer services about the fact that their internet banking statements are not "in real time". I have to go to an ATM for an available balance. I am far to busy with my life / work to be trudging to a cash machine to get a balance!! So, the long and short of it is. I played their inept computer system, got cought out and because i went "overdrawn" 5 or 6 times in the last 3 months their terms and conditions say "close the account". I would accept this but a/ i have been charged for "breach of contract" b/ the money "borrowed" has been paid back within 3- 4 days. c/ this scenario has only happened through absolute nesseceity over the last twelve months or so. I have spoken with customer services who advised that they would extend the closure from 7 days to one month... I think this is unfair considering what i pay in on an Annual Basis, I Turnover a reasonable amount, and try my utmost to keep my account with them in good order.. Is this Fair? Are there rules they must abide to that will take a week or more for me to research? Call centre staff a great but they all just read of idiot cards! Bahh Bahh, it's a job, do the shift and go home.. All a bit vague, but i need to save my cashminder account.. Any Ideas folks?? Thanks Paul
  15. I've recently moved from the yorkshire bank to the co-op. I bought some euros last week from the post office using my co-op visa debit card and have just noticed they have charged me £8.50 for this service. I'm pretty annoyed because it was my money that bought the euro's, it was not borrowed on a credit card. I don't remember ever being charged for using my old maestro card to buy currency. Is there anything I can do? (other than move banks again!) Many thanks
  16. I have received a PPI settlement offer for my Co op visa card which is in default, it is worth about 50% of the outstanding balance. The account is with Fredricksons on a monthly payment scheme. In the letter Co op say the debt was wriiten off in 2009 and Fred are collecting payments on their behalf. I am thinking of making a settlement offer, has any one any experience of how Fred will react and what level of discount they are accepting.
  17. Hello, First post here - been a useful site but never had a question to ask before . I recently opened a standard Current Account with the Co-Op. I got cheque book and account information very quickly but after waiting 2-3 weeks for a debit card had to request it manually. It was confirmed that none had been automatically issued but that there seemed to be "nothing wrong" with my record. The card came with a validity period of only one year. I got a friendly courtesy "how are things going?" call and asked about it - the lady wasn't sure why the short date. Looking at other posts it seems this happens when people have had informal overdrafts or lost their card. But my account is my first with Co-op (or Smile) and my credit reports are completely clean. However my income is fairly low and partly from self-employment - I declared this as completely as I could in the application form. Am I perhaps in some category of people who may be considered higher risk but since there's no evidence they still open the account and see how I go? And if I'm in any probationary period, is there anything I should/shouldn't do (apart obviously from go overdrawn) in the first year to stop them deciding they no longer want my custom after a year - if that is even likely? I'm reluctant to switch everything over if I'll have to do it again in 10-11 months' time. Thanks...
  18. Hi, We opened a parachute account with the co-op and starting using it full time in Sept. They have completely screwed up our account. They paid standing orders out on the wrong date, 4 days earlier than requested and then also paid them out on the date as requested . I ordered 7 copy statements and to find that we have been charged £35-. I wrote a letter 10 Nov asking why they paid the standing orders earlier than requested and have had no reply. Any suggestions as to what to do next would be appreciated. Regards Cath
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